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Coffee Quake 2
Download here.

The speediest of map jam packs is back by popular demand. Coffee Quake 2 brings you 132 maps, all made within 2 hours, across four episode themes.

Episode 1: Egypt
Episode 2: Runic
Episode 3: Koohoo
Episode 4: Elder​

This jam features 132 two-hour speedmaps by 36 mappers!

More info and screenshots.
"Ah, man that hits the spot. Nothing like a great cup of black quoffee."


I'm overjoyed to see a sequel! I loved the first one so much. A slow sipper best savored like the tin says, gradually over one's daily coffee-breaks. 2023 is coming up all Quake. 
what is the second best map in the pack after E3M1 pls? 
That was fun, thanks to all the authors! 
So far I've played episodes 3 and 4. I agree that E3M1 was great! I also liked Fairweather's maps for episode 3, E3M31 possibly being my favourite map of the episode. But, of all the maps I've played so far, I think my top two maps are E4M28_yoder (What Would Sandy Do?) and E4M35_zigi2 (Curse of Dagon). I have written more indepth discussion at the discussion section of the Slipseer download. 
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