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New Q1SP: Gravey Trail By Madfox
Rinie 'Madfox' Brouwers makes his Quake mapping debut with Gravey Trail, a single player level that also functions in deathmatch mode. He describes it as a "medieval Castle, inspired by e2m4 Ebon Fortress."

So far the map is only available from fileplanet as a 637k .rar file:

(thanks aguirRe)
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Greenhorn Chicken Hopper 
On Zevon's last record, there's a line in "Rub Me Raw" that's "... to all you greenhorn chicken hoppers, find yourself a trade, or go back to the chatrooms and fade in the shade."
Just FYI 
Didn't You Like The Music...? 
raw deal

exploding plastics 
refferring to post #141 I only see names, who seem to want beta-testing....

then this crazy dude wants my radio station favorite.....(?!)

Come on, there. Give me sense of purpose.
Or should I join Shambler, and admit Quake1 is dead? 
Ohh. You Mean Beta-testing 
I'll do it if you like. Upload to You should probably write up a questionaire of the aspects you are testing for as well. 
Oh, You Mean That Rar File 
If you zip it up and send it, I'll do it -- but I don't use the rar format. I have an archive interperter I found on ZDnet but I hate its interface too much to bother reinstalling it. 
I've took it off my system a some time ago, but that sounds right. 
I Wasn't Sure 
if I still had the executable archived or not, but apparently the answer is not since I can't find it. So for accuracy sake #154 should read 'I use to have'. 
What's Up? 
If you knew how many time I spend making & sending this pack to the internet, you wouldn't
wonder if your compression programm is outdated.

Zip files were rejected on the ftp, that's why I couldn't use them. So I used winrar.

Looks we are talking about beta testing compression files here. 
I Meant... 
I can send them by email, HeadThump
as I actually did to Scampie and Necros. 
I Found The Thread 
:) The interconnection in the map is fun as hell -- though the first time I played it last Sunday, I got really lost because I did not see how the outpost window in one portion connected to a higher area. 
The Quad Damage 
by the func_train is wasted in that position unless you throw in a few fights while riding it to heft that sucker into high gear.

Personally I like the tight corridors, though they need some design variation; I'd suggest studying the Quake2 corridors, it should give you an idea how tightly spaced areas can be made to look more decorative and functional. I like the rooms themselves because most are oddly shaped -- interesting how your rooms tend to butt up against one another at odd angles and levels.

The best thing about the level is how intricate it is; the lay out surprises the hell out of me after the first time I gave it a go and got lost.

BTW -- does the title refer to Leon? If so, he is the real intellectual father of the American Conservative movement -- if you are curious, look up the name James Burnham sometime, and the connections may surprise you. 
Quit curious.
Since there has been so much time delay, I suppose we are talking about the level Quatrotski. Yes???
If so, I can start re intrepret your answer.
For now I am a little entangled by your answer.

Quatrotski is the name of a dwarf with spectacles, and has no political meaning afterall.

Why do I send Scampie & Necros betalevels, if they can't find the time to even answer? 
I'm A Slow Learner ;-) 
You are quite correct that this is an old school map -- kind of Scourge of Amagon in its visual appeareance, great playing levels whose brushwork was more fuctional than aesthetically appealing compared to Id's original Quake levels.

You can do a few things to make the route a little more identifiable, like the ramped window port I mentioned where you see the base soldiers and a button. I would sugest lowering part of the upper platform so the player notices its purpose right off.

I didn't notice it in the editor when I pulled the map up to inspect, but then again I was looking for brush related errors. It may be just me that I didn't see it before playing it a second time so if those guys could weigh in . . .

I can't speak for them, but I had a tight schedule last week. You saw me sniping with Wrath (thanks Wrath, that helped me keep alert), but while that was happening I was busy designing a pair of tats which netted me several hundred dollars Saturday.

And, though politics can be interesting at times, its ultimately bad for you, and bad for me. I burned out of it back in college. 
I'd Just Like To... 
Wish this thread a happy birthday. 
is the map still in beta? 
Well Happy Birthday! 
From the unhappy land (for the day :( ) of Carolina. I'm often asked why there is a North and a South Carolina; the split came in colonial times when all the legislative delegates South of the city of Charlotte wanted to pass a law that would allow you to marry your first cousin. Those to the north were steadfast against the idea, and thus there was a split.

Okay, so I steal everything from the Simpsons . . . So sue me; uhm, I didn't mean that Fox! D'oh. 
shut up you ape. 
He He 
I'm wearing my raybans -- and having them on I'm too cool to let anything phaze me. All right, I have them on to hide all the cryin' I did last night. A freakin' out of bonds punt return!! Kasey how could you? 
someone should change the topic to "Old Q1SP" because i keep getting fooled into thinking there really is a new release! :P 
I don't think the current map is part of MadFox's Gravey Trail release. It is a single map called Quatrotski. He decided to use this post to continue the discussion. 
I Know 
i was just kidding around :P 
this is the "madfox has something new to say" thread. Whenever he has something new to say, he posts it here, regardless of the subject. 
mostly, i find it amusing that the thread is so old. this must be the oldest news thread on func_ still in use, and it probably has good competition in the old qmap for the same title. :P 
there are some interesting old flame wars in the archives we can dredge up for a good time. Eh, nah. I'd like to finally get this map finished and move on to other projects. 
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