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Q1EP: Torrent Of Impurities
Epäpuhtauksien Virta (Torrent of Impurities)
Finnish Mapper Episode Jam 2
a singleplayer & co-op episode
for id software's QUAKE

Authors: zigi, VuRkka, uKKo, NewHouse, LuGia, Mazu, Smilecythe & Immorpher

7 new maps, new music, new sounds, 4 new monsters, 1 new boss.
There's a patch bound to happen so we'll release source with it.


1.1 01.03. 2021
-Fixed the fourth map.
-Fixed an Enforcer sound.
-Updated the quake.rc.

1.0 27.02. 2021
-Original release.

Download link



Quakecast #57 - smej2

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your /quake/ directory, so that the /smej2/ folder is alongside, not in, the /id1/ folder.
Start your favorite Quake engine port with '-game smej2' appended to the command line. Fitzquake-derived engines such as Quakespasm or MarkV are recommended.

Please note: running the game with a different -game prefix, or none, and changing the mod to smej2 via the console in such engines that support this may lead to unwanted config state being carried over from other mods, leading to potentially unpredictable results.

-Smej Crew
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So if it is meant for CO OP, which skill level should the player start for single player? 
Who said that it's meant for co-op?
It's made for singleplayer and co-op.
Pick whatever skill you like! 
"Finnish Mapper Episode Jam 2
a singleplayer & co-op episode" 

"It's designed from the ground up for co-op"
-dumptruck_ds in his video

Obviously dumptruck doesn't mean it's only co-op but if someone watches the video/trailer they are going to think it's primarily a co-op mod (all of the gameplay footage is co-op too.)

I'll be playing SP of course because I have no friends. 
That's exactly what I thought when I watched that trailer video! 
Is it me or the stock enforcers sometimes use some new alert sound that perhaps belongs to Devastator? Or is that intentional? 
All Enforcers now speak Finnish. 
I know the reason now. SMEJ2 has sound\enforcer\sight*.wav replacement files.

But there's an error in one of the file names, it should be sight1.wav instead of sight1t.wav.

That's why in SMEJ2 3 out of 4 sounds would be new, and one would still be old sight1.wav from ID1. This is what gave me wrong impression. 
Im Excited 
this is awesome! i thought the first one was a ten and i cant wait to dive into this. if you havent played the first smej nows your chance. the first level is possibly the hardest but dont give up. its really some of the best stuff out there. 
Does Immorpher Have A Website? 
id like to download the soundtracks in flac if theyre available. 
So the SMEJ soundtracks arent publicly available yet! NewHouse and PalmliX are helping me get a cover going, so some of SMEJ stuff will start coming out (in full 96 kHZ, 24 bit flac). But all of my other stuff is here: here for free and download/use as much as you like. :D 
Awesome Thanks 
now i remember you saying that you were waiting for cover art in the podcast. well im looking forward to it. congrats to you guys on the release, its a great way to start the year! 
Awesome Thanks 
now i remember you saying that you were waiting for cover art in the podcast. well im looking forward to it. congrats to you guys on the release, its a great way to start the year! 
Apparently there's an updated release at

On Discord zigi says:

Fixed the fourth map.
-Fixed an Enforcer sound.
-Updated the quake.rc. 
the source includes code, .maps & an .fgd. no .def, sowwy. 
Torrent Of Awesomeness 
I've played the episode on normal (except for the final map) and am now playing it on nightmare - and it's an epic, brutal, nail biting experience. smej2m3, smej2m4 and smej2m5 are marvelous - but I like the whole pack.

Quite interesting that a 25 year old game still is my favourite, with the help of passionate and talented modders of course.

Congrats on the release and kitos! 
I'm currently trying to complete Mazu's map in Hard. It's **insane**. 
There Is A Little Bug On Secret Map 
Map 2a is kind of a masterclass in staging Quake fights by trickling in "adds". There's an arena fight which does some fun wave-based stuff, but that's not TOO unusual... what really impressed me was just the way the initial area worked, as you come into the big open space. Keeps you on your toes and looking up/down/back/around, but in a fun way rather than frustrating.

Love the presentation too; from the texture choices, to the lighting, to the music, to the shapes of that big space.

Cool map! 
Map 3, hmm. A little too much of the "dark underground maze" thing? Like, that specific feeling where you're already remembering two intersections that you need to go back and check the other branch of, and then you come across another very similar intersection and *sigh*. It never _quite_ got to be too much, which maybe just means that uKKo did a good job here of using that to raise tension? I dunno, I think I do prefer his smej1 map, when it comes to routes having a lot of variety and not piling too many intersections-to-unwind into your brain.

Good map overall though. The momentary escapes into above-ground and even rooftop zones were great, and I think would have balanced out the map feel perfectly if the tunnelling had been pared back a tad.

(After all that maze-ing I'm actually super curious to see some sort of layout or overview of this map.)

One other small nice touch BTW: the transitional area as you exit. A different look, and the monster density actually dwindling down to nothing as you leave... gives a feeling of escaping into a new mysterious zone, pretty different from the feel of a lot of maps that e.g. have you smash a bunch of shamblers right as you exit.

BTW I realize I didn't comment on map 1! I wasn't thinking about this func thead at the time. I'm usually not a huge fan of base maps but yeah it was really good IIRC. :-) Some very slick new-monster intros and A+ vent-crawling. And I'm intrigued about that other (presumably) exit slipgate that (presumably) goes to map 2b. Nice secret-tease.

Also I think I'm noticing that the maps are making more of an effort to look like they are transitioning to/from each other? With the "base" monsters lurking around the entry of map 2a, and the exterior view at the end of 2a matching the beginning of map 3. Thumbs up. Even the start map was some nice scene setting. 
Slipgate Conundrom 
@Joel B, both slipgates lead to map 2, which was slightly disappointing the first time I tried it, as I was hoping for some kind of secret map or something. The second slipgate room basically functions as a secret.

I just love uKKo's map btw. 
Smej2end 100%-ish With Commentary By Korenya

Check this out if you haven't already. Obviously detailed spoilers for the whole map including secrets. 
I Watched The Video 
of the walkthrough. With an open mouth in surprise. The same feelings caused me to watch Mazu's demo of passing jjj_smilecythe map: what am I doing here, a small child is an adult environment! That's what cybersports is! What an incredible talent and inexhaustible imagination you need to have to do this? Yes, even in the such old Quake! Bravo, Smilecythe!
Smej team is real crazy, in a good way, of course. 
@Joel B, just noticed that you end up in a different starting room in map 2 when exiting map 1 from the other slipgate. Which is rather cool.

@CV. I agree. I get the same feeling: What am I even doing playing Quake? Got the same feeling from watching smilecythe's recent 100% playthrough on Nightmare of his own map in smej1: 
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