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Speedmap Pack 56!
Quake Speedmap Event 56 took place this weekend with a BIG turnout!

As our second week in the '4 Seasons of Quake' Megatheme, the theme was 'Episode 2/Medieval'.

This week's authors were: Czg, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz (who made 2 maps!), Pulsar, Rpg, Myself, and Xenon!

Grab the pack here:
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As Always 
So long as there's neat trickery or insane speed invovled 
I can do sm56_czg in 7 seconds, does that count for insane speed? 
xen: can't promise you that, some of the maps just haven't got that trick possibility. most runs are just straightforward

sm56_czg is easy to do in 7 secs, I'm wondering if anyone can do 6... 
Sm56_czg In 7 Secs??? 
let us see it 
i managed it in 7 secs, so it cant be hard 
I'll try do to it myself, but I never was a speedrunner 
Even _I_ Managed It In 7 Secs 
what, the little mexican boy that comes around to do the cleaning? 
6 Secs
wasn't especially hard. this should be optimum. 
Moz2 In 10 
That's amazing, I watched it then tried it myself and I couldn't even do the jump to get the gold key. Maybe it my total lack of skills with quake, but well done! 
Yes! Yes! 
I've done it!!! that funny jump in sm56_czg

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