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Map Jam 2 - Deadline 27th July
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a couple of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 27th July 2014
Theme - IKBlue + IKWhite inspired maps

Guidelines for Map JamTextures Wads + Map Prefabs

UPDATE: Released! news thread is here.
#2 Already! 
Cool, the last one was fun and everyone was nice despite my short crappy map, ha! Bring on IKBlue White! 
Whoa, Another Map Jam Already? 
I'll try to make a map for this. 
will be Prince of Persia
you forgot to add a few sky textures for IKwhite. 
Some Q3 Inspiration 
Should fix the wad having a texture that is named "*teleport" that is not the classic starliquid. Texture stomping is bad :( 
I'll Totally Try To Participate In This, If I Can 
@mfx, does this mean you are entering a map? :)

@RoQ, you can add your own sky stuff, the texture pack is just a starting point for everyone

@Scampie, it is just a wad file to get people started for the event. This is not some official wad texture pack release.

@Tronyn, awesome :D 
Sock, but that still means if I want to use the the normal star liquid texture "*teleport", but someone else uses the poorly named "*teleport" in the ikwhite wad (it's the same graphic as "*teleportik" in ikblue wad), one of the two will potentially get stomped by the other if playing the maps in sequence... I think newer engines fix this? but it's still bad :( 
Good Point There 
I was planning to use some of the textures that are missing in those .wads (5-15 per wad) compared with the original ik .wads. 
Good Point There 
I was using some of the textures that are missing in those .wads (5-15 per wad) compared with the original ik .wads. Could someone confirm in which engines there is that problem? If it is like that i'll have to change a lot.

By the way, Sock. I have a ikwhite-ikblue half done speedmap-turtlemap. It is OK if i use it for this jam? 
@scampie, if you are worried create your own teleport texture.

@cocerello, its your choice. 
For The Love Of God 
jpegs! please.... 
The last screenshot of the linked post is how it was some months ago.
Old shot

More recent shots

Editor shot. Today.
Editor shot

It is still in early WIP, those zones will be changed a lot.

* Mfx, love the fantastic feeling that picture has.

* RingofQuaddamage, you are reinventing the Sahara Desert.

@RoQ, you can add your own sky stuff, the texture pack is just a starting point for everyone

And here i thought that it was like in speedmaps: if you have a texture set as the theme, and you can't stray from it, except for one or two textures. 
I'm actually using one of the snow textures that were in the pack. 
A Poll 
And here i thought that it was like in speedmaps: if you have a texture set as the theme, and you can't stray from it, except for one or two textures.

Personally I would like if everyone would keep to the ikblue/white theme or at least keep the majority of their map consistent with the map jam texture packs, but telling mappers what they can or cannot do is like herding cats some days! ;) 
I would say as long as you stick to the main theme then it would be neat. I dont know if I could stomach making another tight scheduled map atm, we'll see how I feel tomorrow. 
Well I Made The Last One In Short Time 
I sat back and did sweet F.A. for the most part. Then the last few days I started.

As for jam2. I guess I can try and crank one out.... 
I'll Make One Too 
Probably won't be as crazy as my Honey jam map but we'll see. 
didn�t you post some ikwhite screenshots a while ago? 
Sock I Need Inspiration. 
Well, I was planning to do a map of some kind if there was another Map Jam, but I'm not a big fan of those textures. I guess I'll wait for the next one - probably wouldn't have had time anyway. 
Also For Arabian Palace-type Stuff, Don't Forget About 
Try working with them? Maybe they'll grow on you? If not, at least you'll have a head start on a new map. 
Yes and I still need to finish that map. My jam map will be an original map though. 
Those included prefabs are so good! 
Take into account that �t doesn't have to be muslim architecture or even only arab. Ik textures are good for many other architectural styles. ?Rick, you too take this into account. You can find a style that you like with those textures and enjoy mapping with them. 
Anyone Here Know Some Good Skyboxes? 
I Thought The Point Of Ikka Style 
was going arabian?

I find the arabian style really pretty to look at IRL but I dunno if I like it in quake. To me the blue set was always this kind of eldritch/eldar world motif.

Who was it that had the incredible white map a while back?

Ahh that's it, Skacky with this beautiful number - 
Yeah my main inspiration for my IKWhite map is Indian, mostly the Taj Mahal and other monuments. Indian architecture is rather close to Persian. 
never been a fan of ikwhite, it's too bland and lacking in contrast. even for a crisp white theme it just comes out look awkwardly dirty white, instead of like a bright sparkling palace. however the combination of ikblue might give it the contrast it needs, so this could work :) 
DMSP Mod Support ! 
Guys, for your jam2 maps, may I suggest, **very humbly**, to support the DMSP mod ? This would rise the replayability a lot.

Try the jam1_sock map with DMSP, in nightmare mode. It's like shaving your pubic hair with a chainsaw ! 
You don't just "add DMSP support". You'd have to add proper DM settings which is another layer of complication when designing with a deadline. 
Working 60 - 70 A Week For The Entire Month 
There's no way I'm finishing anything.

So naturally, tonight after work, I started laying brushes.

I'm still doubtful...but we'll see. 
Looks like I will have to give this one a shot. Not particularly in love with the textures, but I'm sure I can get over it. Will be going back home soon, so will be able to use my MAPPING PC again. I don't even have a mouse with me at the moment, so I can't even use TrenchBroom.

Maybe we could tone down IKWhite a bit and make the colours closer to DE_DUST counterstrike map.

Sock: are we allowed to tweak textures etc. for our maps, or do we have to use the stock ones? 
Yup I Agree. 
<- 00rTSTi.png 
My map works in DMSP because I actually put some DM spawn points in my map. I wasn't really accounting for DMSP though so the map is technically broken in DMSP because all the monsters spawn angry from the start (thus ruining the final battle in the map because all the monsters run away from their teleporting spots).
I dunno about full blown support for it but if people add some DM points then it would still work ok. 
Great Ionous. If I were to give one suggestion though, is make it slightly less tight. just a bit. It was difficult to manoeuvre in your mj1 map and easy to bump into things. 
Map Jam 3 
you have to make your map entirely using a text editor. 
Everyone please check the readme file I have posted at the top of the thread. I know everyone (including myself) hates reading readme files, but it contains reference links to most IK theme maps.

Download and play the IK series and then tell me that THIS does not get your elder world juices flowing! :)

I get the impression that people are missing the point of map jams, its about making a map within a specific time frame and releasing it! End of story, no going back, next project!

Map jams are not a competition they are an event which is designed to stop people procrastinating and spending months/years polishing one map when they could be releasing more. They are about pushing mappers to try different styles, themes, gameplay and layouts.

The ikblue/white textures may look plain but not everything has to be broken, highly details and colour busy. Minimal textures showcase what can be achieved with architectural shape and form. Plain textures can be brought to life with subtle coloured lighting which creates extra tension and atmosphere to rooms.

I highly recommend everyone check out Arabic, Indian and Asian architecture. Step outside your normal brick/idtech comfort zone and try to create something different. The texture pack does include a variety of different texture types (rock, marble, stone) that can be used in many different ways.

are we allowed to tweak textures etc. for our maps, or do we have to use the stock ones?

If you start changing the base colour of the textures then you will lose the theme. I suggest trying coloured lighting to accent the textures. There are also two base colours which can be used to alternate between areas and you can still add more textures if you want.

One thing that shocked me about Map Jam 1 was how few people actually used coloured lighting. People here are quick to scream purist and complain about disco lighting in Quake but very few take the time to play with it. If you need example, please check my source map file. 
More Map Inspiration 
Tronyn's awesome Desert Dusk maps might fit the Arabian theme too btw... been so long since I played them:

Also A3 was not really arabian, but I am reminded of it somewhat. Classic map too. 
A3 was competent but uninspiring.

You Mother Fucker 
Stupid, Stupid Me. 
I had my fog set incorrectly, I turned off the fog and the map was fine.

Son of a bitch. 
Wot I Have So Far 
5:0 So Far. 
Looks great skacky! 
Some Incredible Detailing There Skacky 
I'm completely doing the layout on my map first before I do any detailing at all. 
I Don't Like The Prefabs 

Doin' my own version! 
Well... I have adjusted the prefabs a little bit and I have made some gem's that I might use too. 
Prefabs are just there to get you started, you can do whatever you want. 
awesome. these mj's almost make me feel like mapping again. I won't though, I'm gonna go play some venetica instead hehe. 
I've Been Experimenting 
Although Skacky's shots look amazing, I find ikwhite so pale that it's difficult to work with. So far I've been with trying to do Ikwhite textures but with lines/trim from Ikblue - sort of an ik-"White Room" look. But with limited success.

prefabs are definitely helpful. 
I Tried Mixing The Two As Well 
White bricks with blue trims, or blue bricks with white trims. It can look nice in editor, but doesn't light well from what I've tried. Think it's just best to stick to one set 
Style Test 
I think this looks alright in-editor but as you say mixing the two may not look so good in-game: 
Fog ? 
I usually hate these arabic-like maps in Quake1. Their colors and details are plainly dull. However, all of these old maps don't use any fog.

Since real temples in India have a lot of heat and humidity (plus air pollution, these days), the fog could improve this arabic style alot.

Just for your inspiration, here are some pictures I took myself in India, a few years ago. As you can see, there's a lot of fog around real temples and fortresses. You can feel the heat (nope, it isn't raining on these picts) : 
Tronyn And Scampie 
I disagree, I think it looks really neat from the shots Tronyn has shown. I say keep at it 
I'm Not A Huge Fan Based On Those Shots 
but you should be experimenting, running with this idea if it pleases you, blablablabla 
(architecture Looks Great To Me Though) 
It Ocurred To Me 
that grayscaling the textures might make for some interesting results - even though I do like the idea of white with just a couple colours. I'll figure out what to do once I get it lit and in-game. I am definitely planning to use fog, though I shouldn't get ahead of myself because there's no guarantee I'll finish the map. 
my map for jam 1 wasn't finished really, I just threw in an exit trigger after a gold key door (and a rather hastily put together end battle).

Rules of the jam is that as long as you can finish the map then it's fine.

This map I'm doing is already several orders more complex in terms of gameplay than my first jam. Blocking out the gameplay first was the best thing I could have done with it. 
Catching Up 
For texture choices when mixing both sets, i recommend bwall03 and kjwall2, those are the ones that looked the best combined for me. The less details the texture has the better in this case. For example, if i try to combine both bflr02 looks bad in my opinion.

** Sock

Personally I would like if everyone would keep to the ikblue/white theme or at least keep the majority of their map consistent with the map jam texture packs, but telling mappers what they can or cannot do is like herding cats some days! ;)

Then it is an internal fight between your reason and your instinct and urges. In sm175 your instinct won, in the first jam your reason won. Who will win the next time? Make your bids.

Well, jokes aside, i do think that you are right, even though i do think that mappers usually stick more in speedmaps to the texture sets than they do to the looks and style of what was done previously with that theme.
I prefer it when the people stick to the first, but i prefer when people stray from the second.

** Fifth, interesting layout you have there, i can't imagine how that would look.

** Kona, make that almost into a sure thing. Mapping is always better than playing in singleplayer. It doesn't matter if you don't have time, size doesn't matter, as long as you release it, we will be happy, and you too ;)

If you find ikwhite bland, how about making a ikblue map with the grey or green textures from ikwhite?

** Tronyn, i am happy that you are making a map too. With your help we can turn this jam into one even better than the previous.

But, by the way, ... �From where you got the brown/gold textures?

** Barnak: Good suggestion there. And thanks for the meal photos. 
ikwhite is white
use coloured light
if you think that looks shite
but aware of the the fight
if you make it too bright saturated 
Nice Temple! 
Nice blockout to. Sky fits well, go for it! 
Since Everyone Is Posting Progress 
Jesus Skacky 
You're a monster! Love the nice balance you are achieving there, as in jam1, between high detail brushwork and monolithic scale (parivularly vertically) 
Colored Light 
As ijed said, avoid highly saturated colors unless the source is strongly colored.

The standard Quake textures include a few deep red and yellow light fixtures, and of course there's lava and torches, where more intense color is appropriate, but I find that there is usually not much need to stray too far below 192 on the 0-255 RGB scale.

Interestingly, many of the light fixture textures that I took for white are actually slightly colored. Light3_8 for example is actually a sort of pinkish color. Though the actual RGB value is 219 195 187, I've been using 255 240 240 for light from that texture. 
Holy Cow Skacky! 
cool brushwork goin on.. 
Pictures Of The Real Thing... 
If it could be usefull for some on fou, as inspiration, here are more pictures of the real thing in India (mostly in Rajasthan) ; temples, Maharadja's fortresses, mausoleums, and details (doors, inside rooms, ...)...

When I visited these locations, I really had the feel to visit some Quake1 maps done full scale. I thought that it would be great to make some Quake maps from these temples.

The rooms and corridors are so random, labyrinthical and "illogical", they do feel like a Quake map ! 
Those are some awesome pics, thank you for sharing! 
I've really wanted to go to india for a while and you are not helping 
...I wonder? 
I Have Heaps Of India Photos Too 
of the various forts in Rajasthan if anyone is interested, quite a few shots of various bits of architecture. Actually, I have lot of pics of inca stuff from Peru and also egyptian stuff. 
If you want to go to India, then be prepared to the EXTREME pollution. I mean, imagine the worst you can, it will always be worst than what you think.

Literally moutains of trash at each corner (I'm not joking), and they put fire in them ! Extreme air pollution and noise from the cars, tuk-tuks, motos and all the diesel electric generators everywhere (since they are having frequent electrical problems each day).

Even the cows are eating the old journal papers (and other pieces of trash) lying on the ground.
There are HUGE piles of shit and liquid poo everywhere on the street and the sidewalks. And I mean it : HUGE ! If you don't look carefully while walking, I garanty you'll put both your feet into some deep puddle of - smelly - liquid poo. And the shit isn't just from the cows : humans shit in the street too, and the porks, dogs, ...

Delhi is probably the worst polluted place on Earth !

If you want to see the trash, I could post some pictures of it, but it will not be funny !
And it would be off-topic anyway. 
Sounds like Shambler's perfect vacation place. 
That sounds like something to experience though. :)

We went to Istanbul, Turkey last year and it was amazing. We saw and did so much cool shit, I can barely remember it all.

Travel is something best done when you're young - I wish I had caught the bug a few decades ago. If you have the vacation time and the funds, stop thinking about it and go. It's a HUGE world out there and you'll never run out of stuff to see and experience.

If you're an artist, then I recommend travel even MORE strongly. Get that visual library built up.

For example, this thread is full of great reference pics of architecture but it doesn't replace the experience of actually walking through those places, touching the walls, smelling the air. Experiences are irreplaceable. 
On a side note, travel also allows you see what a ridiculous bubble we Americans live in and live your life with some good perspective on our sense of self importance. Once you're in a different country you stop getting barraged by celebrity gossip, advertising, talking heads on TV, and all the trivial shit that seems so important to people when you're in the bubble.

Travel. It's worth it. 
Now ... back to the map jam! Sorry... 
On a side note, travel also allows you see what a ridiculous bubble we Americans live in and live your life with some good perspective on our sense of self importance. Once you're in a different country you stop getting barraged by celebrity gossip, advertising, talking heads on TV, and all the trivial shit that seems so important to people when you're in the bubble.

Travel. It's worth it.

That was one of the best posts I've read anywhere in a long time. 
I think Americans would be surprised at what Britain is really like. It's not harry potter. 
...who the fuck thinks it's Harry Potter? In the Harry Potter universe, dentists exist. Clearly that is not Britain.

The men are all Mr. Bean, and the women Spice Girls, and no one knows how to spell "Color". 
Having never been there, I assume all the food is boiled. I need to travel there at some point to dispel my misconceptions... 
Playing With The Prefabs And A Skybox

@Fifth, that's cool that blocking out is working for you. might have to try the same thing 
Re: ericw
Well that looks awesome, the skybox in particular.

Re: Cocerello
I'm using a few extra textures from Heretic 2's Palace set, which contains some arabian designs in gold and blue.

Re: Travel
Sucks about the pollution in India, that's somewhere I'd definitely like to go in the future. I've always wanted to see Istanbul, that seems like one of the great cities in terms of world history. 
Just Wondering 
If one of us wants to start all over, are we allowed to do it? 
Are You Scrapping Something? 
upload the source if so!
also I'm going to upload some prefabs probably on the weekend.
what texture do people use for a door in an ikwhite map? 
Yeah, I Might Scrap It 
I hope there is room for time or extensions. 
Thanks :) The skybox is grimmnight by hipshot: 
Thanks :) The skybox is grimmnight by hipshot

What a coincidence :) 
That looks very cool. 
what texture do people use for a door in an ikwhite map?

I use ''adoor10_1'' from DoE, it fits very well, but there is several ones from Hexen 2 that fit the ikwhite set.

**Willem, you are never too old to travel. It is just harder to do it, and harder to abandon the life you are used to. Kids and wifes make it harder too, but for the first you have your grandfathers.

Once you're in a different country you stop getting barraged by celebrity gossip, advertising, talking heads on TV, and all the trivial shit that seems so important to people when you're in the bubble

Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to the people of those countries you visit. That happens in every country, as long as there is enough people that has enough lack of worries and enough time to get bored so they care for those kinds of things to get rid of boredom and fit into society. You stop getting barraged is because you are in a different and strange for you environment, apart from several other reasons. 
Personally I use wdoor6 and wdoor8 from the ikwhite wad as door textures, they work very well.

Two more pictures, still not compiled. We're getting there. 
That verticality is reminding me more and more of Prince of Persia 1 and 2 (the ones from 20 years ago, of course) without colours. You only need to put some human bones on the bottom to complete it. 
"Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to the people of those countries you visit. That happens in every country, as long as there is enough people that has enough lack of worries and enough time to get bored so they care for those kinds of things to get rid of boredom and fit into society. You stop getting barraged is because you are in a different and strange for you environment, apart from several other reasons. "

Sure, but it's still a valuable thing for the person doing the traveling. 
Completely Agree 
The first one screenshot has a strong T3 influence, forgot the name of map.
something like the "keeper compound" level 
Cocerello: There won't be bones at the bottom of this area but something else that's deadlier. :)

As for the T3 influence, it's probably not a conscious thing but I really like the style of the Keeper Compound in that game, so maybe. 
@ericw, lovely angle, looking through the doorway. If you want a different hedge textures there is a one in my zendar map.

@skacky, awesome as always :)

are we allowed to tweak textures etc. for our maps, or do we have to use the stock ones?
@than, go for it, I plan to extend the ikblue texture set with extra stuff, so it is only fair if everyone can do the same. Maybe it is better to see the ikwhite/blue as a starting point instead. 
Photo Reference 
@Barnak, awesome photo's thank you for posting. There is some details in those photo's I am certainly going to use in my map entry.

@nitin, sure, please post away. The more inspiration the better! 
Ok Tronyn 
here's the scrapped map's source: 
In-Game Pics 
Damn that's some nifty rockwork, I'm jealous! I hope this won't go to waste! 
Hate To Tell You Sckacky 
but I scrapped the map because I didn't like the layout of it and I'm currently making a new version. by the way, the screenies look very nice! and I think the outdoor area looks familiar... 
Whoever Made Those Ikwhite Runes Is A Genius. 
People Who Missed The Last Jam And Should Really Take Part In This One 
ijed . . .
Willem. :)
than 8=D 
that last piece you wrote, is that a dick ? 
Ijed's Not Here Right Now 
Neither Is Lunaran 
busy, and ikwhite is too similar to something else I'm building so I'd rather save the ideas 
Lol, I Instantly Recognized That. They Hunger! 
Holy Fuck Skacky 
looks amazing. 
*has Memeory Of Playing They Hunger For Half Life For The First Time* 
Very Cool Skacky! 
Particularly the detailing around the bottom in shot 1. 
agreed, skacky, perfect choice for the textures 
Bloody Hell, Skacky 
that looks great! Great details and lighting.

BTW,You doing all this with TrenchBroom? I'm kind of finding it difficult to use because Worldcraft is so ingrained, but damn it has awesome texture lock and a 3d view that doesn't suck. 
Yeah it was made entirely in Trenchbroom. I sometimes use Hammer to do stuff but not with this one, at least not yet. 
Cant Get All This Hype 
with its ik_ textures
ik_white looks particularly as shit as it does
mayby its just me though 
I Agree With Spy 
I never liked that whitish texture neither.

Maybe a very strong fog could help (I hope so).

My expectations for the jam2 maps are VERY low ! 
I Agree Also 
I just find them too ugly and bland to bother with. Maybe the intention is to have all the visual interest created with brushwork and architecture instead of textures. Much like the original maps that used these texture sets.

"Honey" wasn't all that great of a choice for Map Jam 1 either. Most brushes ended up textured with that Doom style yellow brick, and those maps turned out pretty good. So I guess there is hope. 
The honey theme is a disguised way of showing off brushwork with fog. Simple forms layered backwards and downwards into the murk can look incredible, far better than the same forms cut up with texture detail and washed with spotlights. Some people grasped this, and others unfortunately took the theme to mean nothing more than 'use that yellow brick everywhere.'

The ikwhite theme is a disguised way of showing off brushwork with lighting. The texture set finds a thematically appropriate way to step backwards in contrast and importance, making even subtle changes in color and brightness into showcases. Some people will grasp this (although maybe fewer, since even the original ikspqs don't provide as clear an example as honey and saint), and others will take it to mean only 'use that white brick everywhere.'

We'll see. 
*subtle changes in color and brightness in the lighting 
Someone crack a window, someone just arted all over the thread. 
Really nice architecture. The blue lights with the fog gives a really cool ambiance to the map, and the ikwhite wad set really fits well here.
Can't wait to play it :) 
sometimes you just gotta let 'er rip 
Background Noise 
I Opened Hammer To See How The Map Looked 
and I'm really glad I'm making this in TB. Look at this mess! 
as someone in academia, if you think what Lunaran said was pretentious, you have no idea.
I always wondered why Honey was visually compelling (which it was) despite the e4m8 (ie, bland) texturing. That describes it well.

I'm aiming at providing some in-game shots next week. My sin as a mapper is impatience; it always feels like I'm taking forever. 
Speaking Of Impatience, And Re: Skacky 
Don't full maps ALWAYS look super messy in Hammer?

I saw another new shot on there too. 
I Don't Have A Single Area Of My Map Even Close To Finished 
How promising, I know. Time has been hard to come by this month.

Another editor shot: 
There's Still 2 More Weeks! 
That looks good, glad to see a different theme too, like RoQ's, and to see a mapper that uses ikblue on an ikwhite base like me.

It is better to use ikblue to add touches to ikwhite like that, i tried to use ikblue as the base but it didn't worked that well. Have you tried too? How it went? 
Good, Scampie. 
So layout is done and on to the visuals? 
Pretty much, Drew.

It's not going to a massive map, but hopefully it will be a better end-to-end experience than my jam1 map (large parts of it were really unfinished and it didn't end like I wanted it to). 
That looks great. My mind turns to mush trying to work out how you kept all that floor detail looking correct while curving around. 
Tronyn That Looks Insane! 
Cool progress everyone! Here's a fresh batch for mine. The way from the start to the silver key is 95% done. 6 secrets so far too. :p 
Man Skacky 
that all looks so cool!
Awesome mapper you are.
Some Pictures From Rajastan 
Hey Dude, Where The Fuck Is All The Pollution And Poverty ? 
Okay, just to equilibrate a bit those (nice) pictures a bit :

What an electrician nightmare India is :

"Hey guys, did you found my underwear yet ?" :

"Haa, Sun and fresh air, ... it's so fun to live outside. What a lucky guy am I!" :

Huho, is that a fiend lost in the night, looking for someone to eat ?

Hmmm, thousands of pigeons shiting on the tourists food (and the tourists too!). Yum !

Holly Cow ! (from Duke Nukem). Eating trash to shit more trash, is my motto!

Fuck I love this world ! 
" The ikwhite theme is a disguised way of showing off brushwork with lighting. The texture set finds a thematically appropriate way to step backwards in contrast and importance, making even subtle changes in color and brightness into showcases. Some people will grasp this (although maybe fewer, since even the original ikspqs don't provide as clear an example as honey and saint), and others will take it to mean only 'use that white brick everywhere.'"

It's a nicer way of saying ikwhite's blandness promotes shitty visuals unless you're good at lighting and angles instead to bring some contrast out, because the textures won't do it. But at least ikblue is in there, I like ikblue. Dislike ikwhite. Can't help feeling that skacky's screens would have looked even more awesome with some different tones/colours in the textures instead of all dirty grey. ie unreal, q3, heretic, dkt textures.

Has anyone tried layers, one level ikblue, then above it ikwhite? ikwhite with ikblue trims/details clearly didn't look right. 
I've been to that place, have more pics too. Just need to find some time to upload them. 

It's a poor country. We get that. Traveling there is still an experience I want to have before I die. It's a country with incredible history and depth. 
I agree with you, India is one billion times worth it. I actually LOVE India. Been there two times, and want to go back there during the following years.

Everything is beautifull there, **even** the pollution and the poverty.
You could took some nice pictures of the shit on the floor (no jokes!). Here's an example :

Traveling through India is like an awesome road adventure movie.
Everything you see is extraordinary. For example, I came across these guys on the road. Only in India you could see things like this :

I could post literally thousands of pictures of incredible India here.

Just to stay on topic :

Is That... 
...The gateway to he Realm of Black Magic?

Or the Quake dimension itself? 
use r_oldwater 0 
Who Doesn't? 
(besides everyone who played jam1 because sock put oldwater 1 in quake.rc for some reason) 
Oh Man 
everyone should put that portal somewhere in their map

praise Vishnu! 
Started My Map 
Very, Very Nice Brushwork. 
Those 12 arches must have taken some building.

My map is gonna be more 8 sided I think :P 
Are those windows ripped from knave textures? 
looks like those are made of brush curves with wbord05 texture...
Looks like. 
More Reference 
Kindly uploaded by Vondur, amazing stuff!

Some stuff from me, Hagia Sophia Ceramics and anyone who lives in Berlin must visit the Pergamon Museum 
Did That Already, Its Amazing! 
Great Brushwork + Ominous Lighting= 
Huuuge boner 
These Maps Are Gonna Rock 
Perhaps even more than the Honey maps. 
vondur is a sexbasket 
that looks amazing 
The red windows (rectangle and circle ones) are from knave, yes, with slight modification so they work in ikblue. 
Sorry To Break This To You But... 
I might not put out a map for this map jam. I said that I was going to try to make a map for this, but it turns out that I don't need to make one anymore. 
Yes You Do 
That's some sick shit. 
Damn Computer Has Ceased To Function 
Ordered a new motherboard from ebay. My SATA controller is the culprit I think. Damn P67 B2 motherboard! I should be able to boot to my old Windows partition though, and retrieve my MAP SOURCES!!! (Including my Jam2 entry, which I was working on last night until the dreaded BSOD) (AAAAAAARRGHHHH!!!!!!) 
I have my maps always save to my dropbox folder 
Yeah I Have Most Of Them In Mine Too 
But not the current one, and the BSOD came fairly randomly 
Just In Case 
If there is important stuff on that drive, it might be best to get a new disk drive also and just do a fresh OS install. Hook up the old drive later and retrieve data, then use it as a secondary storage drive. 
Who Needs Inspiration? 
My Map's Done 
9 days of hard work and several long nights, but it's done. I could add more stuff but eh. Should last 15 to 20 minutes.

Brushes - 16,725
Entities - 1,085
Monsters - Easy: 73 - Normal: 100 - Hard/Nightmare: 115
Track: 9 
You're a machine, nice work! 
Make a blue one now! Just kidding (sort of) 
Wow Skacky 
Make a blue one..:) 
that sounds like a lot of brushes 
Brushcount Doesnt Matter 
facecount does...
So, how many? 
Facecount Doesnt Matter 
secret count does 
Secrets Dont Matter 
secrets under lifts matter 
So How Many.. 
Every Lift 
IMHO coloured lighting is too saturated. Otherwise looks great. 
Brief Rant 
The following secrets should be outlawed:
- shooting the copper grate
- shooting that red window
- secrets under lifts

All they do is encourage you to check every grate, every red window, and every lift, which is just an unfun waste of time.

I really appreciated whichever dm*rmx map of than's it was where the first copper grate you shoot says "these are never a secret so now you don't have to bother." (or did it just say that in the readme?) 
well, secrets are supposed to be signified by something abnormal, so if it's a red window or copper grate with a flickering light or something, maybe... 
To be honest I think you should just put secrets wherever the hell you please. They're hidden easter eggs.

If your secret doesn't have a clue then it should be a trope IMO.

The only no-no with secrets is that they should never be required to complete a map. 
well yes, obviously anyone can do anything they want forever. I can't literally outlaw a secret area.

But I realized as I'd play a map I'd get on a lift, trigger it, get off, look under it, go "nope, nothing under this one" then have to wait for the lift to hit the top and return. It's not a fun behavior to encourage, and the trouble is, even if I make a map without secrets under the lifts everyone will check them all anyway because they've been trained to. 
Blame id then... they're the ones hiding the secrets under lifts, stairs and other shit.

Master has trained us well! 
even if I make a map without secrets under the lifts everyone will check them all anyway because they've been trained to.

Not after Sock's been very resistant to doing that. 
I like limited use of 'secret under the lift'. In my opinion, secrets are best when they reward the player for looking/moving through your environment in a different way than you as the designer would normally expect. Secrets being under a lift can fit this.

I think doing under the lift secrets best is when you expect the player to fall off the lift by accident or that they can be able to see under it from above if they turn around. Having to 'step on and step off quickly' to simply get lucky that there is a secret under this particular lift is a poor secret design because it's not based on player observing your map from a new angle, it's just based on them knowing that other designers hide secrets under lifts. 
I've touched up the lighting a bit. I wanted to make the scene less purple in tone, but also for the window textures themselves to glow a bit more.

New light
Yesterday's shot
The blue lights are less saturated, and the red is slightly less saturated, and is brighter but more localized to the windows. I think this works better and tones down the purple.

Here's the lightmap
Generally the red is pretty contained. And you can see that the texture is where much of the blue comes from with the other lights.

and here's a little bonus no colored lights
Obviously a bit too bright since the lights are pure white with the color information removed, but these does feel a bit Sin City black and white and red. Not going to pursue this for the map proper, but at least it has a neat look if you happen to not play with the .lit. 
Oh Wow 
that's awesome sock :D 
Ok So... 
Vondur and otp really liked the no colored lights shot... So I am trying a comprimise where the blue lights are now white, and I keep the red lights.

no blue

Think there is some value here, might need to adjust the brightness of the lights down a little, but just sticking with the natural color of the textures generally seems to be fine, and keeping with red accent lights. 
thank god for mappers that are patient enough to do proper lighting (unlike me). a couple comments:
-architecture, obviously, looks amazing
-spotlights coming up from the ground seem to suit ikblue especially well, so that's great
-yet in this final shot, the light near the spotlights on the floor seems too bright (not sure if this is because it's white, but it might be).

if I don't get an in-game shot ready this week, I'll at least post another editor shot. tick tock... 
I think it works better with blue and glowing red. 
I Think No Colored Light 
looks best, at least from that shot. As for which colored light shot I like best, I prefer the shot labeled 'new light' to both the old shot and the 'no blue' labelled shot. 
Nitin Is Correct 
what he said.

Having said that, I really like the way things are looking, Scampie. The shot with coloured light is great too, although I think the shot without coloured lights has slightly nicer levels - maybe just because I can see more detail? Perhaps in game I would offer a different opinion. 
Second Thoughts 
Both skacky and nitin are correct. You should go for all colored, and grognards like me can then simply delete the .lit. 
...three hours of work this arvo and now my mapping computer won't boot. Let's hope the guys in ICT can help tomorrow, 
Had an awesome under lift secret - it was a teleporter you could hear when the lift brought you down. 
That Secret Was Stupid 
it combined an under-the-lift secret with a quad-after-you've-killed-all-the-monsters secret

I was waiting for someone to bring that up. 
You taught me to look under lifts! 
wheres the czg map and shots 
You, all right?! I learned it by watching you! 
Blue And Red Lights 
I thought it looked fine. The red maybe had a little too much "reach" and the blue might have been slightly over saturated, but that's just opinion on my part. I wouldn't change it much.

Anyone that doesn't like colored lighting probably has seen too many games or game levels where it was done poorly. It adds a lot to Quake if done well, and anyone that doesn't incorporate it into their maps is probably some kind of Luddite. 
the "no color" shot looks the best (except for the light being a little too bright), but i would try starting from that and adding a tiny bit of red light that is localized around each light fixture. What you have no in the "no blue" shot has the problem that the entire room is purple because the red light is the primary fill light. 
More Pixel 
That is excellent looking, and I really like that fog now. 
I Like 
All the subtle angles you've got there. 
Looks Like 
Quality hallcrawling 
Looks Great! 
Kinda looks like a new texture set almost ;) Are any of those stock ikblue? There are like, 8 textures in the entire ikblue set :/ 
Idgamma + Ikwhite 
For anyone that still has idgamma, ikwhite is completely unuseable and looks like unbelievable shit in game.

I just found this out as I was playing with ikwhite. A simple trip into id1 to rename the offending pak (in my case it was pak3.pak) fixed things. Now I can kind of see some details again.

Unfortunately, everything else looks dark and bland now :( I think idgamma adjusted the contrast of the palette as well as the brightness, since increasing the brightness in fq doesn't really help :( 
idgamma has a more complicated formula that messes with contrast and brightness and some other stuff probably. I assume you have to mess with multiple sliders? I've never used it.

Fitzquake gamma just recreates the software engine gamma basically.

Maybe someone will re-create the idgamma controls inside a quake engine, then people can delete their idgamma pak files.

On the other hand, that would result in anything TGA-based being brightened in the same way. I guess people who use idgamma are used to TGAs being dark and dim compared to 8-bit paletted textures. So they probably wouldn't like that. 
well the week is just about over and I haven't done any lighting yet, so I'm unsure if I'll make the deadline (it's definitely possible), but here's another editor shot anyway: 
Is like 10 days away... 
That's Incredibly Impressive Tronyn 
Those Looks 
Remind me of some platformer games 
Definitely Feeling The Blue/white Now 
Looks very cool than! 
@ijed, glad you spotted some of the angles, most of them are subtle, except the doorway silhouettes, I wanted them to stand out.

@Drew, well the door, wall and arch supports are just prefabs and texture tests, which is why it looks like a corridor.

@than, as you have no doubt discovered the ikblue set is really small and lacks a lot of trims. I have converted some of the ikwhite to blue and swapped some of the pixel noise for stock id textures. I am trying to fill in the gaps so it easier to work with for my map.

@Tronyn, it looks epic, but remember giant maps take a long time to create/light/test, also look at func_detail to speed up compile times. 
Your floor texture needs a bit of work, the black pixels stand out a bit too much. 
I Use Idgamma 
have always and no other look works for me.

But than's right, it stuffs up ikwhite, this was picked up when Killjoy first released his Avinpaala map. 
Metl: from what I remember, idgamma was merely a patch. I don't remember any sliders at all, weirdly enough. I wonder if we all have the same palette file in our paks.

Drew: I think you meant Tronyn; I didn't post anything ;) 
What Is 
idgamma? It sounds familiar but I know I've never used it. Some kind of brightness adjusting utility? Why would anybody use such a thing? I have no problems with brightness other than I have an Asus 23" LCD that always seems way too bright when playing games.

I play most games on the TV in the living room. I try to match the brightness in my maps to those in the original Quake.

I played somebody's map last year that looked like crap until I found a custom palette file in the pak. It looked like a brighter version of the standard palette, so I deleted it and it looked fine after that. 
Random reQuiem feature: High contrast lighting model. 
I Made A Huge Mistake... 
Holy Shit. 
What OTP Said 
That looks so cool! 
Holy Shit 
That looks incredible.

Apart from the floor tiles folding.

The chandelier(?) looks a bit like a moai, but that's cool as well. 
1) That looks terrific. I've looked at the way moorish/arab architects would cover the inside of domes with those zillions of tiny nerny arches and thought "definitely shouldn't do that one in quake." so, hey, awesome.

2) mas inspirato (I may have posted this before)

3) idgamma was a hack to fix the fact that the original glquake didn't do 2x overbright lighting the way software did. this is why everyone whined the game was so dark in GL - it literally was. since the palette couldn't be 2x overbrightened to compensate (because 255 doesn't go any higher :p) it just brought up the midrange and maxed out all the colors it could, which meant the game was still basically just as dark but also looked shittier. metlslime fixed this in fitzquake's lighting (at my request) ten years ago. if you're still using an idgamma-ruined palette you are an insane person who is insane lunaran out 
Re: #235 
That's some awesome brushwork. Very impressive.

The folding/rotating of textures like that on the floor sometimes looks okay, but usually not if it can be seen up close. GL filtering will not span across and you get an ugly razor sharp seam where the surfaces meet. I tend to avoid that at all cost. Of course, that's not much of an issue if you play in pixellated mode, but most people don't.

Better to make a custom texture to fit if the alignment is all that critical. 
Or Split It 
With more trim, or just leave it contiguous. 
I�m Doing This Nasty Texture Thing 
every now and then. i know it looks shit, but old habits..:) Gonna change it to proper trimmed.. Yeahyeah 
It's Just Me Probably 
The trim around the edge I guess won't look horrible, but I would leave the main flat area as one contiguous piece.

Probably this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I notice that filtering seam in maps all the time and I just think it looks bad.

I learned last year making textures that unless the outer 1 pixel border was identical you will get the seam where the textures meet, even if they look the same at first glance. A 1 pixel or more offset or any rotation difference at all will also cause a seam. 
idgamma was a hack to fix the fact that the original glquake didn't do 2x overbright lighting the way software did.

I think also, the fact that glquake didn't even support the gamma command at all, except for at the command line (and i think that was added later?) 
anyway these shots look great, a lot of cool stuff going on here.

I wanted to say, for really anybody in this thread that wants their sense of scale to be more impressive, try using 8-unit steps isntead of 16-unit steps. This is closer to real life step size and since stairs are the only familiar object in most quake levels, its the one thing people can use to judge the size of things.

Like, that shot from mfx, at first glance the arches and dome look huge, and then you see the 16-unit steps and realize, oh, that arch is only like 160 units tall. 
Mind The Fov Set To 110 Metlslime:) 
Arches are 384 wide actually.. 
I wanted to say, for really anybody in this thread that wants their sense of scale to be more impressive, try using 8-unit steps isntead of 16-unit steps.

The metl has spoken right after I put together an 8-unit staircase. 
Youre Right 
bout the stairs.

Good suggestion, gonna change that where i can.. 
8 pixels is hardly enough for any texture detail.

I did make some 8 unit steps at one time and it does look good. Maybe if all textures were scaled to 0.5

Will The Next Map Jam Be Based On Rubicon? 
Of Course.. 
Pls No Gooby 

crusty vaginal boogers

"dude, my boner turned soft when i saw she had goobies" 
8 pixels is hardly enough for any texture detail.

The little fronts of steps is not where it goes. 
That'll probably coincide with the release of RRP. 
It's Not Rubicon. 
Map Jam 3 
Will The Next Map Jam Be Based On Rubicon?
No, I am planning the next Jam event for August and the theme will be low gravity + custom prog. Texture theme undecided atm.

nybody in this thread that wants their sense of scale to be more impressive, try using 8-unit steps isntead of 16-unit steps.
I have used 8 unit steps on all my Quake 1 releases, 16 unit steps look super awkward nowadays and ruins the scale of architecture.

8 pixels is hardly enough for any texture detail.
Check any of my texture wad files released with my Quake maps, most of them have special 8/16 (side/top) step textures.

@mfx, finally you are tempted to make your own jam map :D 
I have used 8 unit steps on all my Quake 1 releases, 16 unit steps look super awkward nowadays and ruins the scale of architecture.

Well, I guess I'll just stop working on my map now. Can't be releasing a map with ruined architectural scale.

There are literally hundreds of steps in that map and changing them to 8 units high would cause the marksurfaces count to go way too high and I refuse to release a map that spits out error messages when it loads. 
16 unit steps are perfectly fine. 
I think 16 unit steps are fine as well. 
Those Are Warnings 
not errors. 
Yeah 16 Units Are Fine. 
8 units can be nice. 12 units is also nice. The player can step up a 16 unit step. Stairwells come in all kinds of gradients and dimensions. 
My Steps Are All 
32 units high... because screw you guys. 
Stairs And Sclae 
nybody in this thread that wants their sense of scale to be more impressive, try using 8-unit steps instead of 16-unit steps.

It can be done, but requires more thinking and way more work than that to work well, and there is two problems with that:

- First of all, if we were to do that, we would have to do the full change. There is A LOT of things that are off scale in Quake, beginning with the player entity itself, that to be on scale and so the player can fit through real world doors it would need to be at most 56x24x24 (realistic would be 56x16x16), or that he should stop running at 40+ km/h, or we shouldn't use textures with stone block that are 16 units high or more, as that size (16) in a stone block can only be seen in a few fortifications and the like (i have seen in person more stone fortifications that use something like rock3_2, city2_8 or smaller blocks, for example), and there is lots of textures that have stone blocks 32 units high. Maybe it could be doable if we were to scale all the textures in the maps to 0,5, but then the look on the outdoor or cave areas would suck.

- Second, if we were to make the stairs fit the scale of the player, they should need to be 4 units high, as most stairs in the buildings built in the last 100 years are. 8 units high (and usually 6-8 wide too) i have only seen in the towers of castles and fortifications, where they need to reach great heights with little space, and those are hard to go up, and very dangerous when going down, 8 units is a lot compared to the size of the player.

But the problem comes that if we do 8 units high stairs, it doesn't look well, at least in Quake. One of the reasons is that we are used to see brushes so big everywhere. The second, that it doesn't fit with the game, and as have been advised a lot in this board, so small details in Quake doesn't look as good as it should. 
No, Disagree 
Don't release the map. I refuse to play anything with 16 unit steps. Besides tale of abbots rune.

Which, incidentally, should be the next texture architecture theme.

@than: correct, directed at Tronyn. But make something! 
Maybe there should be a vote for the next mapjam theme? ikwhite seems to have put some people off and a low grav theme I'm none too excited about particularly if it's in the void (coagula). Nor Rubicon since we already have that Rubicon pack.

What about a Doom4 theme - the way D4 should be done. With a mix of a doom2 and doom3 set, obviously hand picked. I'm never a fan of q1 base maps, but if done more like alien sci-fi/industrial then it's okay. It's just quakes interpretation of military bases that was the weakest link in quake, imo, yet probably the most overdone theme since. But yeah the d3 texture set had a limited success rate, some of them looked pretty bad, some were okay. Maybe it could actually mix some different stuff like some of the sci-fi textures from these sets:
Or Dtspacemad... that was the last set I was using to make something (was going to be an alien spaceship), but never finished it.

I just searched for 'video game textures' in goog, because I've got no idea where you get textures these days, but that put on this page:
Now wtf, there's some awesome fucking textures on that page. Some might not tile, and they'll all need converted down to quake. I notice a lot are kind of hand-painted, maybe there could be a cartoony texture theme, kind of like Borderlands.

Some of those textures remind me of alice... another good underused set.

How about gentex02. That's an awesome texture set that's underused.

Or an industrial mix of ogro/jackboot. Think a modern zerstorer (but not literally zers textures!).

Evil has some great textures in it, but it would take someone sifting through 1000 of them picking out a consistent theme.

Rorshach did many awesome textures. In fact here's a whitish texture set that works, though it's clearly not the same architectural style of ikwhite:

In fact, some of you guys should look through rorshach's textures, they're all a similar style but all frickin awesome.

Schloss or a ww2/nazi/wolfenstein theme (maybe wolf textures? I haven't seen those out there though, at least not that I can remember.

I don't know what I did with the fakk2 textures, or who converted them (maybe it was me when I knew how), but those textures were good and no ones used them since I did in

Someone might have to re-install fakk2 to get them though.

Unreal skycity? There's lots of medieval type sets out there that have been used sometimes... dkt, heretic, hexen, q3, kingpin, rune, undying, blood, praeven, but I'm sort of thinking along the lines of stuff that really is underused (or never used).

But anyway those are just my thoughts... 
I have no idea what it does in a technical sense, but nope even with fitzquake, I prefer the idgamma look. So Lun, there is at least one person driving you insane :) 
It Does Something To Contrast 
and not just to brightness. Where is frib when you need him, I remember he had a pretty good explanation. 
Re: [Kona] 
Thanks for that informative post; I'll bet I'm not alone in saying I'd be even more likely to approve if you were to make something - heh. 
Everything seems to be going well. I'm currently away from home at the pochanos withy family and their friends 
I Won't Be Making A Jam3 Map 
This isn't connected to whatever theme is chosen, or any of that. I am simply taking a break from Quake. I wanted to after Jam1, and Jam2 is going to be a smaller simpler map for that same reason (want to try and finish it up this weekend).

So do whatever theme you want. I don't think people who aren't going to map should have a voice, much of the whiners about ikblue/ikwhite weren't going to map either. This thread in general has too much of a peanut gallery. Take some suggestions and try to understand the general desires of the mappers... but make a final decision Sock.

My only suggestion is to go for themes that are well established and open to a wide variety. Like, 'Low Gravity, Runic Metal'. Simple, everyone knows what that is, and can do their own interpretation in that. 
my map is going to be in bsp2 format, unvised, with hordes, and will be released in 3 years.

lol just jokes. 
@Rick, you can make your steps in your map whatever you feel like doing, I am simply stating I think 16 units looks awkward.

@RickyT23, exactly, step sizes 8, 12 and 16 are all valid, mappers can use whatever they are comfortable with.

@Scampie, that is indeed a great shame because jam3 was going to be the last one from me. I am thinking about a runic/metal texture theme, but jam2 is not even finished yet so I will sort that out next month when I finish off the custom progs. 
I'm Out 
My working schedule was too hectic this month to have a realistic shot at producing anything worthwhile.

Sock, mind pushing jam3 to September? I'd like some time to recharge creatively... 
Sock, mind pushing jam3 to September? I'd like some time to recharge creatively...

Yes please. 
All fucking great, keep it up u guys :) 
Where The River Goes 
If I was stronger
I could be a mountain range
If night was longer
Could I escape the day?

btw why the river goes rather flows 
God I Hate These Textures 
can�t get the light to look good, it�s bad..
Never should have started playin with them:)

confession: I'm playing with them. decided to put my money where my mouth is. and, yes, they are - I'm finding I have to be real subtle with the lighting or the subtle detail in the textures vanishes, and using any other textures in combination ruins the effect.

So, I am learning, but I wouldn't build with these textures for anything other than a jam. 
I�m only playin with them too, don�t know if this ends up in a released map:)

I even scriptconverted the texures into some reddish Agba gate stone.


Shit script didn�t work so well, looks like Barbies palace.. Where�s Ken? 
The only thing left for you both is a trigger_changelevel now. 
build half a nice building, put the player start inside the changelevel trigger, and just point info_intermission at the building :) 
Better Than Jam1_otp 
And an automatic 18/20 from Tronyn. 
maybe. An intermission map.. So i don�t have to struggle with gameplay? Perfect! 
I've Blocked Out A Large Area 

Never gonna get this thing sealed, detailed, lit and playable by friday. :O 
I kind of like that ... create a cool intermission map. Basically a fixed camera angle that the player watches from. Patrolling monsters going by or whatever ... might be an interesting challenge. 
Challenge Accepted. 
and now we're going to have a pack of nothing but intermission maps 
>looks like Barbies palace.. Where�s Ken?

Ken is the guy holding the shotgun, on your screenshot, and he's looking for Barbie. 
Lol Otp 
to ensure the 18, some of the architecture has to be ruined though. that and fill it with ogres and ammo. 
Okay, Finally Got Some Lighting Done 
I may well still be overdoing it with coloured lighting. I'm not saying this lighting is finished. Suggestions welcome, the more specific (ie, light settings) the better. 
I think the yellow light is too much on the green side, and that's effecting how the colors mix poorly. I'd try moving that toward a redder yellow, and tone down the saturation of the blue lights as they are a bit strong.

The exterior shot and the ceiling in the third shot look cool though! 
That feels very heretic 2 to me. I dig it tbh 
I don't mind the saturation on the blue lights myself, it really helps the ikwhite and the ikblue bits look good together.

The area from screenshot 1 just has to be another take on the "a narrow and desolate ravine" painting, doesn't it? Also it's a bit funny that I'm pointing that out in post no. 300. 
I could swear that I saw 299 before posting, not 293. 
Looks nice, but too much saturation. Tone it down a bit.. 
not a fan of colored lighting in quake
but those shots are looking particularly great 
I Spot A Candle... 
Is this allowed? I thought it was vanilla only? 
Oh Yeah Heh 
yeah it is vanilla only that'll be changed to a flame ;)
Thanks for the feedback guys 
That Looks Fine On My Screen 
not too saturated. 
"That Looks Fine On My Screen" 
Just like every pitch black Q1SP screenshot posted and Fitzquake + idgamma? 
I said my screen. He can choose to ignore it if he wants. 
fyi, I am hoping that my map will kill every single motherfucker who, upon being given a nailgun, quickly switches back to the normal goddamn shotgun when confronted with a horde of 8 knights so as to not waste the 150 fucking nails I also gave them to gleefully shoot those knights with.

I am looking at you 90% of the people who played my jam1 map. 
Joke's On You I Almost Always Axe Every Knight 
I'm Sure 
You can detect players carrying the shotgun with a hacked trigger and teleport them into a pit of lava. 
That Would Be A Bizarre Fucking Map 
if the only way past seemingly random instadeath traps was to be carrying the right items at the time.

also I don't think vanilla progs can be hacked quite that way (is there ANY entity that detects .weapon?), but I'm sure preach will happily prove me wrong with some subtle and amazing trick. 
Somebody Called For A Hack?

Well, there's something close to a trigger that detects what weapons you have in there. Keys and weapons are all part of the same bitflag field so you can make doors that open based on weapons (and then take those weapons from you)... 
I remember that weaponstrip tutorial. You give the player the weapon to make sure they have it, then take it away... 
We Know That One 
We're talking about what weapon you have selected. "Use this nailgun I gave you or go to hell." 
Oh Sure 
No, there's no way to check...but if you steal away all the other weapons from the player then what option do they have! 
What Necrosis/ Scampie Said. 
That shot is nice, but the main 'idea' behind it is the warm secret glow against the expansive cold, and currently it isn't executed as well as it could be.

All the deep blue lights decorating that temple are just that: decoration. Let the temple interiors all stay lit warmly, and bring the blue into the outside via the sun/environment light instead. Leave the exterior sourced lighting (like around the dome) darker and more color neutral. That'll really drive home the "remote fortress on desolate tibetan mountaintop" feeling in that screenshot, because the contrast of color will underscore the contrast of environment. 
It Wasn�t Me 
oh wait, it was me. 
Didn�t I Post It Here Already? 
If not, i forgot.. oops 
Looks super out of place 
Extremely Strong Fog ? 
Did you guys tried to use some extreme fog conditions ?

I wonder how strong the fog could be in Quake1.

Like in real life, the strong fog could give some "phantomatic" aura to the shapes (objects, monsters, ...) and architectures.

It could even be part of the map difficulty, and also help for a better rendering of the bad texture theme, and the very **crude** curved geometry (the "arabic" arches are so ugly in Quake1).

The very strong fog could also help in simulating a dust storm. 
Did you guys tried to use some extreme fog conditions ?

Yes, in the last jam. 
is what Barnak thinks of i guess.. 
are you building with some kind of lightmap smoothing on everything? I thought I could see it in that big dome shot of yours everyone was bitching about the stairs in. the light creeping around the edge of that broken wall looks really strange. 
I fiddling around with fake GI, and i have the idea of "reflective snow"(?).


I have no idea what i�m doing:) 
Hey, that glow-like effect appears to be nice. More screenshots of this, please.

Did you tried the same rendering style with a strong fog ?

Could feel like a dream scape of some sort (that will turn into a nightmare, when the monsters show up). 
as i said, still fiddling. Maybe i find a setup thats proper.. 
The rock texture looks very good. It fits perfectly with the snow theme and on the transition to the ground. Is it straight from the wad or a tga? 
It's from ne_ruins. It ended up in the wad because skacky used it in the other ikwhite map. 
i made a transition texture.
Wanna see Neg? 
More clouds in the skybox to support the idea of the light reflection... 
Extreme Fog 
I did some experiments with black fog, so it looks like the player has some kind of glow or a torch with him. It was nice at making gameplay similar to Hulk256 but restricted to the fact that the entire map had to be like that. 
Jam1_otp Had Black Fog 
Because I had no time to light it.

It was a mistake. 
New Screenshot

I'm hoping to have a playable test version ready today. 
That Is Some Sexy Gloom 
That tower is cloaked in palpable foreboding. 
Lookin Good 
some shots on here are looking really promising. 
That's truly majestic Tronyn. 
Shambler Facts: 
That looks awesome as well. Love the wiz decorations. 
Yes Great Vibe Scampie! 
And I doubly retract my statements about blue white mixing Tronyn. Jesus that looks so good! 
Nice Shots Guys 
...just got a system up and running. The back-up work laptop (shhh, don't tell the boss) saves the day. This means I'll be able to play this pak, and given some of the shots posted...I'm very excited. Will take a few days to get the requisite programs sorted but I'm going to sign up for Jam3 now. 
Pumped for new distrans shit! 
Anyone Else Frantically Trying To Finish Shit On Time? 
damn you, Skacky! 
Not Frantically 
but i�ve finished it. Yeah! 
Thanks Skacky, your early finishing boosted my efforts;) 
Final List 
So who is entering maps to this event, I have the following so far:

Digs, Doomer, Eric, Fifth, OTP (unconfirmed)

Anyone else?

@Distrans, sorry there is going to be no jam3 from me, got other projects I need to finished. Maybe someone else will run it. 
I Am Trying Too 
but i won't be able to finish it in time, so it will be released incomplete and unfinished.

On the other hand, despite the fact that there was so many dislikes of the ikwhite texture set we have almost as many as for the first jam, and that's good.

* Sock, i will send it in the next hours, but i will be working on it till the last minute. How much time do i have left? I want to plan the time. 
I do not participate 
I know everyone wants to add some final stuff and finish areas so I am going to extend the deadline to Tuesday.


I want to get an idea of how many maps there will be in the event, so please everyone who has a map nearly ready or close to complete post a reply. 
I have a start/end area to make today, and a bunch of enemy scripting to put it... Hopefully will leave me with a couple hours to test the map tonight, but we'll see. 
...if one of those projects is ITS then I might have to load Finale Notepad and SoundForge before Worldcraft. ;-) 
Hi Sock 
I know I said I'd have a playable test ready a couple of days ago, but as usual I underestimated how much work I have left to do. Nevertheless, I am close. I'll email you with further details soon. 
I Am Making A Map As A Result Of This Jam 
But i'll just release it at a later date I'm afraid. I started out too ambitiously then slowed down..... 
a whole cityscape! 
Holy Minas Tirith! 
That's too good to not release it on the jam. So apply Lunaran's rule and release it:

This is how a jam works: if you finish by the deadline, you release, and if you don't finish by the deadline, you still release.

Everyone's allowed to build on what they made or polish/finish/change it and re-release independently later, but you can't post in the thread over and over that you're working on something terrific and then just withdraw it and keep it a secret because you're too good to let anyone see your work in progress. This culturally prevents the all-too-likely scenario of a promising bunch of community work all evaporating at the last second and turning into a "pack" with two maps.

It's not a photo of you in the shower, it's just an unfinished level. Put an exit trigger in it and throw it in.
But i'll just release it at a later date I'm afraid. I started out too ambitiously then slowed down.....

That indeed is a great shame. I heard you wanted more time which is one of the reasons I extended the deadline. the screenshot looks totally tronyn epic outside horde style battle like!

Why don't you pick one of these skyboxes and setup a giant outdoor battle instead. It looks like you have the main architecture already built. 
Yeah - It's OK 
I'm not motivated to map at the moment, got some things happening in 'real life'. And I don't want to ruin the work I've put in by rushing it and doing a half-assed job. Whats the deadline now BTW? I thought it was tonight? 
Oh, Tuesday 
OK, well I'm still not sure if I can really bring myself to sit mapping for the next three nights, I'm just being lazy :P

but you can't post in the thread over and over that you're working on something terrific and then just withdraw it and keep it a secret because you're too good to let anyone see your work in progress.

This is true, but to be fair I only really posted a week ago or something that I had blocked out a massive layout and didn't think I was gonna finish in time. I just posted this screenie so you guys know I'm not making it up. But I will probably finish some time, I just don't know when.... 
Blame My Bitcoin-mining Friend 
'Xander'. He retired a pair of R9 280Xs on Friday. Just because their value for mining has dropped off. Sold me one for �120 which is awesome because they still retail for �200. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO SAY NO?!?? So I got that yesterday morning and naturally have been gaming rather than mapping 
I've not worked on my map at all but that's because I've recently met someone and spent a lot of time with them. I'm off today but a bit hungover. I feel bad for not releasing and working lates next week means I can't do much there either.

To do -

item placement
final arena fight and texturing/lighting
Some moving brushes like lifts connecting areas.
Starting area needs a couple more rooms.

Sorry guys, feel like a let down. 
You Fucks 
Just seal them and put an exit. That's exactly what I did in jam1. 
We can tell ;) 
Fifth, congrats, is he hot?? 
I have a shitty thing in a shitty room and it's shitty. I'll be practicing what I preached (praught?) and adding an exit but right now the best thing about it is the name. 
No Shit Shambler. 
Hey Now 
no making fun of having relationships or being hungover. Sure, our patron saint HPL hardly if ever did either, but we can't all have that level of misanthropic puritanical virtue can we. 
Lol Shambler 
exit triggers is what counts, nothing more. 
Important Question 
is anyone else using a rune in their map? I have the episode 2 rune in mine, and it occurs to me that I don't think it spawns if you already have it... It's kind of important it does. 
if only a bear like me could attract a beautiful smooth skinned young lad to call my own... but no, I'm a hairy metal head guy with a penchant for tubby girls.

Ericw has offered to help me finish the map. So hopefully he'll be able to make something close to my vision of the map. Or hell, make it better. His Jam 1 map was short and sweet and my jam 2 map is similar. 
Rune Doesn't Matter 
There's no start map. 
Isn't There? 
I was expecting one. 
I Thought Sock 
was going to do a start map this time? I mean, why else does he want numbers?

I tidied up a couple of things for my jam map before passing it over to ericw. It's in his hands now and if he wants to mutate it away from my original vision that's cool.
There's actually something very exciting about handing over an unfinished map to someone and seeing what they do with it. The collab between ionous and mfx ended up being awesome for example. 
I Liked That 
working on someone elses base was more exciting then i had expected.

Felt more free to just build and extent the already existing pacing. It was cool.

And the fact that the .map i got from Ionous was very tidy and neat build. It compiled with no warnings or sth. Totally different to my maps:) 
That Should Be The T Heme Of The Next Jam? 
Yeah Pretty Excited 
thanks fifth for trusting me with your map, will try to produce a cool finished product :)

@sock, just to be clear, I won't be submitting a separate entry myself 
so far:

OTP (unconfirmed)

Anyone else?

There is no start map. Once I get all the maps I will test them, zip them, setup a screenshot and talk to spirit/negke for a QA release.

@Digs, that is a great shame, I was really looking forward to a wacky digs blue/white map 
Next Theme? 
How about one do the gameplay/blocking and the other the rest? Or something like a chainmap ...

* Sock, you forgot to put me in the list ;) 
Im Tempted To Do A Start Map 
just thinking aloud 
so far:

OTP (unconfirmed)

Anyone else?

@Mfx, no start map required, I suggest you spend time on your map entry instead, it looked awesome last screenshot I saw. 
I Liked The Idea Of A Start Map 
as was shown in that other community thing nobody wants to talk about anymore, such connecting start map is very immersive and..

8 entries? I�m freaking out.. 
Derp Its 9 
forgot socks. 
@sock: I do not like a jam2 style. And now I'm working on another map 
my map is "finished" as of a couple hours ago, but since there is some more time, I've had some testing and comments, so I will be doing tweaking and finish work tomorrow (monday) and send it in.

the jam must floooow! 
Oh bugger fifth that'll be you out of mapping for at least 6 months until the "new gf" excitement wears off.

Lun I'm sure you're crappy room will still be great. 
No, He Forgot A Comma 
Says the person who starts all his sentences lower case. 
+1 Spirit 
preached (praught?)

Final List (8 Entries) 

So I am aiming for a Friday release for this pack, the deadline is tomorrow, but if people really are short on time then Thursday is the last day. I plan to do all testing on Friday so any mistakes will need to be fixed then.

Check the following:

* Test your map, make sure it loads and you can complete it!
* Check your map with developer 1 on for falling items
* You MUST have 1 exit trigger pointing at start

I will also create the global screenshot this time before the release so it will help out other websites. If anyone has suggestions of what angle they want for their screenshot, let me know or send me a screenshot. 
I miss this jam

I started map for this Jam, but broke work on this, because there is no free time now. Maybe later I will complete it and I'll release separately (in the autumn). 
when it comes time to release the pack, please submit it as a news post, and don't also post the download link in this thread. Historically it seems people will post their replies in whatever thread they first saw the download URL. This results in the replies getting split between two threads. 
^ Seconded 
Just submit a normal news post. Ask that this thread be closed after it's a news post if you really want, but it's nice to have separate threads for pre- and post- release. Shouldn't have to ask people to wade through 400+ posts until the release discussion. 
I really liked it all together, it is so easy to lose track of threads here once they move off the front page. Having the whole event as one thread feels more complete to me, you see the start, the ideas, the screenshots, the buzz as time go past and then finally the pack is released with comments and demo's.

Why can't the jam threads be different? 
We can add a link from the news post to the discussion thread, that would link them for future visitors. 
+1 For Sock 
Thirded Metl 
I still prefer it as one entity, feels more complete to me, but if everyone wants it split, so be it. :/ 
The reason i prefer it split into two is that it makes a better news post that way. News posts are outward-facing, visitors to the site should see a title and description that talks about the pack release, what it is, and how to get it, not other stuff about rules, texture wad downloads, etc. I could edit the original thread to have just that information but then the older info is lost and that info provides context for all of the conversation during the jam.

Also the nature of the conversation changes after release, it's all about reactions and discussion of the final product, and like Scampie said, visitors wading through 400 posts to find the ones where people are actually having the conversation they want to have (about the final product) is an extra hurdle they don't need. 
For most/every mapping event there's always been a production thread and then a release thread. It's an interesting distinction. 
Fourded For Metlslime 
the main reason

Shouldn't have to ask people to wade through 400+ posts until the release discussion.

and Metlslime proposal sealed my vote

We can add a link from the news post to the discussion thread, that would link them for future visitors.

* Sock, OK. I'll send it to you tomorrow tuesday, but i will be working on it more as i plan to release a complete version later, so, if you are really going to check them on friday, i will try to send you an improved version on thursday. If i haven't sent one, just use the previous one with no worries. 
Personally I like it as one because all the information is there. Editing the top of the thread so that only the download link is left is perfect, the rest of the info/wads are worthless after the event.

No one wades through 400+ posts, they would use the last button on the front page, read the last 25 comments, download the pack and maybe come back and post a comment/demo. If someone is searching for something, there is the all page option and every modern browser has a page search function.

I know I am fighting a losing battle here because the admins say one thing and I say another but splitting the event diminished the response and interest this event generated in the first place. Seeing a huge thread gives the whole event and final pack weight and enthusiasm because it involved so much interest and discussion.

@Cocerello, sounds perfect, just email me your finished version tomorrow. 
It Seems Logical To Me That A Map Release 
Should be a news post. No harm in linking to the pre-release discussion thread from the sticky though 
Another Topic 
QbismSuper8 engine looks awesome

Its a shame my map crashes it after a while, but i�m getting it fixed. Maybe. 
your map looks sick!!! 
Yeah Holy Shit Dude 
looks great 
Y'all should check out various maps in Super8 (if you haven't yet); it's refreshing.

Visibility can be poorer and a little eye-strainy in darker maps. But on many maps it looks niiiice.

(Actually I should try its alternate palettes...) 
am I missing something? what is nice looking about that screenshot? 
My jam 1 map looked great in qbism, but my jam 2 map looks extremely horrendous for some reason. :p 
I Mean 
the architecture looks cool, of course

I thought we were talking about the engine 
I Don�t Get It Either.. 
Lightmap Issue 
okay so I've been using the latest tyr utils that I have for normal bsp format, but when I compile the map with coloured light I get some really bizarre fullbright patches all over the map which look like shit (confirmed this in RMQEngine, Fitz, and DarkPlaces). Anyone have any idea what might cause this?

Other than this glitch my map's basically done; I had to remove some parts of it and scale it back a bit, but now it has gameplay, even some secrets. If func_detail works as well as I hear then I'm sure I'll have it vised on time too. 
Try Using 
0-255 scale for your colours rather than 0-1 
Post A Screenshot 
some setups using delay and wait can cause the lights to go all weird. 
in my jam map I noticed in the dark places I was getting fullbright spots in almost all engines except fitz and requiem. The root cause is something to do with global minlights 
Really Cool Shot Mfx 
engine looks dumb in shot but idea sounds cool, will have to check that out! 
Construction/architecture looks awesome, but kind of looks like it's the building blocks but hasn't been textured yet. 
are we looking at the beginning of tuesday or the end of tuesday 
sock said he wants to test the maps and try and make the pack be released friday, so technically you might have some extra time, but tuesday is the actual real deadline 
yes, so, EOD tuesday? because it's tuesday right now. 
Anytime On Wednesday 
are we looking at the beginning of tuesday or the end of tuesday

At some point on Wednesday send me your final tested version. If you want to keep working on the map, send me any updates on Thursday.

@mfx, that engine works best with fine tuned palettes, it does not look good with default settings. Nice architecture, love the scale. 
that shot somehow looked in game better, the engines rendering is more than just being a still painting with palette illness:)
My map is being tested , i�m looking forward to mailing it this evening.

If nothing is terribly broke.. 
Fixed the lighting issue - getting rid of minlight (which was set to "4" anyway, so not even any noticable difference) removed the problem completely. Thanks for the tip on that.

My map's done now except for vising and possible gameplay tweaks. However my computer needs a new fan right now, so when I try vising it I get all these warnings; if anyone wants to volunteer to vis it, that would be greatly appreciated. It's in the latest tyrutils bsp(1) format with a lot of func_detail usage so it shouldn't take too long. Also if anyone wants to test it, that would be good too - I think it's basically ready to go but I'm definitely willing to do gameplay tweaks if, as seems par for the course with me, it turns out to be too hard (heh). Email if you're interested.

Two final shots: 
Nice underground architecture, and subtil colored light... good foggy effect btw :) 
Fuck Me. 
Some seriously good shots going on. Psyched guys. 
Very Nice Tronyn 
Heh, "subtle colored light"... just turns ikwhite to ikblue ingame. Definitely cool architecture, though. 
I am done. Will send you my map when I wake up sock and I make sure everything is in order with my fresh eyes.

I had to do one last thing thanks to this extended deadline...

DMSP2, in "deathmatch 1", works in jam2_scampie!

It sort of works in regular single player, but unfortunately the scripting can break easily and lock you into areas forever. I have no idea how I would fix this without hurting normal single player, sorry :_(

BUT Deathmatch 1 works! It's not the greatest DM map in the world, but I tossed in a ton of weapons and powerups, and redirected some teleporters and it's passable!

hehehee! TEXAN STYLE! 
It sort of works in regular single player

I meant, "regular DMSP2 single player" 
map map map map map 
love this shit! 
Deadline TODAY !!!! 
Missing - Cocerello, Mfx, Fifth/Eric
Received - Lunaran, Scampie, Skacky, Sock, Tronyn

Check the following:

* Test your map, make sure it loads and you can complete it!
* Check your map with developer 1 on for falling items
* You MUST have 1 exit trigger pointing at start

I will also create the global screenshot this time before the release so it will help out other websites. If anyone has suggestions of what angle they want for their screenshot, let me know or send me a screenshot. 
Map Sent 
excuse my late entry, a certain playtester was very clever and tried to break the map.
With some success, but it�s all fixed now. 
Ericw has the map and stuff. It's complete so he should get that to you 
Deadline TODAY !!!! 
Missing - Cocerello, Fifth/Eric
Received - Lunaran, Mfx, Scampie, Skacky, Sock, Tronyn

Still missing two maps, any news?

Here is some Finely cut pixels to keep the hype train going. If everything goes according to plan then it should be a Friday release.

Also everyone else remember, please RECORD A DEMO!!! 
Holy shit sock that looks amazing. 
Looks Great! 
The map is done. I stayed up until 2am yesterday doing but eric is the one with the file 
The FINAL Countdown! 
@Fifth, Its all good, I have spoken to Eric on TF, I will get the map shortly after he has done some final testing.

It seems it is all down to one mapper, cocerello!
Earth calling cocerello, please come in ... :P 
Almost There 
Sorry guys for noticing this late, i am focused on the map.

Had a last hour problem with the map: in five minutes of work thirty thousand more faces appeared. If i were to vis it now it would take a day.

I expect to have it in 30-60 more mins + what the full vis compiling takes. 
@Cocerello, thanks for letting me know. I just wanted to make sure everyone is almost finished or at a point where they can submit. Email me today when you have the zip file ready. Also remember to check your map with developer 1 and include source map and/or readme file.

So now that we all have final submitted maps, if anyone wants to do more over the next couple of days then map away. Send any updates to me by Friday morning and if what you send me works ok I will update the final zip.

All aboard the hype train, Friday release for Jam2! 
Do you have a startmap for this?
The Devils Work ... 
it seems you have idle hands, no start map required! 
The Reason The Son Of God Appeared Was To Destroy The Devil's Work. 
More Pictures ! 
Before the final release, could we get more pictures of the maps ?

I want a full erection to break down the walls ! 
Before the final release, could we get more pictures of the maps ?

Personally I would recommend everyone to resist, because there are loads of mind blowing vistas in this pack and it would be a great shame to spoil them. Only two days to wait ... 
AARRrrgh ! 
>Only two days to wait ...

I'll have to sustain my erection for two days !? I need a cock ring, NOW ! 
Ask CZG.... 
He'll have a spare one. You might have to clean it off a bit first (if you really want to). 
those cock rings don't work, just take some viagra. although it could be kind of offputting trying to play quake while your dick smacks you in the face. 
I Don't Want To Know How You Know That. 
Thi4f Has Plenty Of Cockrings 
If there are any runes in any other map, DO NOT ADD A START MAP 
This Is Really Important 
I added a secret because there was no start map 
Too Late Scampie.. 

I offically withdraw my map 
you can't change shit on the last fucking second like this. I will not have my map ruined by this. 
Progs To Fix This? 
Ok Ok 
no startmap, i regret my prank.. 
And No Runes 
yeah yeah 
Hi Scampie 
I used an Elder World rune in my map. I could change it to something else though, if that creates a problem.

I think a start map would be cool but whatever.

There's also something slightly amusing about the alliteration Scampie, Skacky, Sock. 
Scampie I Was Just Kiding 
cmon, don�t withdraw the map or such. Sorry if you got me wrong there.. 
Why The Hell 
Would runes be needed for a start map? 
You Can Take Them Over To Other Maps 
probably breaking progression triggered by a rune. 
So No Startmap 
no trouble 
Fifth: info_player_start2 is used when you have a rune. I have a secret that can be access through a trigger_changelevel that goes back to my own level.

This is ok because there is no start map, so the player loses all runes when changing map via console. I have asked about runes before and was informed there is no start map, so it was ok for me to do what I want.

But WITH a start map, I now have to worry if anyone else happened to use a rune just for giggles in their map and the player played their map before mine. 
sorry for being a stick in the mud about this, but I tried very hard to make my map as compatible as possible, and use a fun trick, and there's no other way I can do this and I don't want to remove it at the last second 
Cool Idea! 
But There's No Start Map, Right? 
if there is, I can just change the rune in my map to a rune-textured button.

also there's a good chance my map will be unvised (sorry everyone, I'll release an expanded and fullvised version later, but I worked on this up to the last minute and had to scale it back to finish on-time as it is). 
@Mfx, stop trolling this thread, I said no start map. Jams don't need them, the injector has a drop down menu and QS autocompletes. 
Well, Ok Then. 
Yeah, No Start Map, Keep Your Rune 
sock confirmed to me in irc

<sock> there is not going to be start map, I have said several times no, mfx is just bored
<sock> jams don't need start maps, QS autocompletes names anyway
whats the face count? Did you use detail brushes?

My map has 57k marksurfaces, but 80% of BW are detail, so its vised in 10 minutes. 
*just Bored* 
Oh I Used A Lot Of Detail Brushes 
Actually, if you want to have a look at the map and suggest some strategies for optimizing it, I'd appreciate it. It doesn't have to be now, it could be for the final version.

Sock was telling me Zendar (god I love that map) fully compiled in 15 minutes; lol. You guys have to realize how technically retarded I am when it comes to designing areas with long line of sight, though. I'm kind of surprised nsoe3 vised at all, especially back in 2008 before detail brushes or bsp2. 
Make Another Map 
That last one was directed to mfx.

Scampie, there is no runes in my map.

Tronyn, you can still send Sock an update of the map fully vised till friday. 
About Start Maps In General... 
I'm wondering if this could be done :

Suppose you have a nice start map with, says, 10 map entries (teleporters).

Then, is it possible to edit the start map with a text editor to change its maps association, so you could use you own favorite maps with it ?

That would be cool. We could have a set of "vanilla" generic start maps, duplicate them and change its maps entries according to personnal taste. 
Re: Cocerello 
oh I know, I have someone trying to vis it for me because my computer is wounded atm, but it seems very unlikely to finish on time.

Re: Barnak
That's definitely possible with an entities-only recompile. This would basically let people share playlists of maps. 
i did this in back in 96 with all the id1 base start maps to be played in sequence, Same with all other "themes" of maps. It was my quake then:).

So, yeah its possible.

@Tronyn, you can send me the map, i know someone with a fairly fast PC. Maybe he�s willing to help out. 
Re: About Start Maps... 
>That's definitely possible with an entities-only recompile.
> This would basically let people share playlists of maps.

Then I suggest a new jam style :

Mappers could create a set of independant start maps (beautifully crafted with complicated geometry and lots of details, no monsters except maybe a few dogs and secrets for weapons here and there). The start map has, say, 10 teleporters to a list of unspecified SP maps, defined in some text file. The user could then edit that text file with a text editor to link his favorite SP maps.

That jam style would give total freedom to the mapper : no gameplay to be tested, no monsters to setup (except maybe a few dogs...), no complicated game mechanics. Just pure geometry (architecture) and VERY STRONG atmosphere. 
But That Would Also Be Extremely Boring To Create And To Play 
Re: About Start Maps... 
Hmm, I may even be tempted to join the map creation process with this idea, without the need to do complicted gameplay mechanics and programation (I suck at this).

Just pure geometry and atmosphere to explore, select a difficulty level, then jump into a random teleporter...

Could a start map select a random map from your collection ? 
I Envy You, Mfx 
My map is still compiling right now, and will take a few more hours, even thought i reduced the thirty thousand extra faces to five thousand extra faces, fourty thousand in total.

I should learn to use detail brushes, and optimize the map too. 
Fifth's Map Submitted 
thanks again skacky, otp, scampie for testing.

In the end, Fifth did most of the actual map finishing yesterday. ;-) I think the result is pretty cool, excited to see all of the maps! 
Ericw Is Being Generous. 
If you saw the state of the map when I had given it to him then you'd see he put a shit-load of work into this map. The split of work was probably very close to 50/50 if you ask me. Yeah I did a lot of the main route of the map and the idea for the end fight but poured a ton of detail into this thing.

This map is 10 times better now than it would have been if I had done it on my own! 
After many hours of compiling, it is done and sent to Sock.

Now I am working on polishing it.

Here you have some screenshots to quench your thirst


Fixed The Links 
Are You Using -extra When Running Light? 
Extra4 and gate5, and checked the ''extra'' option on ''run RAD''.

But doesn't Worldcraft needs an external program like Necros Compiling GUI to run additional command parameters? I was searching for it, but the links on Necros webpage are dead. Then i forgot it, till today thanks to you.

And while i am on it, is there somewhere where they explain whats extra and extra4 and what it does? 
Suppose the shadows can't get much smoother then. (Still better than the coce2 shot.)

This is from the readme:

Calculate extra samples (2x2) and average the results for smoother shadows.

Calculate even more samples (4x4) and average the results for smoother shadows.
is enabled by default on some tools I think 
I knew that info already. I wanted something more deep, but thanks, anyway.

The lighting will be changed, but still you can expect to see things like that in the map, as i probably won't be able to fix them all.
It is at least better than this (already fixed): the warmer spot is from sunlight. The rest of the spots are from sunlight2 that multiplied itself on its own accord.

Those harsh shadows you point out are the result of trying to fake GI in rooms with lots of architectural elements and exits, and i have several rooms that are like that one.

* FifthElephant, i tested it again right now to be sure, checking the extra option works and gives a 2x2 sampling, but any compiling-related commands are ignored, so when i put extra4, it still compiles with normal extra (2x2). 
Last Minute Update Needed For Mine And Ericws Map. 
lighting is bugged in anything other than fitz... looks like global minlight is the devils work 
Pack Authors 

I now have a map from all the above authors and I can create a final zip. If anyone wants to do more updates then please send me a zip file. Please name your work "jam2_<your name>", I don't want to keep renaming stuff all the time.

I will build the final zip file tomorrow and it will ready for the weekend!
Thanks everyone, it is indeed an awesome jam pack! 
I Will Send An Update Later Tonight 
I have no time to do the fix. Basically just need to remove global minlight and re-tweak it a bit so it's not pitch black in some areas. 
I can check it out in a couple hours. Will come on #tf. 
I think the map might be OK.
I see black patches in the lightmap in Darkplaces.
Looks OK in Fitz 0.85, and a winquake varaiant I had handy (winwarp.exe).

Any other engines that don't work?

I'll try some more engines but it looks like the sse float bug, in which case DP needs a simple code change. And if it's that, I don't think compiling without minlight will help 
Problems arise in directq, quakespasm, requiem. Fullbright spots where it should be minlight 
That Sounds Like A Tool Problem To Me 
I Had A Similar Problem 
and removing global minlight fixed it 
Updating The Map 
Added a new area, tweaked many thing and optimized others, saved lots of clipnodes and marksurfaces, but raised the number of faces. I expect you'll like the changes, Sock.

It is compiling right now, so expect it tomorrow on friday morning. 
On Vis'ing Tronyn's Map 
I am the someone who was trying to vis Tronyn's map, but it was taking too long with the older version. Now Tronyn gave me a new version of the map and vis has made similar progress in a few minutes that took over 24 hours with the older version.

It's possible it could finish fairly quickly and not delay the release. Tronyn will be able to tell how it is progressing with the link I gave him, so he and Sock can decide whether to wait for it to finish or not.

For reference, I have an eight-core 2.40 GHz machine on this, and the changes to the map involve more func_detail usage. Tronyn could tell you more, I'm just donating some computer here.

Looks like it's just about 50% done in full vis phase as I write this actually. I'll update on its progress after a while. 
Oh wow, an eight-core. That would have come in handy for my coagula3 map... 
Yeah you gotta use func_details more. More than half of my architecture is func_detail and the map takes less than a minute to vis on level4. 
Progressing OK 
It's at 7.. after having spent almost two hours. I'll make sure it syncs properly to Dropbox after finishing, and Tronyn can take it from there. 
mfx took a look at it, and said to use more func_details. I had been using func_detail as a glorified func_wall, basically for details, but he was like "make the whole map func_details except bounding walls," I was like "that doesn't make any sense to me", muttering some dumb objection based on my meagre understanding of how vis works and he was like "it's magic, just do it," and voila, seems like he was right. So big thanks to Pekka and also to mfx for helping out on this. 
VIS Level 
It sounds like a build worth waiting for, we can delay the build for a while longer. I still want to release today, so lets see what it is like in 8 hours time. 
my map underwent some changes, after no start map was needed i was bored:)

I�m mailing you the updated files this afternoon, ok? 
** Update ** 
* tronyn/pekka inprogress vising his map
* cocerello currently vising his map
* mfx adding more crazy details
* I currently have 2 maps un-vised (tronyn/coce)

I would like to stress that everyone please check your maps before sending them to me. I will only test that I can fly to the exit trigger and that it loads correctly without missing art assets.

Cut off point for sending me updates, 2hrs from this post. I want to release the pack between 5-6pm euro time. 
Don't Forget 
To watch the jam premiere on Daz's stream. 
Ok Update Sent 
me ring is stingy innit 
Blue Jam 
I will only test that I can fly to the exit trigger

mine is an info_notnull that doesn't become a changelevel until you kill a bunch of bros FYI, but I tested it on three difficulties in two engines. 
Time To PACK! 
I am off to do some testing, building and packing!
Sorry Tronyn, Coce, times up no more map updates.

@Lun, yeah I have tested your map already :P 
ol' novis tronyn 
i withdraw my map in protest of tronyn's map not being vised. also gaza 
too late Lunaran

(ps fuck you) 
(pps, JAM) 
Jam The Ramones ! 
I'll play these maps nigthmare mode with The Ramones playing out loud, while having a full rock hard erection. Shablers and fiends, beware !

Be afraid, ... be Very afraid ! 
Too Late I Guess 
Vis finished just a couple of minutes ago. File is in the Dropbox folder. No idea why it spent so much time on the last dot, but I guess that can happen. 
....sending to sock.... 
By The Skin Of His Nose! 
Tronyn is busy testing as we speak, he has a fully VISED map!?! Keep calm while we give Tronyn some time to test.

Jam2 on hold for Tronyn Vis goodness! 
Its Amazing 
you should have put more detail in! 
Now, where's that Cocerello character!! All he needs to do is re-run light to generate a new .lit file. 
I'm almost expecting some giant denunciation of me to come from impatient players on here, but anyway it did finish, I just finished testing the vised version in 3 engines (it's fine, as expected same as the unvised version only faster, heh) and I'm sure everyone prefers waiting the extra little while over an unvised map. 
Level4 Vised And Sent 
Sock, add it to the pack, if you are waiting for Tronyn you can wait for me. Equality of rights now!

* Negke, i was busy with the compiling. In times like this, i hate even more the fact that if you click outside the compiling window in Hammer/WC that window freezes and you can't see the progress.
Never thought of that option, and fully vised it again. But i have tried to do some things similar to that before and it always game me errors, not lighting the map when the only thing i changed since the last compile was the speed of a door for example ... 
Holy Shit 
was the completion of the last jam this "by the skin of the teeth"?

congratulations Cocerello! 
Err, Or Nose 
Hello, Companion In Noses 
** Update ** 
Got two updates from Tronyn/cocerello
Testing, building and packing ...

Keep calm everyone and have a smoke break ... 
Keep Calm Everyone And Have A Smoke Break ... 
I don't smoke. But I fart a lot. 
You Could Light Your Farts 
And Make A Back Flamethrower For Quake With A Lighter 
take it to the Quakecon and cosplay in there.

By the way, having weapons shooting on the back reminds me of shot'em up games like Xenon 
Final Pack 
Can someone please add this to the top of the thread?

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Mirror, Readme
Map Pack Authors - cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn 
Wow, Everyone Included A .txt File But Me 
scampie wins for best .txt ascii title art 
How the hell you conceived such a map? It is completely unexpected for the theme.

You have to tell me from where you get the LSD. 
I Think That Should Be The Theme For The Next Map Jam, 
Make a r_drawflat map and twist it around. 
Many Interpretations Are Possible; 
make a map that seems to be melting; make a map in which the player realizes he is the brushes and the brushes are the player; make any kind of map you feel like making while you ARE on LSD; make a map that is outside of all rules and earthly concerns; etc. Too broad I guess!

This makes me want to go watch that video of the British army soldiers on LSD again, god that is awesome. 
This One? 
Whats The In The Source Folder About ? 
By The Mother Of All Fucking Quakes ! 
I quickly (so I could sustain my erection) played 6 maps in nightmare mode (full cheats ON). I didn't played Cocerello and Sock yet.

This jam is already of MUCH HIGHER quality than jam1 !
Geez you guys ROCK ! I'm jealous of your skills.

Or am I playing a whole new game ?

Dudes, don't EVER tell me that Quake1 is an old dead game !
I stongly have the impression that Quake1 enters a new golden age here.

Will 2014 stands for a resurrection of Quake ? (doh! How could it ? It was never dead).

Gez I'm impressed by these maps.

I especially liked Scampie and mfx maps, and I'll need to replay them in details, find all the secrets, etc. It will take weeks !

MFX, come on Bob, there's place for 1001 monsters in your map ! 
Screenshot For 
Map Jam 2

Congrats everyone who entered, another great map jam pack. 
Alphabetical Order In The Images Too Eh Sock? 
Even if it wasn't I'm sure I'd think the second-last shot was yours because of that "cliff-edge" thing you set up (like in your q3 map). Ever since I saw Heretic 2's Dm-Andoria and Cloudhub single player maps, I always thought there was hardly a cooler place for a map to be than the edge of a cliff.

All the shots look great, I'm impressed by the variety given how limited the texture set(s) are (and this was noted at the start too). 
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