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#terrafusion. Move To Quakenet?
After the recent weeks of netsplits and difficulties with Gamesurge, I'd like to know if anyone is opposed to us moving to Quakenet?

The irc server is and channel will remain #terrafusion. Please join in support.

If you do not visit #terrafusion, don't bother replying.
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The qw community is in quakenet. (And so is their useful bot too, if you need to find servers, people or testers for a map. I'd be wary with the latter though as they cry "kenya map!" for five minutes, play for ten with constant whine and then drop...) But generally a lot of helpful people there too. 
What Available 
quakenet servers are there.

i like to have a big fat list to choose from because sometimes the standards, just don't work. 
I have many problems in gamesurge...Quakenet very few! cool i just go to gamesurge becouse of u guys! :) i go to Quakenet and Ptnet! then i will ban gamesurge 
for all the qw lovers,
#american #quakeworld @qnet 
if the move becomes a reality, I will begin removing all operators from the Gamesurge #tf, and banning people. Please don't take offense, but I will not have our community split in two over something as silly as where our irc channel is. The same will go for the Quakenet channel if it doesn't pan out. We will either all move, or all stay. 
I Can't Even Get Into Gamesurge 
Is the Gamesurge server down at the moment anyway?

So long as there is a big notice in the gamesurge #terrafusion channel telling people exactly where to go (in the good way) I don't see anything wrong with this. 
its been a nice couple of years, even though I didn't map very often it was fun playing your maps and mods. Unfortunately I won't be following you to Quakenet if the move does happen.

I for one can tolerate netsplits especially on a network I've been on for a good couple of years.

Gamesurge has been sinking into a slow demise since the day they took over Gamesnet. Their Chanserv is the only good thing about them.

We never took over Gamesnet, Due to a legal issue they lost the name gamesnet. I thought I would like to clear that up since thats all they lost. 
I relieze Taco, but to the normal user, it just felt like poof! gamesnet was gone and gamesurge was there all of a sudden 
taco quakenet is very powerfull and have many big Quake channel�s quakenet as the name says is the right place! hope u change also!

big hug

taco: you are unable to issue a /connect or something similar? 
Scampie, Taco: 
It wasn't to hard for me to discover that they lost a legal battle over the name "gamesnet." It was all over the gamesnet/gamesurge webpage, and the MOTD. 
It seems Quakenet is quite stable and Gamesurge has been going down this weekend more than your mom...

SO, unless someone can give me a convincing reason to STAY at Gamesurge, we will be moving this Monday. There are plenty of people already at the Quakenet #tf, so join up there and visit us.

The new #tf is going to be structured a bit differantly. The L 'chanserv' bot works much differantly than we are accustomed to, !kick and !up and such commands do not work (normal irc /kick and /mode commands work of course).

In light of this, the new #tf will work much like the old days. All known and trusted users of #tf should be op'd by anyone who is already op'd. People should auth with the network's Q bot so I can give an amount of the regulars autoops and a select few master status. 
OH, How To Auth 
Sounds good, but you might want to put the information about the new server up in the topic bar in the Gamesurge channel rather than just posting a link to this thread.

I did just think of one good reason for not moving though, people who frequent other chanels like #qc will now have to run two chat clients. 
Multiple Servers 
Almost every (if not every) IRC client should support connections to more than one network. It is really easy with XChat and mIRC can do it to (you need to open a new server window before). Many people already are connected to many networks.
So, that's not the problem. I'm just waiting for the first big netsplit in Quakenet, because (as I said) netsplits are quite normal in Quakenet, there is one every 3-4 days. 
All right, if you insist. 
Better than netsplits every 3-4 hours at Gamesurge. 
Irc Clients 
mIRC development has pretty much stopped while other clients are comming out with more attractive and flexible interfaces. I would recommend taking a look at HydraIRC. 
If You're Feeling Particularily Masochistic 
Give X-chat a spin. Open Source Horror Massive! 
Well unfortunately I won't be joining you as you know. Quakenet does have its splits and the funny thing is, wait till it gets DDoSed like Gamesurge is. I'm not leaving because some prick decides he will proxy spam the network for a week or so. As far as I am converned, its like a car, it breaks down every once in a while and not always your fault.

After some odd ammount of years in #tf its kinda disheartening but I cannot avoid it. I avoid running multiple server connections like the plague. It just makes more windows to watch and its not worth it. Learning a less developed channel bot is definately not worth it either.

Have Fun! 
On Ops... 
<Figurebler> nano, the idea i am working on with the ops is that anyone who is active - socially or otherwise - in the #tf / func community, gets it
<Figurebler> idlers and people who auto-join and say nothing don't
<Figurebler> and new people need to wait a bit and chat a bit and just be involved

I'll add to that that I personally WANT new people to turn up and get involved and enrich the community, as long as they appreciate what it's about - i.e. quality gaming, quality mapping, respect for older games and intolerance of idiocy, etc. It's cool to have some fairly new people like Dog and bambuz and others come in and be involved and have interesting discussions. W3rd. 
Oh Yeah 
And some assfucker's still got my nick ! 
New People 
Won't last long because they'll be banned for no good reason. 
retards like you who can't read "If you do not visit #terrafusion, don't bother replying." get banned. 
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