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Q1SP: Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
This is my first finished quake map. It uses id1 and is loosely inspired by dm1. Easy, normal and hard skills are implemented.


Real Fortress 2
The Fortress 2 addon single player made by Vicpas years ago for Return to Castle Wolfenstein game, now adapted for RealRTCW Mod.
Info and Download:
1 -
2 -
..::LvL Update Within 30 Days
30 days since the last update at ..::LvL. Why? Because a heap of maps and reviews have been submitted!

The Engines of Creation Mappack includes a simple, but very useful mod that allows for single player tier gameplay across all game types.

* The Engines of Creation Mappack by Eraser, r3tina and SithLord
* Get up, Stand up by poub
* MKTECH - Technophobia by Killer

Panoramas for all, video for the last 2.
“Announcing” Gif2spr 0.3.0
Hello, today I'm "announcing" the release of gif2spr v0.3.0. I put announcing in quotes because this is not a new release, since I've posted it to the Quake mapping discord before with little fanfare. Also, I'm officially orphaning the project as I haven't touched it in about a year, so if you have any interest in working on it feel free to fork it.

Anyhoo, gif2spr does what it says on the tin - converts animated GIFs to Quake or Half-Life sprites. Comes with a CLI application and a GUI front-end. When using the GUI, make sure it is in the same folder as the CLI, as the GUI depends on the CLI program. Available for Windows and Linux. (Linux requires building; CLI should build on Mac too, but the GUI won't work without modification.)

- set origin of the sprite
- selection for alternate palettes
- set sprite type: VP-parallel, oriented, etc.

Known bugs: Sometimes the sprite may get cropped unexpectedly when rendered in-game. A workaround is to check the "extend frame" box before converting.

Windows build:

Source code:
SM210: Overgrown Is Out Now! (Requires Copper)
Speedmap #210 is out now!


Organized by Naitelveni, it consists of 11 maps made in 2-3 days around the theme "Overgrown". Nature taking back what belongs to it! Requires latest Copper mod.

Maps from:
Burnham, Chris Holden, Doom Pope, Entsoy, Gnemeth, Greenwood, Markie Music, Naitelveni,, Quasiotter, Radiator Yang, and Shadesmaster.

Download SM210 here

Get latest Copper here
Deathmatch Classic Port For Quake
Valve's Deathmatch Classic models have been ported to Quake. Special thanks to Asaki, khreathor and Spike for their help.

- weapon v_ and g_ model replacements
- armor, backpack, spike, s_spike, grenade and missile replacements
- original models, textures, animations and sound effects
- source folder containing .blend files with models and edited texture files (gldsrc models tend to have more than one texture file, so I had to squeeze all of them into one single image, remap them to the Quake palette, adjust the brightness, and finally export to a .png file)

Download dmc.7z and extract with 7zip. Copy the "dmc" folder into your Quake directory and run Quake. Then, type "game dmc" in the console.

AnonFiles mirror:
GameBanana mirror:
Q1SP: A Verdant Dawn
My first standalone map, inspired by E1M3.
A large green swampy map with 29 secrets.



Q1SP: Blood Colored Rust
Medium/small-sized base level, created using RMQ RedTech wad. Supports Normal and Hard difficulty, skill selection built in. Requires Quoth. My first Quake release, looking for feedback!

Map source is included.


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