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Video Game Soundtracks
-What do you wish to hear in a soundtrack?
-What makes a soundtrack worth listening to?
-Your favorite game soundtracks?

I'm listening to Q1 soundtrack. I've always liked it, love the atmosphere.. it's very inspiring musically. Any others I should check out?
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Alice Rocks 
as does q1, but I liekd unreal too. 
I played Alice a little bit few years ago, don't remember much of the soundtrack but I did check out the individual soundtrack release on, pretty cool. 
alice is great, I bought the record - chris vrenna is a great musician.

the myst series also have great scores, riven and exile especially. I'm gonna buy the Uru one after new years. 
- i wish the soundtracks wouldn't be deliberate, they should be imperceptible and improve atmosphere in the same time.

- i wanna listen to soundtracks for the same reason described above

- quake, starcraft, alice, unreal 
Alice, Quake, Blood. 
Chrono Trigger 
nuff said k 
Anything From Neil Voss 
Which includes two Tetris incarnations. Well... if you consider Tetrisphere a Tetris. 
Changing My Vote To Classic Zelda... 
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