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Map Jam 2 - Deadline 27th July
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a couple of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 27th July 2014
Theme - IKBlue + IKWhite inspired maps

Guidelines for Map JamTextures Wads + Map Prefabs

UPDATE: Released! news thread is here.
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Sock I Need Inspiration. 
Well, I was planning to do a map of some kind if there was another Map Jam, but I'm not a big fan of those textures. I guess I'll wait for the next one - probably wouldn't have had time anyway. 
Also For Arabian Palace-type Stuff, Don't Forget About 
Try working with them? Maybe they'll grow on you? If not, at least you'll have a head start on a new map. 
Yes and I still need to finish that map. My jam map will be an original map though. 
Those included prefabs are so good! 
Take into account that �t doesn't have to be muslim architecture or even only arab. Ik textures are good for many other architectural styles. ?Rick, you too take this into account. You can find a style that you like with those textures and enjoy mapping with them. 
Anyone Here Know Some Good Skyboxes? 
I Thought The Point Of Ikka Style 
was going arabian?

I find the arabian style really pretty to look at IRL but I dunno if I like it in quake. To me the blue set was always this kind of eldritch/eldar world motif.

Who was it that had the incredible white map a while back?

Ahh that's it, Skacky with this beautiful number - 
Yeah my main inspiration for my IKWhite map is Indian, mostly the Taj Mahal and other monuments. Indian architecture is rather close to Persian. 
never been a fan of ikwhite, it's too bland and lacking in contrast. even for a crisp white theme it just comes out look awkwardly dirty white, instead of like a bright sparkling palace. however the combination of ikblue might give it the contrast it needs, so this could work :) 
DMSP Mod Support ! 
Guys, for your jam2 maps, may I suggest, **very humbly**, to support the DMSP mod ? This would rise the replayability a lot.

Try the jam1_sock map with DMSP, in nightmare mode. It's like shaving your pubic hair with a chainsaw ! 
You don't just "add DMSP support". You'd have to add proper DM settings which is another layer of complication when designing with a deadline. 
Working 60 - 70 A Week For The Entire Month 
There's no way I'm finishing anything.

So naturally, tonight after work, I started laying brushes.

I'm still doubtful...but we'll see. 
Looks like I will have to give this one a shot. Not particularly in love with the textures, but I'm sure I can get over it. Will be going back home soon, so will be able to use my MAPPING PC again. I don't even have a mouse with me at the moment, so I can't even use TrenchBroom.

Maybe we could tone down IKWhite a bit and make the colours closer to DE_DUST counterstrike map.

Sock: are we allowed to tweak textures etc. for our maps, or do we have to use the stock ones? 
Yup I Agree. 
<- 00rTSTi.png 
My map works in DMSP because I actually put some DM spawn points in my map. I wasn't really accounting for DMSP though so the map is technically broken in DMSP because all the monsters spawn angry from the start (thus ruining the final battle in the map because all the monsters run away from their teleporting spots).
I dunno about full blown support for it but if people add some DM points then it would still work ok. 
Great Ionous. If I were to give one suggestion though, is make it slightly less tight. just a bit. It was difficult to manoeuvre in your mj1 map and easy to bump into things. 
Map Jam 3 
you have to make your map entirely using a text editor. 
Everyone please check the readme file I have posted at the top of the thread. I know everyone (including myself) hates reading readme files, but it contains reference links to most IK theme maps.

Download and play the IK series and then tell me that THIS does not get your elder world juices flowing! :)

I get the impression that people are missing the point of map jams, its about making a map within a specific time frame and releasing it! End of story, no going back, next project!

Map jams are not a competition they are an event which is designed to stop people procrastinating and spending months/years polishing one map when they could be releasing more. They are about pushing mappers to try different styles, themes, gameplay and layouts.

The ikblue/white textures may look plain but not everything has to be broken, highly details and colour busy. Minimal textures showcase what can be achieved with architectural shape and form. Plain textures can be brought to life with subtle coloured lighting which creates extra tension and atmosphere to rooms.

I highly recommend everyone check out Arabic, Indian and Asian architecture. Step outside your normal brick/idtech comfort zone and try to create something different. The texture pack does include a variety of different texture types (rock, marble, stone) that can be used in many different ways.

are we allowed to tweak textures etc. for our maps, or do we have to use the stock ones?

If you start changing the base colour of the textures then you will lose the theme. I suggest trying coloured lighting to accent the textures. There are also two base colours which can be used to alternate between areas and you can still add more textures if you want.

One thing that shocked me about Map Jam 1 was how few people actually used coloured lighting. People here are quick to scream purist and complain about disco lighting in Quake but very few take the time to play with it. If you need example, please check my source map file. 
More Map Inspiration 
Tronyn's awesome Desert Dusk maps might fit the Arabian theme too btw... been so long since I played them:

Also A3 was not really arabian, but I am reminded of it somewhat. Classic map too. 
A3 was competent but uninspiring.

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