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PH8DM1: The Hall Of Atrocities

Alt Download:

- 1 on 1, 2 on 2
- 4 DM starts, 2 NG, 2 SS, 1 SNG, 1 GL

"This place bears history... a history not worth repeating. It is an archaic exhibit of medieval horrors, preserved for human curiosity... preserved in hopes that the massacres would not happen again. The architects of this morbid memorial had not a thought of the future use of this place, where more personal massacres would take place in deathmatch events.

With it's foundation of human bones cast amid clay and soil, the hall's reverance grew as centuries passed on. Each tile was formed from a mix of bone dust and metals. Each tile, bearing a remnant of something... of someone. Thieves would laborously remove them - sometimes for personal decor, but mostly for money. Atrocities capitalized.

Who knows what new atrocities these halls may witness again? Perhaps somehow, it lives through others, a gloating evil staring down from every skull bordering the halls. Waiting evermore, and ready."

And thank you for trying/playing :D
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I took the liberty of mirroring the .zip just in case angelfire gets overloaded.

Glad you finished it Phait, I'll look when I get home tonight. 
Congrats on finishing it. I think I'll load it up in DMSP later.

Oh, and your link to my site is to an old address. If you wouldn't mind, the new address is 
Should have been beta-tested before release.

Layout has potential and there are some cool architectural touches (metal pillars, floor tiles, windows to outside).

But, aspects of the layout are cumbersome, the theme doesn't quite hang together, the sides of the stairs could be annoying, the weapon loadout is bare minimal and I doubt anyone will like it, the secret is naff bollox.

Basically a rush job, but some aspects do show plenty of potential - this could have been good. 
I had a quick 5 minute blast with a reaper bot and the gameplay seemed quite good, there seemed to be a good balance with weapon layout, althogh there seems to be alot of ammo/weps laying about. Ill have a good go of it later. Good work and well done on finishing it. 
Umm, wheres the layout? Connectivity is extremely bad, did you think about it at all? It has dead ends, bad stairs placement, bad item placement (no rl too??), pointless areas.
Apart from that it's ok, it looks pretty good with lots of different texs. Very old school. Tho some walls are really thin which looks odd.
Next time beta test your map! 
A Good First Shot 
Definitely need to work on a solid layout before getting so far into the details and such, the lighting seemed to me to be a bit inconsistent, and the scaling seemed to be awkward (a bit too snug in some places) as well. But the details and textures were nice enough. All I can say is that it looks hella better than my first dm map =) 
For the first map it's quite ok. Looks like I returned back to the 1997 or something. Reminds my very first map Cold Halls somehow :)
Phait, continue growing! ;) 
Go Phait 
Good first DM map phait. I really liked the messed up tile part, think you should've put more of those in there :) The coloring of the level reminded me of DM1&DM4 stuck together. After loading the map I noticed the title said created in Jan 2003.. 2004 should it be? :) Keep em coming! 
Thanks for checking it out guys. A few things:

- Layout: This was the 5th layout I'd drawn out. I actually deviated a bit (there was going to be a basement area)... but of course I had to get all happy-happy-joy-joy on it. I thought it was small, but as a "first" release I wanted to get it done, and focus on 1 on 1.
I was originally influenced by id DM1, I don't know how much it shows.

-Weapons: I didn't want the RL in there, next map I will. I kind of wanted the GL to be used with the layout, I had certain areas where you could use it better. As far as ammos and placement, I admit that was a rush job.

-Secret: Yeah weak, but kinda fun.

I was going to have it beta tested but I got so caught up in the anxiousness of releasing. I'm just glad I did get it done, and I didn't rush it too soon. Whether anyone likes the map, I'm not too concerned - did it primarily for me. However for those that do like some parts of it, awesome.

Thank you for all the constructive crits I will definitely keep this in mind for PH8DM2; and thanks Scampie for mirroring :) 
looks good but too oldskool, but I like runic style anyway. Hope your next one will be bigger and with more varying textures 
y'know when I was offering, demanding to help beta test... you shoulda took me up on that aswell as others... :D

you RUSHED IT whhhyyyy oh why... 

k. =[ 
I'm stoopeed! 
Take No Notice 
My first map (if I ever make one) is going to be a box with one gun and a monster, and I'm gonna be damn proud of it too :D 
Same Here! Great City Of Crates! 
We, the up coming generation of mappers scoff at such concerns as basic archetecture, good spelling, realistic design, supportive textures and variance from the almighty ninety degree angle. Yes, just as the Sex Pistols had to turn from the technical finese of the rock music that came before them and churn out half ass done rockabilly riffs in order to give birth to the revolution is sound synthesis that we now call the Clash, we have to turn away from the technical excelence of Vondur, CZG, Spog and Kell in order that a greater synthesis can be born. Yes, that is right, we, Phait, Megazoid, and I -- who I may add has not released a damn thing -- are the Sex Pistols. 
I Will Make Up For My Inactivity Soon 
This is my evile plan for April Fools Day; there is a utility for doom wads called slige that autogenerates megawads. I'll generate a batch, convert them into Quake levels. Next step, add the berzerker power up to the Progs.dat file, and take out all of the weapons, making it hand to hand only.
After that, make textures out of photos from leather fetish and gay night club oriented sites.
Release it on April Fools Day under the heading, 'The Brass Brawler, 32 Levels of Fist Pounding Action!'
Can you imagine family friendly PlanetQuake announcing, '32 levels of fist pounding action!' 
Cool Moves 
Good show getting your first map out there! I'll play it up tonight. Sounds like it's full of detail and stuff. DEFINITELY betatest. Make a crappy version, so crappy that it would take like five minutes to recreate an entire area. Use that, work it, get inertia to play qw with you on it, get the layout perfect and then hit it with all the detail you can. recipe for tastey maps! 
Good call on the windows upstairs. 
its all for the sake of art, man 
And what's wrong with dead ends? 
Dead Ends... 
dm4 had one, and that's why dm4 was so unpopular. 
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