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Map Jam 2 - Deadline 27th July
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a couple of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 27th July 2014
Theme - IKBlue + IKWhite inspired maps

Guidelines for Map JamTextures Wads + Map Prefabs

UPDATE: Released! news thread is here.
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Its Amazing 
you should have put more detail in! 
Now, where's that Cocerello character!! All he needs to do is re-run light to generate a new .lit file. 
I'm almost expecting some giant denunciation of me to come from impatient players on here, but anyway it did finish, I just finished testing the vised version in 3 engines (it's fine, as expected same as the unvised version only faster, heh) and I'm sure everyone prefers waiting the extra little while over an unvised map. 
Level4 Vised And Sent 
Sock, add it to the pack, if you are waiting for Tronyn you can wait for me. Equality of rights now!

* Negke, i was busy with the compiling. In times like this, i hate even more the fact that if you click outside the compiling window in Hammer/WC that window freezes and you can't see the progress.
Never thought of that option, and fully vised it again. But i have tried to do some things similar to that before and it always game me errors, not lighting the map when the only thing i changed since the last compile was the speed of a door for example ... 
Holy Shit 
was the completion of the last jam this "by the skin of the teeth"?

congratulations Cocerello! 
Err, Or Nose 
Hello, Companion In Noses 
** Update ** 
Got two updates from Tronyn/cocerello
Testing, building and packing ...

Keep calm everyone and have a smoke break ... 
Keep Calm Everyone And Have A Smoke Break ... 
I don't smoke. But I fart a lot. 
You Could Light Your Farts 
And Make A Back Flamethrower For Quake With A Lighter 
take it to the Quakecon and cosplay in there.

By the way, having weapons shooting on the back reminds me of shot'em up games like Xenon 
Final Pack 
Can someone please add this to the top of the thread?

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Mirror, Readme
Map Pack Authors - cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn 
Wow, Everyone Included A .txt File But Me 
scampie wins for best .txt ascii title art 
How the hell you conceived such a map? It is completely unexpected for the theme.

You have to tell me from where you get the LSD. 
I Think That Should Be The Theme For The Next Map Jam, 
Make a r_drawflat map and twist it around. 
Many Interpretations Are Possible; 
make a map that seems to be melting; make a map in which the player realizes he is the brushes and the brushes are the player; make any kind of map you feel like making while you ARE on LSD; make a map that is outside of all rules and earthly concerns; etc. Too broad I guess!

This makes me want to go watch that video of the British army soldiers on LSD again, god that is awesome. 
This One? 
Whats The In The Source Folder About ? 
By The Mother Of All Fucking Quakes ! 
I quickly (so I could sustain my erection) played 6 maps in nightmare mode (full cheats ON). I didn't played Cocerello and Sock yet.

This jam is already of MUCH HIGHER quality than jam1 !
Geez you guys ROCK ! I'm jealous of your skills.

Or am I playing a whole new game ?

Dudes, don't EVER tell me that Quake1 is an old dead game !
I stongly have the impression that Quake1 enters a new golden age here.

Will 2014 stands for a resurrection of Quake ? (doh! How could it ? It was never dead).

Gez I'm impressed by these maps.

I especially liked Scampie and mfx maps, and I'll need to replay them in details, find all the secrets, etc. It will take weeks !

MFX, come on Bob, there's place for 1001 monsters in your map ! 
Screenshot For 
Map Jam 2

Congrats everyone who entered, another great map jam pack. 
Alphabetical Order In The Images Too Eh Sock? 
Even if it wasn't I'm sure I'd think the second-last shot was yours because of that "cliff-edge" thing you set up (like in your q3 map). Ever since I saw Heretic 2's Dm-Andoria and Cloudhub single player maps, I always thought there was hardly a cooler place for a map to be than the edge of a cliff.

All the shots look great, I'm impressed by the variety given how limited the texture set(s) are (and this was noted at the start too). 
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