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What`s Happened In Gaming In The Last 8 Months??
Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I`ve been away for a little while (metaphorically and literally). Upon my return home I`m going to try to get back into gaming a the meantime I`ve got questions.

Now, I`m wondering, what has happened in the last 8 months or so?? I see QMap a different name =). What else??

What games have been cool or are looking cool?? What should I be looking out for??

I see that U2 and UT2 have been god companies are actually releasing games these days. And C&C Generals and Impossible Creatures and... And then I`ve seen you lot posting about Enclave which sounds bloody great - anyone drawing any comparisons to the mighty Severance/Blade yet??
Any views on these games?? I`d like to hear from nitin and other such people who try plenty of different games...

Anything interesting happening in mapping?? Gossip, scandal, that sort of thing?? Anyone mapping for new games?? Any interesting developments??

Oh yeah and go ahead and discuss this stuff hmmm...
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What a coincidence. Frib appears just as I wrote about him, and ate his long-ass posts just as it`s eating mine. 
yo, I want to interview you @ Pherrous...

contact me! Kthxbye 
Reply 1. 
Thanks for all your comments and seems Vondur is taking over as the new multi-game master =).


U2 - yes I`ve heard and read as much. I think I`ll get it anyway. Paul, your comment about U2 sounds fair - but exactly what people were saying about Quake2 after Quake1...

UT2 - I`m going to try that out soon....but I`ve heard that it`s a bit more, ummm, Q3A-ish gameplay, but also that it has lots of consol-esque trick manouveres already built in. Comments?

C&C - didn`t really interest me but I was just suprised it got out so quick. Impossible Creatures did interest me...

WC3 - seems damn popular, it`s what everyone is playing multiplayer around here (where?). I don`t like the zoomed in and cartoony looks myself.

Splinter Cell - looks too real-life for me. I can cope with Deus Ex and RTCW but nothing more civilised than that =). Same goes for NOLF2.

Enclave - I`m sure I`m going to try this anyway. There aren`t enough proper fantasy games around....oh, has anyone else apart from Aard tried Gothic2 yet??

Devastation - what is it? (checks oh I see sorta ummm DeusEx-lite or something?)

Racing games no thanks... 
Reply 2. 

metslime - I did guess that about Vondur. It makes sense that he`s trying to get a wider gaming experience so he can be a better mother. Thanks for the forum BTW....would be even better if it let me post =). Or maybe that`s a deliberate feature??

Paul & grindy - cheers. Sorry I`m not going to sink so low and debase myself by buying a console :P. At the rate I`m playing games, 1 good PC game a year will be enough =).

Nitin - cheers. My PC won`t either - yet. I`m still working in MHZ lol. Time to upgrade soon. What`s Xidia part1 BTW?? I probably don`t have time for custom maps though....but out of interest is anyone making any for U2??

underworldfan - who hasn`t :P.

Vondur - god you`ve been playing enough. What`s syberia?? Me, I`ve just been away for a bit.

inertia & RPG - ROFL.

Maric - what about Q2, out of interest?? Aside from that it was a great game...

Thx everyone else too. Oh and congrats to the taller-in-real-life Frib. 
Just Quickly 
One game I think everyone should try is Dungeon Siege. Download the demo and check it out - the demo will give you enough of a taste of the game for you to decide whether youll like it or not. Its a beautiful and immersive game though, I reckon. 
xidia is probably the equal best Unreal/Ut sp mod IMHO along with ONP. Well worth getting if you have the time, the level design is stunning!

As for NOLF2, it really isnt all that realistic and plus it has cool characters like Mime killers with tommyguns and Box guards (yep, guards turned into boxes jumping around after you). Plus it really is a very solid game. 
A bit old (from 2000) but Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Par is worth checking out if you can find it. 

Yes, you been away, and as usual not a word where exactly ;) sigh. 
U2 Custom Maps 
I played one recently, It was One of the most scary levels I`ve ever played.

If you like walking endlessly through dark tunnels, you`ll love this ;) Not much else to do, but it is dark. Action, well, there must be some there somewhere, in all that darkness.

Oh,....... the scary bit, almost forgot, at the end text comes up that says
"To Be Continued".
God I hope not, Beleive me, thats a truely scary thought.

So do not forget to give it a try, that is unless you`ve got some paint to watch dry.



I wouldn`t waste your money on U2, it really is CRAP, I`m trying things that come out for it to try and get a bit more out of it for the $100 that I payed for it, but, I think it is beyond help. UT2003 IMO, looks better, is better,(although MP as apposed to SP,but.....) it`s not a bad game 
UT2K3 does have lots of trick manouveres but I`m crap bastard and can`t do them very well. Someone else would probably give a better explanation.

For Impossible Creatures try the demo. Its timing was too close to War3 and since I was into that at the time, it never really got a look in.

We`ve had the PC/Console argument before, so I thought I was pushing it even mentioning them.

Theres a few of us on #tf that play War3 on Battle Net. If you`re interested pop in some time.

Also Frib is right about Dungeon Siege. I was impressed by how slick the demo was, but didn`t get the full game because at the time I didn`t have enough grunt to run it properly. 
Nothing about Q2 in particular, its still my first love I guess (games-wise of course). Just giving it a nod and a wink. 
I Agree 
about dungeon siege. The hack and slash can get a bit tiring but I really liked the environments. Its the first RPG Ive played all the way through in years. Story sucks though... I cant even remember it, just that it was barely even there.

I also downloaded the Enclave demo after hearing about it here. It was alright for the demo, but I dont think it could hold my attention for long. 
The UT2k3 trick jumps consist of hitting the movement/jump keys in the right order. Most of them are in the manual, with the exception of the boost jump (iirc) which is side-jump-side and is a distance jump.

The gameplay on 2k3 is good up to a point, but then it (as with Q3) hits a point where you realise there is no more, and unfortunately that is quite early on :/

Weapons are overall better than UT in terms of balance, with the exception of the flak cannon, which is a spam fest...

UT2k3 is merely an average game, U2 is (beyond the graphics) a bad game (although that is just my opinion).

Dungeon Siege I liked, whether youll enjoy it or not basically boils down to whether you enjoyed Diablo (imo).

Enclave Ive only played the demo, looks pretty but the gameplay got tired quite fast for me (as the man/light certainly, the archer women/dark side was more interesting).

Oh, and on a more (apostrophe)community(apostrophe) related note, than and I now work with Pingu :) 
Wtf About Console Games 
what games are really good and might make one leave the pc for a couple hours?

gimme some titles and i"ll have a look if some friends of mine lemme try them. 
Ok Daftpunk 
Gamecube : Zelda, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil Zero, Super Mario Sunshine.

XBox : Halo, Project Gotham Racing.

PS2 : GTA3, GTA Vice City.

Thats just off the top of my head, stuff Ive been playing (well except Zelda, thats out this month). If I was being honest, FPS games dont do anything for me anymore. They havent added anything new in years. Some offer new ideas but nothing that excites me enough.

Oh yeah, one PC game I forgot. Age Of Mythology. I cant believe Vondur didnt mention it, the crazy Russian was playing it for long enough. Now that is a really good strategy game. 
Healey Is Right Indeed 
age of mythology rocked my world
only rts game i`m addicted to 
Shamber Doesnt Play Console Games 
there will be `raise of nations` released soon.
it uses AOM`s engine, but there you`re developing from the stone age to some blaster-schmaster sci-fi age.
can`t wait for it as well. 
Hey Shambler 
I dunno if you want to know about Quake DM over the past eight months. But if you do here`s what`s happened:


Not much.

-Religion Quake (our awesome php, postable, message board, MPQ-replacement, review site) came within inches of being finished. But then our lead web monkey died, or moved, or something horrible and no work has been done on it since. which is a shame.

-PQ Q1 lotw (DM and SP). like anyone cares anyway (including me). hasn`t been updated for about a year. DaZ has assumed complete control of the reviews. He did one DM review about a month ago and hasn`t done anything since. 
Hey Shambler 

-But there have been and will be some releases.
Vondur released Uzuldaroum (also available for Q3) which is very nice. Although I haven`t been able to play it against real people yet it looks fun. Lovely theme and architecture.
Myself, DaZ and the mighty Frib pulled our underpants high and linked hands to create a power trio of DM mappers. utilising this energy we all have beta`s in testing:

-DaZ`s map (currently called "Blood, Sweat and Piss", and not indended as part of DaZ`s Chemical Reaction map pack) is an old skool affiar. Simple brush work, large layout.

-Frib`s map I haven`t seen yet cos the dcc fucked itself. But apparently it`s also of an old skool nature.

-My map is DranzDM8 (currently titled "Teardrop"). It`s an unusual design; a kind of coagular map set in rock. it`s small and very open with a ridiculous weapon load given its size. RPG described the detail as `subtle` and biff says it`s ready to release.
The above three should be out within a month.

Hope this has all been hopeful Shambler. And sorry if I`ve missed out any important contributions to the scene. 
Lo Shamblah 
Try enclave, It is worth for the design alone. Top notch textures and nice level design (not the over-detailed shit of this days). It is a bit poor on gameplay sometimes.

For rts try war3, at least the mp is pretty fun.

And go back to #tf british pigdog! 
Well Fuck Me 
absurdly long and detailed post lost by site, arb arb arb. Hey Shambler! 
In Reply To #47 
> absurdly long and detailed post lost by site, arb arb arb.

Well not much of a surprise there! 
More Replyness.. 
Dungeon Siege - ah yes, I`d been following that a bit. The one with pack donkeys, right?? Looked quite cool, might have to try it out. How focused is it on exploration and developement compared to combat?

Nitin - sorry probably don`t have the time. I`m WELL behind on games let alone maps!

Vondur - let`s say I`ve been away in the cold and dark forests, would that make you happy? =).

Paul - heh. To you and grindy - how do UT2`s tricks affect the gameplay?? Fun or not?

Grindy - congrats on working with Pingu (I think). Do you and than live with him and cuddle up at night as well?

Drannzerz - thanks for the mapping info. Heh it`s fun reading about Vondur`s maps, everything is inspired by dark nights and evil weather =). It`s some feat to drag fribbles back into mapping. Is anyone outside our (your?) little community and zzzzjzzzz`s server playing these maps? 
oi! jsut tell me what forests! of course that makes me happy! oh! 
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