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Quake Halloween Mapping Contest
I'm proposing something partway between a speedmapping session and a fullblown mapping contest (Coagula etc).

The rules: Make a map using the theme "haunted house." You have the month of October and should submit the map on Halloween. The map should support single player; cooperative and deathmatch are optional. There are no restrictions on size, texture set, or number of brushes.

I propose instead of the usual judging panel, everyone simply sends me a link to where their map can be downloaded, and I will post all of the links on Halloween. Who "won" will be a matter of popular opinion.
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This Was A New Submission... 
but i thought it would do better as a discussion thread. 
/me envisions maps with a similar theme to sm49_starbuck

It's a crate!
A crate!
A crate! 
Most Terrifying Thing In The World. 
Ah, a crate.
But what's inside the crate?


doilies! Back! Back, damn you, back! 
What Is Inside The Crate 
Not Much Headroom 
I'd have to hunch forward while I do my business. Unless that toilet is the size that it looks like. :) 
Oh So Scary 
I won't be mapping. But I think the Speedmap theme for Sept. 25th (Saturday before Halloween) should be horror.

btw, you should call it an 'event' not a 'contest' if there is no winner/prizes. Not a big issue, but saves you the hassle if news gets out around that there is a 'contest' going on. 
that obviously should say October 25th. Guess I'm stuck in the past. 
I Like This Idea... 
...because I like making houses in Quake. Perhaps a nice diversion from my current work. Hmmm... 
Contest Aspect 
Doesn't have to mean a prize. It could mean that maps are graded and scored and thus compared to one another.

Mansion plus crypt. Zombies. Wrought iron fences and dead trees. You are a 'ghost-buster' sent in to clear the village menace before the kiddies go trick-or-treating. Wouldn't it be nice if someone volunteered a pak file for all to use with custom models (trees, jack-o-lanterns, skulls, etc.) and sounds. I'm too unskilled to use anything other then regular Quake stuff. 
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