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Q1EP: Torrent Of Impurities
Epäpuhtauksien Virta (Torrent of Impurities)
Finnish Mapper Episode Jam 2
a singleplayer & co-op episode
for id software's QUAKE

Authors: zigi, VuRkka, uKKo, NewHouse, LuGia, Mazu, Smilecythe & Immorpher

7 new maps, new music, new sounds, 4 new monsters, 1 new boss.
There's a patch bound to happen so we'll release source with it.


1.1 01.03. 2021
-Fixed the fourth map.
-Fixed an Enforcer sound.
-Updated the quake.rc.

1.0 27.02. 2021
-Original release.

Download link



Quakecast #57 - smej2

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your /quake/ directory, so that the /smej2/ folder is alongside, not in, the /id1/ folder.
Start your favorite Quake engine port with '-game smej2' appended to the command line. Fitzquake-derived engines such as Quakespasm or MarkV are recommended.

Please note: running the game with a different -game prefix, or none, and changing the mod to smej2 via the console in such engines that support this may lead to unwanted config state being carried over from other mods, leading to potentially unpredictable results.

-Smej Crew
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Could it be something in the future? Or the past? No idea! 
Oh... found


P.S. Needs more Tim W. 
Timo Willu 
My favorite Quake mapper. 
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