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The Marcher Fortress - New Q1SP By Kinn
It brings me the most transcendent pleasure to announce the release of my latest Q1 map, The Marcher Fortress.

I appreciate all feedback, and demos are especially welcome.



With aguirRe's permission, I have supplied his engine executables inside the zip. Please read the readme before you start.
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Tried that and GLMarcher still loads in 640x480 only. But never mind - I'll play it in FitzQuake. 
That is odd. Try putting these in your .cfg:

fov "90"
gl_farclip "16384"
r_farclip "16384"

I have a suspicion your strange fov setting may be causing this. 
Tried that and GLMarcher still loads in 640x480 only.

add this to the command line for GLMarcher exe:

-width 1280 -bpp 32 
Got rid of the red block now, using your advice - even with my strange fov setting (110);)
Guess it was gl_farclip then?
Here's my command line:
GLMarcher.exe -width 1280 -height 960 -bpp 32 -heapsize 96000 -game marcher +map marcher -skill 3 
Yes. For some reason, your setup doesn't seem to be loading the provided autoexec.cfg - I can't say why atm.

Also heed Kell's advice (post above yours) in setting

-width 1280 -bpp 32

at the command line to get GLMarcher in a higher resolution. 
-skill should be +skill

And good luck with that on 3, btw ;) 
Yes, I've messed around with the command lines so much the last hour so I got that wrong. Now, I'll try it on 3 in FitzQuake. Wish me luck! ;) 
If you can get it to run in GLMarcher, i'd recommend that over FitzQuake - in FQ you will suffer massive packet overflows towards the end. 
Amazing And Awesome 
An instant classic to say the least. Amazingly beautiful and completely wicked. I won't spoil the ending - let's just say I had a hard time beating it even in god-mode... The next time I'll stick to normal (although I managed just fine until the end).
Will try to get it to work in GLMarcher.
Thanks for the thrill, Kinn. And while I'm at it - thanks to all you Quake mappers for keeping it alive. 
QUake with a bit of a Q3 look and Doom style monster counts.

Fucking ace.
Shame it's only one level. I could have definitely done with more maps of that caliber.

That's going to be hard to top. 
Stunning. The Best Quake Map Ever. 
This is by far the best custom single player experience I've ever had...on any engine. I don't even know what to say.

First of all the architecture and build quality are incomparably wonderful. I can't even think about the work you must have had to do to get that to compile. The style and design of the areas are flawless -- I marveled at the architecture of the green winding staircases in the beginning part of the map. People could try for a million years and never come up with better style and execution than you have here.

Secondly, the scope of the design is so ambitious, that it makes me tired just thinking about it. I don't know what the timeframe was for you putting this together, but I'm sure it was a good chunk of your life. Let me assure you that it was time well spent, and I can see the hard work you poured into every inch of the map. The atmosphere is overwhelming -- I felt like I was in the most evil and ominous place in the universe. You should be very proud.

Finally, the gameplay on "Marcher" is remarkable. You were able to balance the exploration and combat aspects perfectly; never relying on either your brushwork or depth of gameplay to dazzle us, but rather mixing them evenly into a stunning blend. I was never too low on ammo or health, and if I was, there was always some waiting just behind the next tough battle. (I played on skill 2) There were plenty of secrets to reward your exploration, and the exploration of the map was a reward in itself considering how fantastic every area of the map looked.

My only issue with the whole experience is really minor, and that's the sound and sound FX. I thought that the "message" sound was a little cheesy...and I understand that you probably didn't want to fuss too much with adding even more custom content, but I think a minimal soundtrack, and some more atmosphere appropriate sound effects would have boosted the creepiness and experience slightly (which would bring it to 110%.)

This is landmark work Kinn -- you're not only proving that you're a hugely talented individual, but you're also doing a service to Quake, by proving that it's still the best game out there.

This was great. A campaign in its own right. I do however feel you're going abit overboard in size and lenght, for a single map. This could have been 4-5 maps easily =)

Anyway, a couple of things:

I got alot of HOM effects (pretty much only on skyboxes that was far far away). Is there some cvar or something I need to change in my setup?

There was a lack of rockets in the start I felt. Enough for all the zombies in the silverkey area, but with a couple of misses *cough* I had to take on a huge horde of knights and death knights with the SSG =)

Lightning gun ammo. I don't think I found any at all, except at the LG itself (I think there was 1 or 2 boxes there). Btw, was the LG a secret area? I dont recall hearing the ding-ding-secret sound. But I rocketjumped into there anyway, so I might not have done it the correct way.

Overall the map was superb! Congratulations! 
Fucking Great Map!!! 
this is realy pure art!!! hope will be a continuacion of this... congractila�ion!!!

one question to all!!! i use joeuquake for single player and fuhquake for Dm is there any other clients good for single player? that support 24 bits textures? 
Fov Issue 
The visual problem with HOM effects in GLMarcher seems to be caused by using unusual fov values. Using default fov 90 is recommended. 
Does this run on standard winquake? Am I the only one that doesn't use a custom engine?

I'll try fitzquake I guess.

Looking forward to trying the map though. Can't believe all this new q1sp greatness that has been coming out recently 
Instead of WinQuake, please use the supplied WinMarcher.exe :)

It will be a *much* smoother playing experience 
Than, additionally you may want to try GLMarcher for skybox goodness :)

Again, thanks for the excellent replies guys - Blitz: your review has made my day ^_^ 
hope you pick up bastion and this one and start making a great pack ;)already got 2 episodes :)))))

another thing were can i get your Dm maps??? 
God Dammit 
Awesome map!!! I loved basically everything about it, even the custom monsters which I usually despise more than anything!

Anyways, I forgot to record my first demo, but I ended up with a time of 29:43, only missing one secret and two monsters (skill 0). I was down to 1 health at a very critical point, but I hauled ass and managed to survive :-) I like this map from a speedrunners perspective as well, too bad you didn't include coop mode :-(

I'll have another go at it on skill 3 later this evening.

Thx. That might well be the problem, since I normally play with FOV 115.

Going back to 90 after 7 years of Quake just isnt possible =) 
Forgot To Mention... 
...that I used JoeQuake and it ran fine. 

Not sure about all the stressing about engines; worked just fine in software joequake for me, albeit on skill 0.

Er. Not much more to say really. More please :) 
I�d love to see a big pak from kinn he is a realy great mapper! hope we dont leave us!!! ;) 
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