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New Quake Map: Tower Of Dal Gurak
here is a new map its remake of Blade of Darkness' level Tower of Dal Gurak special thanks to Kinn as author of Marcher Fortress I have used Marcher's contents in my map (progs.dat, mdls, ents, sounds). Aguirre for glquake and compile tools, sielwolf for beta testing, and RickyT23 for beta testing.

the map 7z:


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Of Course 
I havent played the map in a while, so nostalgia may be making it out to be better than it actually was :) 
I'm positive that nostalgia is playing a role here. :) 
Played Through 
I played through. This was a fun map, huge and with some challenge on skill 2. There were no unfiar sections and supplies were ample enough. Using infighting helps as well.

Some of the textures were a bit ugly but other areas looked fine with the Q3 choices.

I did get stumped by the frozen monsters so I did get an easy preview. Once I set -developer 0, it ran fine.

I got all 8 secrets but one was a bit tricky. Some you easily tripped over, others needed some searching - all were fair.

Good map and I hope you make more. 
>Some of the textures were a bit ugly ...

which one? 
Played This Yesterday.. 
it felt a bit like a supersized speedmap. obviously it couldn't have been made in the same kind of timescale but it had a bit of a 'quantity over quality' feel about it all the same..

the gameplay just seemed to be horde after horde of samey gameplay; there was always shitloads of room to move about in so it was rarely ever a challenge, except for the end battle and when i practically ran out of ammo on the shamblers near the start. then there was the layout.. despite it being one of the biggest maps i've ever seen it only took me ~25 mins to complete (marcher was over twice that, warpc 4x), since it was pretty much just a linear run'n'gun with no exploration or backtracking, and nowhere requiring hesitant gameplay..

still, it wasn't BAD by any means. it was fun enough for a quick blast; some of the designs were cool (if simple) and the impressive scale was nicely pulled off. i just probably wouldn't have spent three years making it :P 
finally had time to play the map properly!!!


i think is bloody ownsome, scale of map is very good and the use of the textures was pretty good for the size of the map with a good layout.


to many hordes and few amo and spawns in your face suck a lot... better guns early would make game play much fun... the few amo and small guns made game play slow and bored! in both demo 1st run and 2 run died because of no amo... :( and when we died because of no amo is terrible :\

p.s�� I think you have lots of potential hope to see more from you ;) and next time make a smaller map ;)

thks for the fun map my friend more please!!! 
I eventually played with Winquake, fun blast from the past. Map was fun, I've got no complaints apart from monsters spawning in my face. The end bloodbath was better done than I expected. The bell tower was terrifying!

BTW, Mike, thanks for the tip, going to 800x600 does indeed fix that error but GLquake crashes when I try 'map bod' afterwards. No error message. Hmmm. 
Do You 
have some information about the crash, address, registers, Dr.Watson report or similar? Or is it a system lockup? 
I didn't find (dunno if they were available) any rocket launchers or lightning guns which I believe would have spiced things up a little bit - now it got a little repetitive after a while.

Took me a bit under 20 mins. I died once by falling into lava and then a few times when those three Shamblers spawned right in front of you (I saved in a bad position and almost made it impossible to continue). 
Quite Decent 
scale is impressive, brushwork gets a bit repetitive and plain but its fun even though it doesnt go much beyond horde combat.

There was a bug with monsters sometimes spawning right in front of you, sometimes right in your face.

Nice start. 
>There was a bug with monsters sometimes spawning right in front of you, sometimes right in your face.

it was done with purpose (ie an ogre)

maybe it was bad idea 
I dont think its a good idea, better gameplay options available than that.

also, I forgot to mention that I was glad to see kinn's baddies again, they should be included as part of quoth IMHO, very good fit into regular quake. 
if i remember correctly the rl and lg available
on skill 0,1 
Maybe so, but if they were hidden I missed them. I really don't look for secrets.

Btw, why aguirRe's GLQuake doesn't allow you to change resolution in game? I'm too lazy to bother myself with command line parameters so I ended up playing the map in 640x480.

Also, always include installation instructions in the txt since people who are playing their first Quake maps have no idea how to launch maps especially when they're in pak files. I also noticed that "game" command doesn't work in-game in GLQuake like it does in FitzQuake. 
you should create a batch file with something like a (glquake -heapsize 65536 -game bod -noserial -nojoy -noipx -nocdaudio -width 1280 -height 1024 -bpp 32) cmd line 
Oldschool fun.

The horde combat did get a bit repetative; a bit more chaos could have helped - more infighting, maybe giving the RL / LG on higher difficulties and throwing some of the other enemy types in - the spawn would have worked well to shit the player up and add some good infighting moments.

I was a bit let down not to see more of the shufflers as well - especially the brown berserker version, though I'm not sure if that's Bastion progs only.

The second half of the map was better for me, since the hordes were less because of the smaller areas.

I had the same developer bug as well, since all my autoexec's have it in, with the engine defaulting to id1 autoexec if there is none.

Luckily I checked here right after the first bridge / knight ambush so didn't lose much. 
Here is my demo - just up to the point when I got bored:

This map is a great effort with it's scale. It looked good in places with grand design. Had also a nice fight with fiends on a walkway. 
Slight Offtopic - Mac Engines 
I mean Mac users cant play it. But Mac users cant play Warp either.

I would like to dispel this rumor, as it is not true. Darkplaces runs on mac just fine, at least for me. Darkplaces runs warpspasm and this map.

The only caveat I should mention is that it looks like the latest darkplaces releases don't have a mac binary, I had to go back to the feb 22 08 release to find one. 
Architecture's above average, but texturing and lighting fails. Combat's not much fun either. Still, a promising start. It'd have helped if the map was a little smaller in the first place. Here's my run: 
Replayed This One Again Today!!! 
And it seems much more balance.

but died near the end!

if spy want to give a look... or not...

Thanks For The Demo Trinca 
you were so close ;) 
the space is very tight :( and i didn�t go to the other side of map becouse i forget :| lol

i will replay it again in next weekend... i will finish this bastard on hard! 
the end of my game is Dal Gurak not Abyss. What should I do 
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