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Map-Center Retrojam 1 Announced
Map-Center recently added new channels for classic Quake and to celebrate, we’re hosting our first ever Retrojam! We’re keeping this old school, simple and fun! Community jams are great way to learn how to map, so if you are new to mapping for Quake, this is a great opportunity to learn along with others.

Starts Saturday July 20th and ends Saturday July 27th, followed by a public playtesting period. For the guidelines and further discussion, visit our # quake-retrojam1 channel in the Map-Center Discord server, which you can join here:

If you aren't on Discord feel free to email your submissions and source map to dumptruck_ds.

The guidelines are as follows:

Aesthetics: The theme is Wizard Metal. Take inspiration from the original game, notably maps e2m4, e2m5, e3m6, and e4m7. This gives you many texture combinations to explore. We’ll provide a starter wad file soon, but you are encouraged to use original id1 textures or any old school texture set that fits the theme. We will be sharing information on how to do map hacks for dormant triggers and similar trickery over the course of the jam.

Progs: id1 (a.k.a. vanilla)

SFX: No custom sound effects or music this time, but feel free to add a track number to your worldspawn by setting the sounds key to a number between 2 and 11.

Design: Make a retro, id-style map you’d want to play and share with your friends, enjoy yourself and have fun!

Specifics: Map name format: mc_rj1_mappername. trigger_changelevel should point to mc_rj1_start. Maps should be compatible with Quakespasm and Quake Remastered (KEX) engines. Protocol 15 or 666. No super-sized, ultra-detailed maps please, stick to the retro aesthetic. Please no skymaps or custom models. Be sure to include three info_player_coop starts and some info_player_deathmatch starts. Please consider adjusting gameplay for different skill levels via spawnflags.
Ready for some meat showers? I made this little mod for Quake's 28th Anniversary. 3 different modes. Silly, fun diversion but also quite a challenge.


And a short video with more details:
A Few More For ..::LvL
A few more maps for ..::LvL - In these quieter times it is nice to see an update, even if the maps are a little old.

* Nightmare by Spike
* de_train for Quake 3 by OXOTHuK

LiveView support, videos and panoramas for all.

Got an unfinished map? Take some time to finish it and send it in!

..::LvL -
Slip & Frag - 1.0.26 Version Released!
With the recent release of the Liminal Spaces Jam, a few weeks ago, which by the way is *awesome*, I was confronted with a few ugly bugs face-to-face, which I (hope to have) solved in the application. So, yay! New release.

Slip & Frag, the sourceport of Quake for Meta devices, Windows & Mac, has a new version (1.0.26) available to download!

Head on to SideQuest ( ) to grab the latest version for your Meta Quest / 2 / 3 headset, or go here ( ) for the desktop versions. Make sure to check the Changelog to give you an idea of what changed for this version.

As usual, feedback is always welcome!
Tomb Of Thunder - Q1SP
As others say, this masterpiece of a mod is Hall of Fame material.

An impressive 7 maps Copper based mazey quest submitted by aDaya.

Slipseer overview & download
Malice Jam Released!
A bite sized Malice Jam featuring four new maps for the 1997 total conversion, Malice.

This is made to be standalone, so you do not need to have Malice to run this.



Slow Times At ..::LvL
Slow start to the year at ..::LvL - Two older space maps have added today. The Hive is a simple, yet very effective release and well worth checking out.

* illdm2-The Hive by redRum

LiveView and panorama support for both, video only for The Hive.

In other news; we are pretty much out of map submissions! If you have an older Q3A map in need of a review, now is a great time to submit it. And a minor issue with the LiveView system has been resolved.

..::LvL -
Malice Jam Announcement
=== OH YEAH! ===

Malice is a lot of fun, but the level design of the maps is kind of rough... Think you can do better?


START: Right now
DEADLINE: Sunday May 4 (23:59 PST)
TEXTURES: Any textures allowed, Malice Pallet
SUBMISSIONS: Message Kayne on discord, email at wafelkick AT gmail DOT com, or submit the file on the slipseer thread.

NAMING: mjam_authorname


Jam Image:

For more information, such as prog links, rules, and music claims please see the Slipseer thread.
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