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Post-Easter At ..::LvL
After Easter is the best time for an ..::LvL update. 3 maps added, all worth checking out. A re-make of Arena of Death (Q3DM3) from sst13 and two older GeoComp2 maps from 2002.

* Lost Arena (2) by sst13
* The Stolatene Mine by haste
* The Geo Core by Q

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a European mirror for downloads. For members, a "My notes" section has been added for keeping private notes about a map. And using @memberName in a comment or forum post will now alert that member to the comment the next time they visit the site.

..::LvL -
UDOB1 V4: Drowning In Space
Since seeing near universal praise for the map "UDOB2: A Drowning", I've decided to update the first map of the episode. Please enjoy this revision, and apologies for a late release, it should've been out last thursday.

(Note: This requires theCopper mod!)

Download here!
I've been working on some things for the Quake Expo Non-Expo this year, and none of them are quite ready yet, but Kinn liked one of them so much, he said I should release a little sneak preview. Maybe get some feedback?

The mod itself should run in any engine, but I sort of broke the level limits with the starting map, so you'll need to use an engine that supports it...sorry =(

I'll get some screenshots up in a bit, but it's idbase, what's not to like???
Q1SP: Arrogant Erratum/The Kuras Stronghold
So mid-last year, NewHouse contacted me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to be the guest mapper on his Blue episode. Since he's always been a good friend, despite not mapping for this game for ages, I took him up on it.

Despite me asking if I could keep my own "director's cut" of these levels for id1, I didn't release them here or on Quaddicted (um, some of you might know why). I was playing them again tonight and decided they deserve letting people know they exist at least. Consider it like an appetizer for Blue (which is still one of my favorite things to come out of this scene, by the way).

Two levels, plus a start map, plus three new music tracks by Immorpher. Install as a mod. The second map requires a source port, but it's all id1. They're fairly big, certainly by my standards, and I tinkered a lot with bits like monsterless areas, underwater combat, levitation, homaging older levels, traps, etc.


Q1SP: Greymoor (jpqm9)
Hi, here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "Greymoor" (jpqm9.bsp).
Map is utilizing progs_dump mod devkit by dumptruck_ds.
Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits). QSS works best.

- medieval theme, somewhat between E2 & E4 vibes
- large-scale, varied environments, from caverns & tight corridors to vast, open areas
- takes advantage of various progs_dump features and modifications
- full weapon, monster & item set, 13 secrets, almost 300 enemies (more on hard, less on easy)
- playtime around 45 min depending on difficulty level



Q1SP: Dimension Conundrum
I made a new map, completely vanilla as always.
Tested it on MarkV.


Q1SP Episode: The Punishment Due
Here's a Q1SP (mini?) episode I've been working on for a while, based on copper. There's 5 maps plus a start map, mostly all by me except a guest appearance from Fairweather on pun2 (they did the main rooms and encounters, I plumbed it all together and applied the finishing touches).

If you're feeling competitive you can play this as part of the Quake Ironman League here

Download here.
Some screenshots: pun1, pun2, pun3, pun4, pun5
A Mixed Three At ..::LvL
A mixed three for ..::LvL. We have a re-telling of e1m7 from Quake, a large release and a fast tech release in this update. More than enough to keep you all busy.

* House Of Chthon by sst13
* Murder in Blue Minor by Player
* Fly on Rocket by TymoN

Videos and panoramas for all.

In the mod section, a review of the class PainKeep has been added as well.

Enjoy, I know I did.

..::LvL -
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