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What`s Happened In Gaming In The Last 8 Months??
Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I`ve been away for a little while (metaphorically and literally). Upon my return home I`m going to try to get back into gaming a the meantime I`ve got questions.

Now, I`m wondering, what has happened in the last 8 months or so?? I see QMap a different name =). What else??

What games have been cool or are looking cool?? What should I be looking out for??

I see that U2 and UT2 have been god companies are actually releasing games these days. And C&C Generals and Impossible Creatures and... And then I`ve seen you lot posting about Enclave which sounds bloody great - anyone drawing any comparisons to the mighty Severance/Blade yet??
Any views on these games?? I`d like to hear from nitin and other such people who try plenty of different games...

Anything interesting happening in mapping?? Gossip, scandal, that sort of thing?? Anyone mapping for new games?? Any interesting developments??

Oh yeah and go ahead and discuss this stuff hmmm...
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Vondur Is Pregnant 
U2 is shit, UT2k3 is slightly less shit (slightly). Dont bother with either of them (unless you want to look at the pretty graphics).

C&C Generals was OK, although nothing new. I prefered Warcraft III myself.

Splinter Cell if you havent played it would be a good choice.

Oh, and Doom III got leaked (at least, last years E3 demo did). 
Hey Shambler, nice to see you`re back.

Unreal2 was a big let down. Graphically it was good but the rest wasn`t up to much. Some of the level design was interesting, but the game had nothing to do with the original and should have been given a different name. Gameplay was just standard shoot and find the exit stuff.

UT2K3 was ok but it was more of merging of different games than anything. It got very tiresome after a while. Some nice levels though, looks wise anyway.

I didn`t think much of C&C Generals. It didn`t add much over what they`d done before. Impossible Creatures was interesting, but didn`t grab me. Warcraft 3 was definitely better.

Splinter Cell is a poor mans Metal Gear Solid, except without all the long cut scenes. I played it on XBox and got bored of it very quickly.

To be perfectly honest PC games in general over the last 8 months haven`t been up to much as far as I`m concerned, which is part of the reason why I`ve switched to playing more console games. Only PC game I`ve really played a lot of (other than War3) is BattleField 1942. That`s how bad things have gotten. 
I played it on PC, and prefered it to MGS (especially MGS2).

Tenchu 3 beats them both though :)

As Paul said, PC gaming has got kinda lame recently 
havent tried out too many different games myself since my PC cant run most of the newer stuff.

Last few things I played were warcraft III and NOLF2. Both very good IMHO, warcraft II mixes some RPG elements, a reasonable narrative and RTS quite well. Well worth trying, I dont like RTS games but warcraft III drew me in.

NOLF2 is excellent IMHO, its taken the best bits from NOLF 1 and improved the level design & gameplay a lot more.

Prior to that, I played SOF2 which sucks balls apart from 1 or 2 missions, I would avoid it though. Jedi Knight II is quite good if you havent played it, just stick with it for the first 8 levels or so, it gets a lot better when you get a lightsaber.

Apart from that, some killer quake SP maps have been released during that time and also Xidia part 2 ( if you still have UT installed.

hope that helps. 
Ah Yes 
NOLF2 is good. Well the demos were. I never got around to the full game. If you liked the original then it should be the same for the sequel. 
i opened a Q1SP review site. ;) 
Shambler Vs The Killer Beetles 
I have never actually worked on it but now that you are back maybe I should? 
shambler is back, bah, that`s scandal already!

well, indeed, u2 sucks, ut2003 is very nice, but nothing compares to qw gameplay.

playng enclave, its ok, but not that good due to rather boring gameplay. but there are nice designs and sharp textures.

playing splinter cell, good if u like stealth combat, proper usage of u2 engine there.

playing syberia - very sweet quest, good story and looks.

got devastation, just playing through the first map, looks/plays very nice, reminds hl by designs, and gameplay is just as usual fps, more of arcade side (no pistol recoil, etc) proper usage of u2 engine.

just started postal 2 - the game for morons who like silly jokes :) poor usage of u2 engine, bad leveldesign and that jokes, uh.

hmm, there are more games i`ve got but didn`t started playing them yet.

and now, tell where have you been? it`s really interesting, cuz u seems been away from the keyboard for such a long time :)

and go resurrect tsqlr already, bastid! 
I believe Shambler was only refering to things that have indeed happened, and not things that may or may not happen in the future. 
I didnt really like Devastation, looks nice, but the gameplay was fairly dull. Thats the MP though, havent tried the SP yet.

Postal 2 is appalling. It doesnt even do the mindless violence well, and if violence is your only selling point, its got to be well done. 
Grand Theft Auto 3 
GTA3 is the best game since Pong.

Err, well it`s a tops game, regardless. 
pong sucks. 
Yes Well 
Regardless of your feelings on Pong, it is supposedly the first game created, so I was effectively saying that GTA3 was the best game of all time. 
Q2 anybody?

I agree on what has been said about U2 and UT2K3 and can only add *YAWN!* to the previous comments.

Sadly it seems that consoles are the only interesting option for "loner" gameplay nowadays, that is sans the occasional Quake SP that comes from this lot. There just are not that many new releases in the Quake scene anymore =(. 
Teh Shambler! 
uhm, Shambler, go and get Mafia. Its more a racing game than anything else, but graphics are stunning, and goes one step beyond GTA3.

And please, come back #tf and slap us all!! 
I Thought... 
...that spacewar was the first [computer] game. 
metroid prime was pretty cool. And the gamecube zelda sequel just came out -- haven't played it yet, though.

Also, the pimp icon arrived! 
Is It Going To Force Me To Double-post?? 
Or Not... all 
board just ate my long-ass post (probably the apostophe bug... right?)

Well that certainly eats dick. I couldnt be fucked typing it again. I understand that its not necessarily your fault, metl, but it still eats dick. 
Yes It Does. 
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