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RTCW: Into The Eagle's Nest.
New single player adventure for Return to Castle Wolfenstein based on (1987) DOS game.
Info and Download:
Quake Singleplayer Starter Pack Version 2.0.0

Quakestarter is a (Windows only) package with tools for setting up a playable Quake installation and downloading/playing/managing many highly-regarded addons. This includes any necessary patching and recommended configurations for the addons! It's menu-driven and super easy to use.

This package also contains quite a bit of documentation on configuring Quake and exploring other user-created content.

New players can use Quakestarter as a quick way to get going with Quake and the many amazing things created for it since 1996.

Veteran players can use it as a nice way to bootstrap "yet another Quake installation", or to discover overlooked gems -- since no one can keep up with every single piece of custom content released.

The most visible change in this version is that Quakespasm-Spiked is now the bundled Quake engine, rather than Mark V. The number of "installables" has also increased from 58 to 75, including coverage up through October of this year.
Q1SP: Primo
A first mapping effort from RĂ©mi Salomon, drawing inspiration from Honey and jam1_skacky.bsp.


Download here
Q1SP: The Edge Of Sanity (jpqm8)
Hi, here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "The Edge of Sanity" (jpqm8.bsp).
Map is utilizing progs_dump mod devkit by dumptruck_ds.
Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits). QSS works best.

- runic, abstract setting with void vibes
- vanilla monsters & pickups with extra progs_dump special effects
- full weapon set, 5 secrets, 203 enemies with varied health (depending on difficulty!) -
- playtime around 25 min depending on difficulty level



Q3A Maps, Mods And LiveView At ..::LvL
This is a massive update for ..::LvL - Reviews have been added for:

* Ambush! by acrobat
* Regret by Vamp1re
* Phing? Phong! by Fjoggs

There is a video for Phing? Phong! and panoramas for all.

There are now 43 mods listed with full reviews for:

* Hunt
* SpiterBot
* Akimbo

The Mods section is still in development, but a lot of work has been done here.

And in case that was not enough, "LiveView" is a beta feature that has been enabled for all members.

This will allow you to load most of the maps in your browser and "preview" them. The first load will require about 12MB to be downloaded (plus that map), the second map loaded will only be anything unique to that map.

If the LiveView feature is stable and successful, it will be enabled for everyone.

..::LvL -
Quake Episode - Speedmap Snack Pack
I hope you're hungry!
Mappers were given 24hrs to make a level using the Copper mod in one of four slots. Which gave a theme and weapon set. Afterwards, they were compiled together into an episode for your snacking pleasure. Enjoy.

The pack is part of it's own mod folder, and should not be dropped onto an existing copper version.

Including maps from...
Fairweather+Markie (Start)
Chris Holden
Mista Heita
Ter Shibboleth: Drake Redux
By popular demand, I present to you Ter Shibboleth: Drake Redux. All eight maps present and accounted for with the first five being retooled for Drake support along with various changes and improvements to maps and gameplay. This is Ter Shib in its final form, one big eight map episode able to be completed from start to finish. I understand this is old news and most of you have played through it already, though I hope with all of it now being Drake-ified it might entice new comers to try it out, or warrant a second playthrough.

Engines tested and compatible are Quakespasm 0.93.2, vkQuake 1.05.1, Quakespasm-Spiked 0.93.2 and FTE 5776. For best performance use vkQuake or FTE. If using FTE, be aware of the following:

Game saves and demo recording are in its own unique format.
Doors and platforms can play very loudly on Shib2
The dragonscale armor powerup has movement difficulties.
The lightning effect in shib7 is not present due to how FTE handles dynamic light differently.
The temporary "distortion" effect in shib4 is not present.

As usual be sure to set -heapsize to 2048000 or higher to run these maps. All other settings needed to play the maps properly can be found in the quake.rc file. No key bindings or custom settings are changed.




More info and credits can be found in the readme. Enjoy!
First Map - Flooded Ruins!
Hi there! I'm DragonsForLunch. Here's a proper release of my very first Quake map (so excited): Flooded ruins.

It's a small map in vein of E1m2 with a few challenging combat arenas and some light platforming.

As this is my first map. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I should focus on improving in my next map.

Download here:

EDIT: added screenshots
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