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WTF! Ph8 Releases "new" Old Q1DM Maps
Ok, so a friend of mine actually had these maps still on his drive. These are from 2002, and weren't released on func because I wasn't here then, and I'd deleted them from *my* hard-drive cause I either gaveup or didn't like them. So I'm posting these for nostalgia sake.

I guess that's a disclaimer - they weren't designed with too much of "what will they think" or even a well playing map. I made these all before I joined any community and were primarily for myself and bot DM. You can tell their build quality is I guess average... little hints of potential.. the best of these maps is PH8DM8 I think, I experimented shadows there...

There is also a single player attempt never finished.

Despite their average/crap quality there might be some decent or workable ideas inherent - so if such an idea strikes you, feel free to use it, I don't care. Also no, I don't have any source files. (Now if only I had my maps from the late 90's and earlier 00's)

So with that said, give 'em a gander:

+ Download (1.4 MB):

+ Screens:
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I approved the news just so we could laugh at Phait for thinking we care about how shitty of maps he once made. Obviously since 2002, his skills have increased so much that Quake just can't show his vision.

Have at it boys. 
shouldn't releasing old maps be reserved for those more prolific that have had several quality releases?

phait, go map. 
Is R_fullbright Set To 1? 
I agree entirely with Ray - as much as one should be encouraging all sorts of mappers here (and some of these definitely show potential for full maps) - this really is the wrong way to go about it.

You've got the portfolio of leftover scraps, the website, the constant quitting and restarting, the moaning, the drama queen attitude....all the hall marks of a proper mapper....EXCEPT THE PROPER MAPS.

And to be honest most of us aren't really that interested in any of the formers without the latter - so please, if you're not going to actually do anything, don't make any pretence of it either. 
While I don't agree with some things you've said, you still have a point...

You Don't Have To Agree.. 
But the Shambler, as (almost) always, is right.

For my money, judging from the screenshots at least, I can't tell the difference between these 'old' maps are your more recent release/s. Are you sure you didn't just knock these up yesterday, and are pretending these are 'old' to excuse the fact that they're mediocre at best? 
some harsh responses here.

anyway, after a quick look at the screens, here'e my 2 cents.

Obviously these maps shouldnt really be released, it seems like you know that but released them anyway.

Like a few people have mentioned, these would be interesting nostalgia releases for someone like frib, vondur, etc but if you havent really had a good bunch of releases under your belt, you cant really use them as nostalgia. And they're really not releasable quality otherwise.

That said, there's obviously some interesting if primitive stuff in some screens. Just spend some time to flesh out and then polish the good ideas that you have. 
Polish some turds. ;) 
Well at the very least his archived files are claiming to be from April 2002.

So either he changed his clock time or he hasn't improved much if people are correct and they're similar to his current maps. I personally dunno...never heard of your maps but then again I don't come by here nearly as often as I should. 
"Obviously these maps shouldnt really be released, it seems like you know that but released them anyway."

I wasn't sure about posting as news or GA. I figured there might be some lashout against them if it was accepted as news, but if it was rejected I wasn't going to mind.

"Well at the very least his archived files are claiming to be from April 2002"

They are from 2002. It's silly to think I whipped these up recently and lied about their initial release date. Granted, they do look like they didn't take that long to make, and at the time - they probably didn't.

"or he hasn't improved much if people are correct and they're similar to his current maps."

I've only released 1 DM map really, which was... this year I think. It was rather small, but the build was marginally better than these from 2002. I think I've improved beyond the 2002 releases, I just haven't had the patience to show for it because I have problems implementing good design elements into a playable layout. 
You Guys should set up your "New Posting"-Function the right way:
"Note: your news submission will not be visible on the news or forum pages until a moderator has seen it and approved it."

Wellwell, you don't seem to have learnt anything by my mistake with the "Tomaz Source"-Posting. You really should secure/safe (which one is the right word?) your "News"-Page against postings by newbies or strangers! 
I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure before it becomes News, it must first be accepted by either Metlslime, Scampie or Vondur (maybe others?)before it is made News, otherwise if they reject it, I think it automatically goes to the GA thread. I think your "Tomaz Source" was approved by Vondur, if my memory serves me correct, and Scampie approved this thread for news, because he is a mean, nasty, sadist. ;)
Shame on me, I didn't read the thread good enough:( Yes, you're right. I'll shut immediately. Sorry! 
Looking For Clarification 
Is it being suggested that these maps are not fit for distribution over the internet, or just not suitable for discussion on func_msgboard?

Despite some of the community minded ideas in the Keeping This Community Alive And Happy thread, the question still remains: Do you func_msgboard regulars want the participation of newer and less experienced mappers or not?

If so, remember what it's like wanting to distribute your work and get feedback about it (good or bad) from your peers.

If not, let everyone know your club is exclusive.

Please, someone set me straight if I'm off base, out of line, or missing the point. 
I think their point was it was pointless of me to submit stuff like this as news, fair enough. 
Not newsworthy, I can understand that. 
er, the point is that these are the types of maps that aren't even releasable. Even back in '98, the law of the land was you shouldn't release a map unless you'd made something id quality or higher. It's 2004 now, let's not be showing off subpar maps, and esspecially not when you've yet to make anything better.

I made this news becuase you constantly come off as an arrogant twat, and constantly pretend like you've got sooooo much creative skillz and whatever that you can't even contain them within Quake. Prehaps if you took the time showing us how awesomely skilled you are rather than telling us, we'd care you made shitty maps in 2002. 
You're Funny Scampie 
It's Funny... 
...cause it's true.

:o ... ;) 
Now Shambler, He's The Funny One. 
On With The Future 
phait... you shouldn't have released these :(

keep working on making better things though (commenting on your current work).

don't let all these people get to you.

Ok, I downloaded the maps, and I'd have to say I don't think Q1 justifies your capabilities honestly. 
Jesus On Weed 
why oh why we cant be positive people
Id be giving free fuoxetin and vodka if u were around. just wanna see you smile 
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