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Q1EP: The Spiritworld
The Spiritworld is a singleplayer & co-op episode inspired by the fourth episode (the Elder World).

It has 7 main maps, 3 secret maps, a start map and an end map with a new boss.

All maps by Newhouse & zigi.

It comes with a new soundtrack featuring tracks by Immorpher, BouncyTEM and dumptruck.


a whole new episode W/ Reznoresque OST? how cool is that? currently stuck on Elders5, no idea how to get the gold key from the pillar or how to get a silver key. very cool traps so far 
had to rocketjump there missing the silver key and about 100 monsters in the process. also: Elders6 map won't load 
maps Elders7 nor Elders9 won't load neither (host error, too many static entities) 
Nice, But... Again, Too Hard 
OK, played the start, managed to find quickly the nightmare skill (just for fun). Started on easy skill, because I want to have fun, searching some secrets and just to relax.

First map it was decent, nice references to original Quake maps. Found 6/7 secrets, killed all monsters. I expected a lot more details, but I guess that might have ruined the original Quake feeling. But, the most important thing for me... it seems easy - on easy skill. NICE!

Second map - MUCH harder, I died a few times, too many ambushes and traps. Not deadly traps, which is ok, but they can drain you fast if you are not super fast.

Third map - insane - I didn't finished, way too hard.

I know - oldschool, hardcore, bla bla bla. But damn it, I said it too many times... there's 4 levels, you have nightmare with health capped to 50. Make it impossible, put 1000 monsters in a room, I don't care, so the "hardcore players" can have orgasms by dying each second.

You also have hard - make it super hard, also don't care.

You then have normal - make it playable, not too easy, not too hard. This is probably hard to achieve...

But damn it, DAMN IT!!! You have EASY! EASY!!! I should be able to finish that without the mouse, with one hand tied on my back.

I don't consider myself noob, I play Quake since 1996, I played probably most of the custom maps and mods, at least the good ones. I can finish Quake on nightmare without saving. Yet, all this new maps and episodes are way too hard for me on EASY!

Don't you see a HUGE problem here? 
I haven't played the episode too far yet, but it's no longer 1996 and in general the community releases became more demanding on every skill level long time ago.

You also say that you expected more details, but to be honest the few maps that I've played in the episode already all have way more detais than any original Quake map ever had. 
How does the diffculty compare with dwell and Alkaline? is it much harder? 
Jaromir83: Not sure how old your sourceport is and why it gives you that error, the episode was tested with Quakespasm, Quakespasm Spiked, Ironwail, vkQuake, FTEQW, KEX rerelease. And I also played it with an old version of QS.

RaverX: I guess there's a big skill gap between players then, easy should be rather easy. And yeah there's a lot of traps but not many that kills you instantly. Which was one of the main points of the episode, to have a lot of traps. As were the "oldschool" look, not overdoing trims and detail.

yhe1: I'd say that there's harder maps in both Dwell and Alkaline 
yhe1: it's hard to say, on easy I it's not harder than dwell, it's probably easier. But for "easy" it's not easy at all, again, not for me.

zigi: Sure, when you make the map and play it 1000 times it probably "feels" very easy. Same for a "tester" that is "very good" at Quake - if anyone really tested easy... 
Very Cool 
atmospheric pak, all in a proper style of quake, thanks! 
Some small changes made after the release, get the new zip here:

I also would appreciate if the old link was replaced in the main post by the new one.

Also thanks Vondur for playing! :) 
Updated Link 
ok, all maps work w/ new QSS engine, what a great episode 
A very promising, imaginative and atmospheric episode...

...completely ruined by about four times as many tedious, shite turret traps as anyone would ever want to see in a map.

I don't even mind the Spawns.

I Mean... 
...why even make grenade turrets when goddamn Ogres exist?

That was a ragepost after I ragequit after being killed by a texture shooting projectiles at me for the nth time.

A lot of work has gone into this pak, and it shows guys, kudos. 
I had the same issue and rage quit a couple of times. It wasn't so much that the turrets existed... I think they are useful as an option, but they were very aggressive in the beta levels I tested. 
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