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Video Game Soundtracks
-What do you wish to hear in a soundtrack?
-What makes a soundtrack worth listening to?
-Your favorite game soundtracks?

I'm listening to Q1 soundtrack. I've always liked it, love the atmosphere.. it's very inspiring musically. Any others I should check out?
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And Seeming Inertia Mentioned Chrono Trigger: 
But Where's The Acapella Bubble Bobble? 
Unreal Tournament 
Had a great soundtrack imo, trancey sort of, mellow at times and rushing at other times, a nice mix of styles.

Other soundtracks I like are Unreal 1, and errr some more bah :) 
Vice City. 
Symphony of the Night.

Quake is really good, but i don't like listening to it when i'm not playing. Same goes for a lot of NES games. 
Rise of the Triad was memorable. I wonder how it would sound to my ears now after so many years.

Of my favorite music moments, I would include the sequence at the start of the 'blastpit' section of Half-Life. It gave the feeling that something bizaar was waiting for you just around the corner.

Arx Fatalis's music also had a creepy vibe. 
Quake, Blood, Starcraft, Warcraft 2, Enclave, Unreal, Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Half-Life, Nehahra, Death Rally, Benefactor, Leander, Superfrog, Duke Nukem 3D, Hired Guns, Ishar - Legend of the Fortress, Deadly Tide, Disciples, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Furry of the Furries, Jaguar XJ220, Dojo Dan, Yo! Joe!, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Psycho Pinball, Wipeout 2097, Shadow of the Beast 3, Doom, Command and Conquer 2 - Red Alert, and the winner is Enclave, kthx :E 
Trent On Quake 1 
Here's an interview w/ Trent on Quake 1 soundtrack, pretty cool:

There may be more re: Quake in that directory 
nice interview
thx for the linkage 
Yeah Very Good 
i didn't realise all the nin influence was lost in the nintendo port tho, interesting to read 
Homeworld has a bitchin' soundtrack. verrrry atmospheric. 
So Does Homeworld2... 
haven't been able to extract the music yet... 
Apparently there's a soundtrack CD available. Haven't managed to find it for download, though. 
Is somewhere Enclave soundtrack, available to DL/buy/order/whatever ? 
back in the day there was talk around the office about releasing a soundtrack. don't know if anything has happened on that front since I left sbz, but who knows? There's talk on teamxbox about a xmas present, but that's turned into a new years present, could be the soundtrack. 
...had really cool tunes to match this great game. Even sounded good on crappy soundcards.

Blood (the first game) had good music in it. 
Thank you!

I would certainly buy Enclave soundtrack, because it's the best game soundtrack I've ever listened to so far. It would be a shame to rip it off instead of buying a silver cd of it =(

There's a thing which amazes me. If they don't want to release it as standalone CD, why won't they release it as downloadable MP3? It costs them nothing then, either cash or time.

Scragbait--> I suppose that all of Blood tracks are available in MP3 format in Transfusion Quake conversion. 
...and forgive me my bloody english =) 
"There's a thing which amazes me. If they don't want to release it as standalone CD, why won't they release it as downloadable MP3? It costs them nothing then, either cash or time."

Bigger fisheses to fry, my preciousss... 
welcome to the 90's wrath. Quote tags do exist! and they're SOOOooo easy to use! just put '<' and '>' around a 'q' and copypaste that plagerized text! and then close 'em off with a '</' before and a '>' after the 'q'!

#33, Scampie.

Could you please steal that Enclave soundtrack and share it? =) 
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