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New Q1SP: Gravey Trail By Madfox
Rinie 'Madfox' Brouwers makes his Quake mapping debut with Gravey Trail, a single player level that also functions in deathmatch mode. He describes it as a "medieval Castle, inspired by e2m4 Ebon Fortress."

So far the map is only available from fileplanet as a 637k .rar file:

(thanks aguirRe)
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Victim Of Knowoneness 
I would like to thank you all for your patience.
It was februari 2003 I decided to send a pack of 18 Quake1 maps to this section.
Then UnderworldFan ak me to wait and make them better, let them beta tested by people on this board and all.
Suddenly I came between a bunch of hillirous idiots, who thought it a good job to wrench up this intention.
I am quiet sorry. I never knew people could be so hartless to mute once enthousiasme into the shape this toppic has become.
People ask which radiostation I like. People decide to use their name as betatester and suddenly I find my posts ruined.

It was just a sincear comment to lend you a Quake1 event. But finnally it has become a point of useless cries.
I hope I did not hurt anyone, who liked to give comment on my tryings.

I wish you a happy birthday Xen, I don't think you ever have wondered that this toppic was about a sequel of 24.
So now I am still in beta state Starbuck.

I never had expected the func_board could be used to nihiliate someones tryings.
But I hope you have a good party of American Football.

Thanx to all who gave me good advice, it was worth trying.
I think I end this toppic here.

Great Fun to you all 
Er --- 
I thought what you said was a bit odd -- but then I took a look at my last post, and I see what you mean as what I wrote could stand some clarification.

'I'd like to finally get this map finished and move on to other projects.'

That was in reference to my turtle map which I have been labouring on for the greater part of a month. The development has been quite slow. The other projects refer to Tronyn's new project which I have a map idea (based upon the ruins of Angkor which I'm impatient with myself to get to). I wasn't refering to Quatrotski which you have my support on as long as you need. 
Is There Anyone Out There? 
All right, let's try it again.
I hope you realize the name of this toppic ought to be - A New Q1 Mod - because it are actually 24 maps.

Don't let me be a zombie, and explain I had the intention of letting people beta test these levels on this beautifull board.
But before I could start a beta, I was asked for my favorite music station. And yes, I like 9#nails a lot, but I could never promote my radio to make it their favorite tune.

So let me just go on, and offer you the second map, as sending it to people and remind them again only leads me for an "Are You Waiting For Christmass?"

The second map is Quatrotski, and is packed in the awfull *.rar archive.
But as I explained it before above, I won't even argue about it again. I am just a freak with 5Mb Webspace and that's all there is...
Have a nice try, and bark up your commands,
or just let me woe like an unmortal!

And don't take the changelevel, because your computer will get haunting for the mod!!! 
i found a new map at the bottom of this thread 
Or It Was 
the bottom (no pun intended) til i posted that 
Madfox: It wouldn't kill you to start a new thread from time to time... 
I wouldn't encourage that; new threads are for discussion. Although it would probably be better if he posted this in the Screenshots/Beta thread. 
fuck this thread!
madfox go awaey to screenshots/beta thread!!! damn you to hell bastard!!!! 
Shut Up And Play! 
...and then you tell me to go to mapping help
don't you see how much you crosstalk eachother?

reason why this board is not as beautifull as it could.

and Vondur, you may call me that after playing
the level 
It may help the betatesters if you wrote out a questionaire for those who play the levels.

1) Overall impression? Fun, tedious, or just okay?
2) If you answered tedious, could you specify the areas or encounters that annoyed you?
3) if you found it to be 'just okay' what would you recommend to spice it up?
4) Were the textures correctly used? What did you think about the textures aesthetically speaking? Did they match up well? Did they contribute to the level in terms of mood and did they help make the brush work look convincing?
5) On a technical level did you find any misaligned textures? Or poorly scaled textures?
6) Were the entities set up competently? Any lip over hang in the platforms or doors that should not be there? Monsters facing in the correct directions to notice the player, or are they doing interesting things, like walk patterns?
7) How was the layout? Too simplistic? Overly complicated and fustrating? Or done competently enough to help sustain your interest in the level?

This sort of list could be helpfull in pointing out things you may have over looked. 
Uhh Got Me Going' 
You did so excellently I could hardly make a better try. I will be glad if people would react in terms of that seven Notes you just wrote.
If not my intention for making these levels would lie in that way of that treatment.
As a matter of fact their just the tryings of how far I could go with the Editor, and not so the perfekt shape they could behave.
I am not relativating the great maps one could make, only the almost adventitious way they arise.

When I let people betatest them it is more a question if they could follow the path I tried in one of the irrealistic imaginations.
And if they answer it will surely be the things they felt most striking.

there are a lot of things in them that are just results of crunching with that magic polyhedron.
Often there are things that I even can't change,or the compiler would give an error.

But in fact every rection is usefull! 
Cool Map ! 
good points:
-it rocks, it has everything Quake has
to offer,loved the tense combat;also
the environment is great with the water
sections,the platform part, the jumping
puzzles,the secrets and boredom
-theres much exploration, and i love
that kind of map
not so good points:)
-there is far too less ammo, especially
for the Sg,i dont mind having only the
weaker weapons,but atleast enough shells pls !
(played on nightmare)
-right at the start and later on there is a
mix of base/med enemies, thats always weird,
use more fiends then instead :]
-the texturing is a bit bland sometimes,
but the gameplay is there so personally
its ok with me :)

Great map Madfox, looking forward to the
next one ! 
You're A Warrior I Didn't Count On 
Thanks for your answer, I never play Nightmare mode. At least not yet.

May be the reason you run out ammunition.
But if I put more ammu in it, there would be to much for the normal Skill settings.
If there was a way to put in ammunition, specially for Nightmare, I would do so.

The only thing that bothers me in this map,
is the fact the respawn of the Shambler on top of the Castle does'n't make it hostile, because the distance is too long.
I try to put it closer, but it doesn't work.

I never concerned the types of monsters, I just place them.
I wonder what you would think of The Orb.
It is in the original pak file, still to come.

Maybe the textures are flat, I don't know.
I just intended to keep the old Thred ones.
The ones I see today are so sophisticated, they make me feel Quake2 or further.
And my tendings belong to the Antiques.

Thanks for your reply, it makes it worthwhile! 
The Lack Of Ammo Makes The Shambler Very Hostile 
The only way for me to take out the
shambler was to take the Penta,jump
into the water and put all my nails
into him,then run around to get more
and kill the rest; the lack of ammo
made it very tense,was very fun :)

Maybe it would be cool to place base
enemies only in the basement,it could
look as if the humans backtracked
Its always strange to be attacked by a
knight and a grunt at once lol
Thanks again ! 
there is a way a have items only show up in specific skills levels. you use the spawnflags for that, but most editors have checkboxes for that. 
Shambler's Respawn 
The harnesh awakes the Shambler, and so the Squad near the lift makes its turn for the lack of ammunition.

I aint got the spawnflags for Nightmare, although Quake made my worst nightmares come through...even my checkboxes provide only easy, normal and hard. 
that's becuase there are no spawnflags for Nightmare, that setting only effects monster reactions and such. 
I Can Always Send You Betamaps? 
Shall I send you maps from my Nightmare
or shall I box my skill settings cheques 
Madfox..�re welcome to send me maps
to test,thanks for the offer ! 
No Fool, No Fun! 
OnePair is on its way.
Have fun with it! 
Got The Map.. 
..and will play it asap, hope i might lay the
trusty axe to rest this time.
So Where Are The Betatesters? 
so no betatesters anymore for post #177
then I will submit a new map!

surprised SielWolf, how you managed to download bonus.bsp after I already had changed the file! 
For Your Stamps Only... 
Last But Not Least 
revieuwed the gameplay and skill settings, and scaled the level up to 3/2.

Maybe someone can look if it was worthwhile... 
Well This Is The Third 
time I play through this map and the basic problem remains; the confusing gameflow. Apart from the beginning, there is no sense of progression, no explanation why you kill monsters, push buttons or open doors (and I don't mean a plot).

There are only a few distinctive areas that you can recognize and see how they relate to each other, everything else is basically a maze of rooms and corridors that are just all too similar.

I didn't find the nailgun until the very end, so I had to resort to just SG and GL, which is sufficient but very boring. I couldn't find the gold key without noclip and after that, I couldn't even find my way back to the gold key door, even though I'd passed it before.

I can see that you've improved several aspects of the visuals, but the gameflow absolutely kills this map. It's very important to understand that the player does not know the map layout inside and out or what all triggers do beforehand. 
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