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Q1EP: Torrent Of Impurities
Epäpuhtauksien Virta (Torrent of Impurities)
Finnish Mapper Episode Jam 2
a singleplayer & co-op episode
for id software's QUAKE

Authors: zigi, VuRkka, uKKo, NewHouse, LuGia, Mazu, Smilecythe & Immorpher

7 new maps, new music, new sounds, 4 new monsters, 1 new boss.
There's a patch bound to happen so we'll release source with it.

Download link



Quakecast #57 - smej2

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your /quake/ directory, so that the /smej2/ folder is alongside, not in, the /id1/ folder.
Start your favorite Quake engine port with '-game smej2' appended to the command line. Fitzquake-derived engines such as Quakespasm or MarkV are recommended.

Please note: running the game with a different -game prefix, or none, and changing the mod to smej2 via the console in such engines that support this may lead to unwanted config state being carried over from other mods, leading to potentially unpredictable results.

-Smej Crew
Q1SP: Godfreys Demesne
A new map by me. A medieval castle using progs_dump around over 100 enemies (a bit less on easy). Mostly vanilla gameplay but I'm using some custom enemy types for the ogres.

Thanks to FrancisT18, BmFbr and PoolboyQ for testing!

Download map:

Quake Sega Saturn Ports
As some/all of you may know, Quake on the Sega Saturn has four exclusive levels.

I have spent a decent portion of my lockdown time porting them to PC Quake.

Download (Update: Version 1.1)

This pack has the maps two ways: playable as the secret levels and through a second start map to go directly to the exclusive levels.

Here are some screenshots:

E1 Secret
E2 Secret
E3 Secret
E4 Secret
Unused Jam Is Out!
A pack of twelve maps (+ a start map) all using at least one texture from the unused id wad.
Authors: bmFbr, Burnham, Cunnah, Doom_Pope, Greenwood, Konig, Mars, Mista Heita, Mihu, Rhoq, Skorly, VuRkka, zigi

Feb, 2021 At ..::LvL
Time flies at ..::LvL. 3 more up for download. From the massive "The Last Arena" to the tight and fast "Fair and Square" and the visual delight of "engine".

* engine by gnc
* Fair and Square by Fjoggs
* The Last Arena by Grudge

Videos and panoramas for all.

Be sure to check out the mod section too. A review of the crazy classic "Catch the Chicken" has been added. There is also an in-game entity editor called "D!ABLO's map-editor RC4"

ADSP: ArcanBroomada Doctrina (dwabd.bsp)
Watched dumptruck's tutorials and wanted to map something.
After another struggle with vertices all over the place and editor-crashing brushes I wanted to try and switch from GTKRadiant to TrenchBroom completely and started a map just to get used to new UI, shortcuts etc. It was also supposed to be a testfield for AD features.
TrenchBroom got me carried away...
Thanks for testing and feedback to VoidForce, arkngt, PoolboyQ, Markie.


will add quaddicted link when map is uploaded

I know that architecture doesn't make sense. I didn't tried to make it all functional. So if confession booth leads to the cafeteria then just imagine priests like to sneak out to get a beer in process.

You don't have to find all secrets. I tried to "hid" them in different ways so anyone would find at least one. Jumping one would be hard for one and easy for other, can't make it universal so if you are having a hard time reaching it - just noclip there.
I made it for you to have fun, not suffer for 30 minutes and get frustrated.

Post your StartToCrate time =)
Authentic Models For Quake (AMQ)
Time to put this here as well!

The goal of the AMQ project is to provide improved models for Quake and its two mission packs, "Scourge of Armagon" and "Dissolution of Eternity". While adding more detail, the replacements are supposed to remain faithful and not change the character of the models in general.

AMQ on Github
AMQ on ModDB

ModDB has a few nice promo screenshots to give you an impression of the quality work that is included here.
Q1SP: Court Of The Chaos God
My first every attempt at a Quake map, welcome to the Court of the Chaos God!
Take a look at the Readme for some story-related info.
I put a bunch of effort in, and its my first map. Criticism is encouraged!
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