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What`s Happened In Gaming In The Last 8 Months??
Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I`ve been away for a little while (metaphorically and literally). Upon my return home I`m going to try to get back into gaming a the meantime I`ve got questions.

Now, I`m wondering, what has happened in the last 8 months or so?? I see QMap a different name =). What else??

What games have been cool or are looking cool?? What should I be looking out for??

I see that U2 and UT2 have been god companies are actually releasing games these days. And C&C Generals and Impossible Creatures and... And then I`ve seen you lot posting about Enclave which sounds bloody great - anyone drawing any comparisons to the mighty Severance/Blade yet??
Any views on these games?? I`d like to hear from nitin and other such people who try plenty of different games...

Anything interesting happening in mapping?? Gossip, scandal, that sort of thing?? Anyone mapping for new games?? Any interesting developments??

Oh yeah and go ahead and discuss this stuff hmmm...
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"I`ve managed to try UT2....not impressed so far " lol,
I think you'll be exceedingly unimpressed when and if you play Unreal 2.

And those pills do suck, but they tended to become less, well, sucky, as time went on, at least for me. the special moves are less than Ideal, and activating them by button mashing is also not the best, but.....
Doing wall jumps and dodge jumps etc is a "little" bit better, although I tend to leave them alone. But when you come up against someone who can do them well, umm, well, you can kiss your ass goodbye.

Funny you should say "Super Mario Tournament or something??" for quite a while when I first started playing it, the site of those pills, and some of those bridge things, and something about the graphical style made me feel like Mario himself would leap out at any minute.

Love to play ya, but the distance/ping would probably be to great 
I'd be up for a fight. I just recently got my own net access ( which I doubt really constitutes 'news' :P ); I ping rather nicely anywhere UK. I'm also quite crap, certainly at QW as some of the others will enthusiastically confirm.
Thing is, I'm only set up to play Q1 or Q3 - so that narrows the options :/ 
"two Cups And A Piece Of String" 
I don`t have any cups, and the string keeps getting broke when the neighbors mow the lawn, so I`m out. ;)

Soldat (especially assault mode), UT, and Jeht (my lousy err... lovely q1 mod) are my current multiplayer passions. I wish I could get decent net access out here in the desert or at least find a good lan game to play it on, against some real people.

Shambler, can you come up with any reasonable suggestions as to why they *dropped* the all-powerful assault mode in UT2 and replaced it with a wimpy football mod? Maybe people do like it more, but as far as I can see right now, I can`t see the logic in it...

That football mod (I can`t even remember its name, my mind refuses to reserve space for it) seems like nothing more than Rob the Nest in my CTF Plugin mod ( ), except the guy carrying the "flag" can`t shoot. :( 
The Answer To The Topic Question Is... 
.. in the icon. 
Shambler, can you come up with any reasonable suggestions as to why they *dropped* the all-powerful assault mode in UT2 and replaced it with a wimpy football mod?

Me?! No fucking idea. Assault has got to be the one of the great MP innovations since CTF and botmatch. Okay by trying to bridge the DM/SP gap it was somewhat a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none but even so it was good, different and hell they could have spent time refining it instead of dropping it. 
probably becuase online assault was really shit and buggy and they didnt now how to fix it. Pity because it was a rather cool gamemode idea.

And bombing run is quite fun as is the mod Deathball, which a lot more like football. 
An Issue... 
...that Vondur and Wazat raised (re-opening TSQLR, having a review booth at QExpo).

I have considered returning to some active involvement in the scene. Despite my genuine reasons for quitting, I still miss it. However, if I think about WHY I`d want to do that, my reasons are not because I want to review or because I need to serve people that way and bring maps to their attention. Instead it would be for the involvement and recognition, being part of something and getting the attention of other people. Those are the wrong reasons and not why I started or ran any sites.

So, no, not unless I find something that inspires me as purely where I can perform a genuinely useful service. 
"Shambler, can you come up with any reasonable suggestions as to why they *dropped* the all-powerful assault mode in UT2 and replaced it with a wimpy football mod?"

I thought they upgraded assault to assault2? 
Welcome back, yadda yadda, only game I can suggest is Crimsonland (google it, it�s not officially available anymore). If you can�t find it, drop me a mail and I�ll up it for you.

And btw, good fucking reasons not to open a site. I like that. 
serving the comunity is your DUTY
you will be sentenced to bring us the BEST reviews.

ok, i`ll shut up and fuck off now

ps. i`m almost getting used to this ` thingy even when typing emails and Intros to my CV (resume). spooky! 
metl, can you fix that godawful bug somehow, the � & ` are making me froth all over my keyboard. 

Just No. 
i can, but not right now. In the meantime escape the apostophes with backslashes. 
you utter bastard, you take some perverse pleasure from watching me wrestle with the keyboard, don�t you? sitting around the basement looking at php-code, in a hockey outfit with holes cut out for your nipples - wanking like a maniac. playing recorded weather reports on the stereo.

*fap* *fap* *fap*

What`s Even More Fun Wrath... 
Is that whatever you`re using instead of apostrophes ends up as some bloody oriental character on this PC.

�t - whatever that is, fucking cantonese or something... 
it�s mandarin for "this post made possible by bile(tm)" 
Nothing Wrong With 
involvement, being part of something and getting the attention of other people 
No, but I don`t think it`s a good motivation to do something that is ostensibly a public service. 

that was funny man.

metl with a fuckin hockey outfit.

um, reminds me of wotsisname, the weird guy in Hannibal, the rich guy... 
the guy in the film DOES NOT wear hockey stuff, he`s just a control FREEK

How do you know he doesn`t wear hockey stuff?

Maybe he wears hockey gear but you don`t see him with it on... 
Yea True 
well, in the film he could

maybe i shall write to harris so he adds it in the book.

metl, do you look similar to mason verger?

^ icon above represents me running away in horror/despair 
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