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New Quake Map: Tower Of Dal Gurak
here is a new map its remake of Blade of Darkness' level Tower of Dal Gurak special thanks to Kinn as author of Marcher Fortress I have used Marcher's contents in my map (progs.dat, mdls, ents, sounds). Aguirre for glquake and compile tools, sielwolf for beta testing, and RickyT23 for beta testing.

the map 7z:


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nah, i think you did right releasing it as a pak and the custom pal is just like idgamma with a bit more contrast - its not an issue (whoever dislikes it - just delete it from the pak) 
It's an ok map, and for a first release it's indeed good. The palette shift put me off (I played at gamma 0.9) but I got over it (that doesn't mean it's not an issue - you can't always blame the player for not liking something...) I hereby threaten to make more demos if nobody else does. Where is Sielwolf, by the way? Holiday?

Spy, it seems clear that you wanted to do something grand for your first release, and it came out OK. I think the basic brushwork, layout etc is pretty good. I have to surprisingly agree with Spirit about the lighting and monster/item placement, which is a bit on the simple side. The brightness/pal shift isn't so good for the textures I think, it makes them look a bit washed out. Nothing that can't be fixed in your next map though.

I liked the part where the bars close behind you (I normally hate that, but in this case there were enough options to handle it.) You can see it in my demo, the part right before the SNG. You used enough different monster types there, bombarding ogres, stairs, infighting, goodness. Spirit is right about the hordes of knights though, those combats weren't too exciting. I also liked the fight at the bell tower after you press the button.

What is this? Normally I do the whining?!

Played It 
Definitely enjoyed it. The massive scale of the map would make sense why it exceeds Quake's limits. Brushwork was really good, especially the terrain rocks.

Gameplay was well balanced. Although there may have been to much monster spawning in front of you, I don't think it ruins the experience.

The lighting was pretty convincing I thought. Well done.

The custom Quake palette was fine, although I wouldn't use it all the time. But for a once through, it was okay.

Very nice work spy. I hope to see more maps from you in the future. 
i�m 400 km from home but i can�t wait to get home to play this :)

spy all maps are good nobody pay us to map so... i think if we like what e�ve done it�s more then enought :)

my maps aren�t top but for the short time that i have to map i think they are pretty cool to play ;)

i will record a demo when i return ;) 
Hey, I'd play it if it wasn't restricted to an engine that I can't run. *shrug* 
i couldn't sleep last night since you didn't
like my map :) joke

>A good effort but way not in the league of its spiritual grandparents.

i know its not ideal, but nobody told its the best map in the world

today i would make the map different (but almost the whole map was made long time ago, i couldn't rebuild it)

honestly i'm sick of tired of this map
and i'm glad i finally release it

if you'd see it when i've asked to beta test it
you'd like it even less :) 
>Hey, I'd play it if it wasn't restricted to an engine that I can't run.

i'm really sorry 
Don't Take Me Too Serious 
I am a bit ill-tempered at the moment. 
"i'm really sorry"

Don't be sorry if you have a good, solid reason for requiring a specific engine. If it's laziness or something else then yes, be sorry. 
yes i had a reason 
This is not a dig, but more a question:

Do you have access to a Win32/64 platform? The thing is you see that its 2008, and I dont know about anyone else here but I've got PC's coming out of my ears. They are simply everywhere I look. Fuck there are three in my tiny house, four at work, loads at college, all my freinds have them etc etc...

Yu must have access to a Windows toting PC!?!? 
Better Yet 
Doesn't Leopard have something called Bootcamp or Parallels that allow you to run Windows in Mac OSX? Maybe Wine. You have choices either way. 
Some ppl only have 1 PC at home, can't play Quake at work, or choose to install something else on all their PCs. Or they live in some African country, or at MIT, or whatever...


I know I prefer playing Quake in my familiar environment. Sure I could go and ask the neighbors if they mind me installing a warezed killergame on their virused, bugged, unreliable winXP machine.

Where I live, they'd call the police, and the cops would want to see my Id.

I admit I didn't use AguirRe's engine either, I hacked Tyrquake a long time ago and turned it into a superslut that takes most everything that's thrown at it, even in software. I have no idea if it compiles on MacOS though. Want to try it Willem?

Just to open another front, Wine runs on MacOSX. :-E HA! 
OS Racism For The Win 
Note that aguirRe's Quake runs fairly unstable and buggy with Wine. For Linux, Darkplaces is the way to go for excessive maps. It seems Mac users (there's only one anyway?) either have to hack an existing Mac engine or wait for the new version of Fitzquake. 
It was a simple comment. Not looking to start another tiresome OS flamewar guys. Carry on! 
I don't have 3d accel, and I don't want things falling out of maps etc, plus what you already said neg!ke, so it looks like homebrew for me. :-) 
Wait What? 
3d accel? how is that possible 
I'm interested in this modified tyrquake. DP runs this map superslow. \: 
GL renderer doesn't work atm (some things need wrapping up), could be fixed quickly if there is interest.

software x11 binary (hope this works):


let's take this elsewhere (General Abuse) plz kthx 
Darkplaces Runs Fine 
for me works dp fine. speed is the same as in marcher fortress. no problem...and i have a bit old pc - gf6600gt/athlon xp 2.8 ghz. looks much better with dp, the only problem are the black squares that appear inside the granade explosions. have you anybody found out how to get rid off them? btw...great level :-) 
>black squares that appear inside the granade explosions

dps' bug ? 
Blackish Something 
yeah... i know it sounds strange :) but it's hard to describe it. it appears only for a moment when granade or rocket explodes. the same "bug" is in marcher fortress as well. kinn used some extra sprite for explosions (for me it looks similiar to explosion in older but still good game return to castle wolfenstein). and dp can't handle it. 
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