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Quake Expo 2016: The Last Quake Expo EVER.
Face the bitter-sweet reality. Most likely this archaic online exhibition will never be hosted again in silly time-limited "booth" form, so might as well lumber over and sign up at and earn the right to complain once it's over. Several members of note are already signed-up.

"Booth Previews" will begin posting starting June 18. In hopes of kindling interest, booth owners may create short teaser paragraphs about what is to come.

The Expo itself will run from July 16 to July 30.

Events may be scheduled at this point, and writings and interviews are being accepted. Events should occur during the expo unless is a contest or timed event with results announced at the Expo.

Finally, if you're tired of reading MY posts, news contributions and promotion are needed, both now and during the event. In terms of promotion, traditional Quake forums are great, but Twitter seems most effective based on referral stats. Hate it? Love it? #qexpo
It is very nice to have one final Quake Expo. 
I'll work on an updated Dreamcast version of Makaqu to be released during the expo. Hopefully with some custom maps. 
Still waiting on that splitscreen support. 
Thanks For Hosting 
I feel like making some Quake... remains to be seen if it'll be in time for the expo.

QMark seems to know his way around Photoshop 
Still better than QuakeOne forum header.

I can easily imagine an illegal shovelware CD cover looking like that. 
Me Wanting To Join Qexpo ! 
I'm working hard to join this Qexpo but timeline is near :O

hopefully I'll be there with some sp maps..
also HalfLife1 maps are permitted ?(I have an interesting horror mod) 
I've got nothing to release yet, but at least I've made a small booth with some info. 
Can Make A Booth 
with text only not showing any real work ? 
What The Hell? 
Website is fucking slow. Caching disabled? Instance needs some more resources? I'm lagged and my own internet connection is doomed? 
Hey Guys! 
Now that QExpo 2016 is underway, can we get some of you guys to share the site on your twitter and facebook accounts? A little more traction would go a long way.

All are welcome to join and contribute, also so you can comment on the awesome work people are doing :) 
Sure, See You At Quake Expo 2020... 
Here's a <a href="">QExpo '16 Facebook ad</a>.

Sorry for not doing it before, I'm having real life issues and can't be active on the Internet anymore. 
Add A Link To The Fb Post :) 
Facebook restricts the reach of posts with external links, which is why I've opted for making the URL very visible in the image itself. 
I Know You're Right, Yet... 
... we're talking about Quake. A 20 year old game. Which still manages to generate interest today. And not to a small group. 
Oh, crap. Wrong forum. Sorry about that. 
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