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Speedmap Pack 56!
Quake Speedmap Event 56 took place this weekend with a BIG turnout!

As our second week in the '4 Seasons of Quake' Megatheme, the theme was 'Episode 2/Medieval'.

This week's authors were: Czg, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz (who made 2 maps!), Pulsar, Rpg, Myself, and Xenon!

Grab the pack here:
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<xen-> moz1 - looked cool
<xen-> moz2 - was ok, gameplay a bit spammy though, got too much packet overflow
<xen-> scampie - those ogres at the front kept owning me.. at the end just managed to get the vores & shamblers in a big infight for several minutes & then got bored & noclipped to exit. looked nice!
<xen-> hrim - great atmosphere.. gameplay a bit ott though.. godmoded it halfway through
<xen-> pulsar - awesome, nice architecture, nice atmosphere, varying areas, cool gameplay, some original ideas
<xen-> lev - short, simple, quad massacre but fun anyway
<xen-> rpg - impressive architecture, nice overall idea.. ending was cool
<xen-> czg - fucking awesome.. really reminded me of e2m2 & prodigy3.. bit too many monsters in start area but other than that, awesome gameplay & atmosphere... looked great 
Question: (copied From That Other Thread) 
Wasn't this session supposed to take place on Sunday? Then scampie said he'd host a Saturday "pre-session" for people that couldn't make Sunday's. But... yeah. How can you put Sunday's maps in the pack if you release it before they're built? 
It's probably only Starbuck that was set on doing a speedmap tomorrow.. and he'll most likely be too hungover to map with him celebrating his 19th n all tonight.. so no loss! :-) 
after discussing with him, he decided to just spend sunday partying rather than mapping. 
Okay Then... 
guess i'm not making a sm56 map! 
Well You Could... 
...and email it to scampie for inclusion in the next pack. 
well it doesn't exist yet; I would have made it during the sunday session. No big deal; i'll probably make it to the next one. 
good map sketches...
but again, it's a pity to see that the good maps die in such a silly pack...

yes, i still hate speedmapping... 
^^^ What Vondur Said... 
...Very good by speedmapping standards but it is bemusing why you don't apply such skillz to a normal map. I mean, hell, if you can do stuff like that in 100 minutes, what could you do in, say, a week, doing just an hour or two each night??

Nice to see Moz progressing =). 
Can We Get A Rolleyes Smiley? 
It'd be the best response to Mr. and Mrs. "We don't speedmap, but we'll call the packs stupid anyway because we have too many cocks in our anuses' above. 
How About 
a 'cocks and anuses' smiley? it would be graphically tricky in so few pixels, but it would be worth it I'm sure. 
Highly Enjoyable 
maps in this pak, CZG's and Hrimfaxis being the best. Oldskool feeling except for the odd hoard battles.

Seems like the SM paks are picking up pace ... 
Czg's, Hrim's, Pulsar's, RPG's, and Xenon's were all excellant! Levithan's was good for a bit of mindless combat too, always fun to battle with a quad. I also found Moz's second map to be a great horde battle map, just kinda odd that he included grunts and enforcers... 
Von, Shamb 
The plan is to eventually make 'special editions' of these maps when it comes to combining the themes from sm55-58 together as a mini-unit type thing, so some of them should get the chances to be made into 'proper' maps, albeit small ones.

I believe there were also plans for another turtlemap later on in the winter.. which might provide some fuller maps.

And believe me it's far too hard to keep up creativity bursts every night for a week.. I could expand mine but I'd get bored of it after about 2 nights probably. Hell that sock_eg/rubicon/ogro clashup I posted in the screenshot started out as a kinda extended speedmap and i got the whole layout done in a week, but that's pretty much dead and buried now because half the map feels rushed and shit and I despise the thing as a whole.

How big does a map have to be before it becomes 'proper' though? I need some inspiration if I'm gonna try that again. 
SM56: The Spammening 
Dont Worry I Am Just Being Silly 
pushplay you are evil and must be exorcised from the face of the earth!!!

but i like reading your journal/pita so i take all that back. 
Don't get me wrong, it was a great pack. But it was the spammiest spam to ever spam the face of the spam spam spam spam.

Stupid vikings. 
fighting off 4 vores or 12 knights and assorted ogres with only a shotgun is like trying to fell a tree using only a stanley knife; possible, but wearing.
Did like the maps though, got a bit of a nostalgia rush. Looking forward to the next one. 
Someones Been Watching Too Much Monty Python [spam] 
kell you must be getting wimpy in your old age. :P fighting off 4 vores and assorted ogres with a shotgun is FUN!

in fact some of contract revoked wasnt so far from that :P

lovecraft would be ashamed of you! 
czg's and rpg's maps were very funny:) 
I'm almost finished normal q1sp, so get ready 
proper map >= e1m1
Big batch of Original Quake Gaming, good work.

"why you don't apply such skillz to a normal map" ... I guess the question here is if speedmapping manages to wrench a bit more out of some mappers, or just gives a mapping fix that substitutes for more major work. I see some value in a format that allows/supports concentration on single ideas (some contests also do this). But then I still submit the most important aspect to SP is not knowing what lies around the next corner, in other words a fresh supply of maps.

As to me, I had enough trouble speedmapping in Cube, much less Quake etc., I'll stick to slowmapping. 
Mapping is about diminishing returns. 
just for the fun of it I made some lazy speedruns for some of the maps, anyone interested in me uploading them somewhere? 
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