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The Marcher Fortress - New Q1SP By Kinn
It brings me the most transcendent pleasure to announce the release of my latest Q1 map, The Marcher Fortress.

I appreciate all feedback, and demos are especially welcome.



With aguirRe's permission, I have supplied his engine executables inside the zip. Please read the readme before you start.
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A Masterpiece! 
I've NEVER played a Q1 level as incredible as this. A true masterpiece. Phenomenal level design, unrelenting just doesn't get any better. Ran just fine on Telejano. 
60 thumbs up 
after thinking about it, just saying christ that was cool 
Ehehe, how about deleting the file in gfx/env/ ;)
It's pretty useless for Quake, even though it doesn't do anything bad.

I'm through with skill 1, skill 2 is coming... 
JoeQuake Users (there Seems To Be A Lot Of You ;) 
I've just heard that JoeQuake doesn't support Kell's lovely skybox.

Again (and I can't stress this enough) GLMarcher is recommended here. :) 
If you want to work out why GL doesn't work very well on my linux machine, be my guest :)

(Hint: you don't). 
What video card and what linux distribution are you using? Post answer to General Abuse thread as to not to spam this thread. 
AFAIK, JoeQuake GL does support the skybox. You just have to load it manually with the loadsky dragonmarch_ command, together with r_farclip 16384.

The fov issues in GLMarcher can probably also be avoided by using another resolution, like 800x600 or 1600x1200. It seems to be an old GLQ bug that appears in certain combinations of fov/resolution. 
FitzQuake Rules! 
Can't add much that hasn't been said already... Anyway, this was one of the best maps I have seen ever for any game. Two thumbs up! I hope you you have had as much fun making this map as I had playing it (although I doubt it - it must have been horrible to get this thing to compile).

Well, thanks for creating such a marvellous piece of art for us. 
Just Replayed On Normal 
I had to cheat and give myself some ammo during the final battle. It was kind of weird, there were 2 red armors very close to each other, yet there wasn't enough ammo. The 2nd to last fight I had barely survived with very little ammo left and what ammo there was on the top of the bell tower was just not enough for the very last fight.

Anyways, very nice map. I cannot even image what pain it must've been to do the terrain alone. I am also really hoping to see these customs monsters used in other maps. You've quake'ified these quite well indeed. 
Can't Look Away 
beautiful screenshot... installing Quake now. 
I Played - And Was Amazed 
First my stats:

FitzQuake 0.75

Skill 2
Kills 378/378
Secrets 4/4
Time 94:20 (I wasn't in a rush)

I played this over a couple evenings. From the first curvy, cave, I knew this was going to be good (but the monster count did worry me) map. Then I saw the raised road to the castle and I knew this was going to be a very special journey.

Both the gameplay and the construction were outstanding and this map shows a super-human level of effort - I know because I'm struggling with my own maps - and this one raises the bar in a way that is both depressing and inspiring.

What's great:

- Outdoor terrain, approaches Q3 quality - incredible. Crushes my skill level for this type of work
- Curved stairs and halls. Those downsloping stair treads are so medieval. The colours are suitably dreary.
- Big exploration in a great big castle. This and Glassman's work are what Quake is made for. Just needed a few more ambient sounds.
- Tasteful and restained use of custom ents like rotaing brushes and collapsible floors. Nothing gimmicky - they fit in.
- Good use of custom monsters - again, pretty good and not gaudy. It was funny hearing those spiders make the Unreal Pupae sound. I think I also recognized DooM's Imp idle chatter and I can't quite place the dying flying, fireball throwing critter;s sound (what is it?) I think it came from Unreal as well.
- Good secrets - none too hard to find.

I finished without cheats. There was enough ammo but the real climax was very dicey. Good thing I'm a packrat and left ammo to spare throughout the castle. Great view from above. I killed all the tree guardians from the road! That was fun.

Two glitches on Fitz. One is the skybox clipping that is discussed above. I guess those parameters would fix that. I played at 1024 X 768 and would get some funky coloured lighting freakiness that I could get rid of by loading in a regular id map before reloading in another saved game from Marcher. That would clean the artifacts until the next reload.

Kinn - thanks a bunch for raising the mapping bar. This really is a great way to open 2005. Simply a magnificent piece of work and something that must have caused you enormous pain during development. 
Just a question: is it possible to run the map using FitzQuake only ?? 
Almost Finished 
I got the gold key now I'm lost: Thoughts:

- good work for Q1
- flying imp/whatever sounds are horrible, never rehash - but looked like they had good texes
- nailgun ogres were annoying but a welcome challenge
- liked the breakable floors/grates/walls detail 
Oh Yeah 
It's a bit too hard on EASY. 
FitzQuake Users 
Yes, it's just possible to run the map in FitzQuake.


a) You will not hear most of the ambient sounds - many of you have commented on the apparent lack of them - they are there if you use GLMarcher or WinMarcher.

b) You will certainly get packet overflows in the final battle(s).

Again, (and I stress) Please read the readme file :) 
I've download the stuff yesterday evening, and I didn't found time to install it, so I didn't read the ReadMe file BTW... ;P... So sorry.... I was just trying to found a good way to play the level without "breaking" anything on my PC... anyway...
Well, I will for sure try it this night, and give you feedback tomorrow.... 
No luck getting GLMarcher to run in higher resolutions yet. It seems not be fov-related as it's the same in fov 90. I can't get it to run higher than 640x480 in vanilla Quake either - and the same goes for the glquakebjp.exe at
Haven't had the same problem with any other engine. 
this map looks superb. when I can get a hold of a good MAC OSX compatible executable for an engine like darkplaces, this will be the first thing I play!

gj kinn, go apply for mapping job now 
Please add the -condebug option to your GLMarcher command line. Start up Marcher once and then quit after the map loads. Email me the produced qconsole.log file (it appears in the marcher folder) together with your system specs and command line and I'll take a look at it.

GLMarcher can run in resolutions from 320x200x16 to 1600x1200x32 (windowed or fullscreen) if your system can take it. 
Good Job 
Q3 texes in Q1 remind me of czg07, which was another masterpiece.

The only things I didn't like were the last two gaurochs (kind of odd trying to kill them up on those moat walls), and the fucking incessant donging that kept up across the entire map until you did. Left me with a headache that persisted for a few hours.

Oh, that and FitzQuake075 would throw up patchy orange lightmaps everywhere when quickloading - dunno if that was covered here already. I found I could clear it by loading a different map (start.bsp was nice and quick) and then quickloading from there instead.

Otherwise, what everyone else is saying. :)

(Special thanks to Jago for providing me with a new copy of Quake) 
Amazing Map 
Yesterday I finally came to play this awesome map. Everything was already said in this thread. This map is superb, stunning, gigantic. The size of architecture gave me the feel of reality. New monsters are also great. And I can�t even imagine how did you build the terrain.
I was playing on easy, and don�t know if I want to try it on normal � your map is very difficult already on skill 0. The final battle was very hard for me. The only hope is that there is enough armor on higher skills.

Thank you for this amazing map. 
i think that's related to the skybox bug where the lightmap slowly gets replaced with bits of skyboxness.
fq 0.8 is supposed to fix that though. :) 
Awesome Map 
I saw so much praising, and so many dudes playing it at #tf that I decided to give it a go, and damnit if it isn't the best map I've played in years, definitely great.

I don't love the Quake 3 textures, but that's a personal objection. Other than that, the map absolutely rocks, it's vast, big, hard and totally impressive.

Damn good work, Kinn. Yeah. 
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