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The Marcher Fortress - New Q1SP By Kinn
It brings me the most transcendent pleasure to announce the release of my latest Q1 map, The Marcher Fortress.

I appreciate all feedback, and demos are especially welcome.



With aguirRe's permission, I have supplied his engine executables inside the zip. Please read the readme before you start.
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Kinn si teh rock of my life! 
I actually got lost after I got the silver key. I do recall seeing a silver key door somewhere, but at the point where I got the key I could no longer remember where it was so I spent 10 minutes aimlessly running around trying to find that door before quitting. I guess I'll have to replay.

Are the spiders and flying imps from Hexen 2? 
After you get the silver key, the route naturally leads you back to the silver key door. Just follow the "trail of combat". 
Fuck You Kinn (In A Good Way) 
there was waaaay too little ammo towards the end (hard skill), but besides that, I'm utterly speechless.

So yeah, fuck. 
The best reply to that idiot that posted something like:"Why don't you map for more recent games?"
This is beyond belief!!!
Too good for words! I vote Kinn for best mapper ever! 
I still haven't finished it, but from what I've seen so far...

16:40:57 czgMarcher : holy fucking shit Kinn
16:41:06 czgMarcher : I mean jesus fucking christ
16:41:15 czgMarcher : what the fuck is fucking wrong with you?
16:41:22 czgMarcher : because fuck
16:41:26 czgMarcher : that was fucking awesome
16:41:33 czgMarcher : fuck

I would have to agree with CZG. 
Fucking A 
Definitely the most WOW map ever made for Quake. Some of the views you get in this map are just stunning.

Gameplay was really fun throughout, and the new monsters all rocked. Those facehugger/spider things are one of the best custom baddies ive seen... fitted in so well.

The atmosphere in some sections was phenomenal too, such as at the bell tower, where there was a kind of mood i'd never felt before in quake, feeling dwarfed by this wondrous alien landscape.

I didn't play on hard skill, but I found the ending to be great, and not a letdown in any way, which is a difficult thing to achieve. Really didnt expect *SPOILER* another showdown *END SPOILER*.

Awesome work Kinn. 
On Aguire's Custom Engine 
Borked Links 
i used Darkplaces and it ran great at 1280x1024 resolution with everything turned on. 
Holy Fucking Shit Indead 
That was alot of monsters...
Great map man, good start for 2005. =D

I'm surprised how well those new monsters fit in, I wouldn't mind seeing them used in other q1sp maps. The blue firing guys are fucking tough tho, too much health, had to finish the last one off with my boomstick. 
Oh By The Way... 
I love the new sound the monsters make when gibbed... ;D 
Pardon My Wording 
I am sorry for my wording. I should've said "doesn't work". I tend to forget that some people might be easier to offend than others. I apologise. 
Very very very nice!!! The words wont come out, but it looks gorgeous and the gameplay is fantastic!

Love the new / borrowed enemies, they work really well. I agree with Bal that the horned blue shit throwing guys have a little too much health. But apart from that they are fine, all the other new enemies rocked, even the little spiders!

omg if u haven't played this map you dont deserve to be breathing... Map of the year! :D 
God Dammit 
I need quake :( 
Bloody Brilliant 
The bell tower ending was phenomenal. 
Am I the only one who has technical problems? It will only run in 640x480 in GLMarcher. It crashes in DarkPlaces. I can play it in 1280x960 in FitzQuake, but then the sky won't show properly (haven't played it beyond the first bridge though).
Jardung's GLQuake works perfectly (it seems), but not with Marcher.
A pity as it seems to be awesome. 
Strange, the sky works fine for me in FitzQuake. I am playing in 800x600. 
Did you add the -heapsize 48000? I added it, even in DP just to be safe, and it worked absolutely splendidly in 1024x768 32bit. I only tried it in DP though. 
Too Far Away? 
Zwiffle: I have -heapsize 96000, so that shouldn't be a problem?

Jago: I've tested FitzQuake again and it's not the sky it seems, rather the distance to it - it's a red block over part of the sky, but when I get closer it's OK (and beautiful at that). If that's the only problem, it's quite OK. Strange with GLMarcher though. 
you appear to not be using the settings provided with the autoexec.cfg - please clear any existing autoexec.cfg file you may be using, and make sure the one provided in the zip is placed in the quake/marcher/ directory. 
Sky Again 
It's seems to be the same in all resolutions btw - here's how it looks in 800x600:

Awesome Work!! 
This map runs smooth like a [whatever] with Joequake! 
Thank you all for the wonderful comments so far :) It's a great relief to have finally finished this map, and in the end I guess I owe it all to you guys for keeping the Quake groove going after all these years. 
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