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Another 3 Maps Done!
Hello everyone, it's Ondrejoda again. I have managed to complete 3 other maps in less than a week I think? Anyways, the download and screenshot links are below and all feedback (especially demos!) is appreciated!

Download link:

Screenshot link:

Have fun and enjoy!

PS: Thank you Greenwood for your feedback on my first three maps! I very much appreciate it.
Q1SP: Squire Of Time
Hello, I'm Squeezit! This is my very first post here. This little episode was made back in 2018, and rather sitting dormant on my hard drive I have decided to clean the maps up and put them together for an actual release!

Screenshots here:

Download link:

And a bonus Youtube video of me completing each map:
My First Three Maps!
Hi, I'm Ondrejoda and I just started out with quake maping! In this post I included the download link for my first three maps I ever made.


Full download:

Read the maps_readme.txt in the .zip file for more info!
Q1SP: Perish The Thoth
A new Egyptian single-player map by Greenwood & mukor.
I composed this from two "muk scraps."
I also converted it to good ol' vanilla, for more compatibility.

Enemy count: 108/146/164 (easy/normal/hard)


Q1SP: Down The Gutter
Hi there!
I'm fairly new to this community and I just recently finished my first map for vanilla Quake (or my first Quake map in general). I hope you'll enjoy it :)


Screenshots & Flythrough:
Doom Tintin - Forgotten Revision
After a year of its release, I did a revision where I improved the lighting. I added new secret areas and the spawns of the big enemies are more fair. But its still the same slaughter spaceship, a Quake survival experience. To play it download Doom tintin jam and replace dtintin_rooster map with these new files. (Source map included)

Some screenshots
Gsh_jungle Mod
Hi every one!

Had this project the last months to create an jungel experience for Quake.
This mod includes:

one playeble map
two custom sounds for jungle ambient.
one toolbox_map with assets for creating jungle maps
one WAD_file with all used textures



Second map is in work!
Watch out the new video.
Slip & Frag (v 1.0.7) For Oculus Quest Now Available!
It's been a while.

Slip & Frag 1.0.7, the sourceport of Quake for the Oculus Quest (and other platforms) is now available for everyone to play!

A few additional performance improvements in the renderer were implemented, which should make the game perform faster. Also, the one (and final) feature intended for the engine, an on-screen keyboard available when in the game console and the main menu, is now fully operational, accompanied by two new pointers tied to the VR headset's controllers, whose form should be recognizable by every fan of the game.

With this, Slip & Frag is now considered complete. The project is now in bug fixing / mod supporting mode, until further notice.

Download it here: . Use adb, SideQuest or your favorite side loading platform to upload the engine and its related data, and start playing it right away!

Expect news from Oculus App Lab soon regarding the engine. Stay tuned!
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