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Official Aerowalk Remix Now Available For Q3A
Hello all,

Some of you might already know this, but I have finally finished hub3aeroq3a (aka CPM22) for CPMA.

This remix was re-done due to high demand, as the original had some things in it which myself and the community felt "weren't right".

The end result? Check it out yourself and enjoy ->

Note: this map is highly recommended for play in CPMA only, as the structure & flow were done with only CPMA as the target playing platform.
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As in made with Preacher's written permission. 
i wonder if preacher permitted this. he doesn't like these conversions, afaik. 
1NF0RM@T10N W@NTZ T0 B3 FR33!!!


GO TUX, GO!!! 
Preacher gave permission for this version. 
As the title of my post suggests, "official"

Good Good Then 
but i can't get to that sitesque for 2 days already. is it online? or are there mirrors? :) 
The Old Version 
is very much fun, haven't really tried the new one yet, been too busy playing cpmctf.
What exactly was wrong in the old version? 
Yes we know what the title of your post says, thank you for pointing out the bloody obvious.

The point being, any fool can call anything "official" regardless of whether it is or not. Actually specifying that is was done with permission and approval is a different matter. 
Re: Shambler & Vondur 
Shambler: "Actually specifying that is was done with permission and approval is a different matter."

It's all in the txt file which accompanies the map, ie, the map HAS been approved by Preacher.

I certainly wouldn't call something official unless it was, especially with a map's history like Aerowalk

Vondur: I think the Challenge Network is down. I haven't been able to get to for a few days myself:-(

Cheers, Hubs. 
the server running and other sites like challenge-tv has had a HD failure, a new HF has been donated and they'll be back in a week or so. or so they say.
of you need the cpma files you can try these links:
Since none of us can download the map, we haven't seen the .txt file yet. Not everyone knows you well enough to know that you wouldn't say "official" when it wasn't true. 
metlslime said everything i wanted to say but was unable due to lack of brains and other malfuncions of my organism... 
...all that vodka you drink 
Does this aerowalk remix remain truely faithful to the q1 version? I mean, is it idbase?? :DD~~~ 
it's mkoxide textures, the lunaran ones. It's a mix betwen aerowalk and aeroq2. It plays really really well IMHO. 
I like it hub. 
Re: Inertia & Om9zer 
Inertia: this is as faithful as scaling in Q3 will allow. Myself & another mapper tried many alternatives to get the GL area as the original, but it's just not possible because of scaling issues with Q3.

The major changes in this one is scaling actually. Items have also been shifted a little more.

Once you play this one, you'll forget about the previous one I released very quickly:-)

om9zer: thankyou! I thought your UT map was pretty damn hot as well mate 
Couldn't you have created stairs like the original and then used clipping to create a slope the players can walk up mimmicking the stairs? 
Enlighten Me 
as to this scaling issue... I'm getting the impression there is some problem presented in Q3 just by converting an older engine map? What exactly? 
different gameplay, different speeds, different player size etc.

If you just convert the original, it wont be the same in q3 as in q1 or q2. 
Ah, gotcha. 
I gotta say, this is the best Aerowalk map to date. The retro textures were a nice choice (I didn't think the last set was fitting), and the gameplay is tuned to perfection. When combined with CPMA, this is one killer map. The mod really enhances the Aerowalk layout, and opens up many new gameplay possibilities never before seen. It definately breathes new life into the map all over again, which is the best compliment you can get.

I guess the only complaint I have is that the lighting could be more moody, but then again, it's made for CPMA so I guess visibility is a larger priority.

I'm having lots of fun on this one, Hub. 

Invisible clipping in CPMA maps is a big no-no. Anything map geometry which can be used by a player should be visible, or not there at all.

An earlier beta I posted about 6 months back had ramps on staircases. However, it made trick jumps far too easy, and jumps in CPMA should be a challenge to perform (the players really dig it).

phait: this map isn't a conversion as such. It's a complete rebuild from scratch, as was the previous version I released.

As nitin mentione, bsp2map results in some ugly sizes mismatches between q2/q1 scaling >> q3 scaling. eg, stairs can be a really bump ride which hinders movement somewhat (and because of physics in CPMA, that's a big issue too)...

om9zer" again, cheers. I spent a year working on this version (I'd have to say I'm probably one of the slowest mappers there is:P) fine-tuning, and getting as much player feedback as possible.

You're right - the map's performance with CPMA is great, and that's why I decided to concentrate on CPMA for this one (although, I only really map for CPMA anyway, it's just THE way to play imho). Glad you're having fun on it:-) 
Fine Tuning 
well however much time you took definately paid off in this one as well as q3jdm9a (that was a killer map IMHO, along with lun3dm4 and gm3tourney1 the best mappage of last year). 
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