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Q1SP: Slip Tripping By Markie
I made a vanilla style speedmap for the hell of it. Jumping between base and Medieval is something I've wanted to explore and I tried it out here!


Screenshots on Twitter
Very Nice 
Very nice map, good combination of themes, polished, combat is really cool. 
I've come to expect your maps to always be very well done with great combat. Even for a 3 day speed map this one does not disappoint. 
This is super good. The central conceit of hopping back and forth between two (very original-campaign-reminiscent) environments is sweet. Ammo metering on skill 2 was good & encouraged grenade use. Several combat setups that give you a moment of "whoa" without being ball-busting: e.g. having to push through a few zombies before you get the GL, or instinctively backing away down an inclined tunnel when surprised by ogres and having their grenades chase you wayyyy down.

The final fight was set up nicely. Fun little diorama to look at, and it starts some wheels turning for anticipation/planning. Although in this case I did wish it had sprung one last surprise ... it was a little too much of a cakewalk.

Just great stuff for a small and quickly-made map. Or really, just great stuff, screw the qualifiers.

One technical oopsy that I think bit me: on the elevator that descends to the last fight, I didn't get off right away and it took me back up -- and stayed up, so I had to noclip to get back down. This was playing on Ironwail FWIW. 
Re: #3 
Yeah that elevator is fixed in the updated version that's on Quaddicted. Maybe a mod could update the link in the description with this?

Thanks for playing! 
I Didn't Consider It At The Time, But 
My problem with most "base + medieval" maps is that the two areas are almost completely separate. I think the reason this one works so well is because it makes you go between the two areas, links them together with the key hunt and then has a final gameplay section in the base area to conclude the level. It's a good lesson for people trying to make this kind of map. 
Very Nice 
And this took only 3 days? Pretty cool. I wouldn't mind a whole episode of such maps. 
There is an early grenade launcher secret. Replay value! 
This Map Is Very Nice Indeed! 

This map feels like id++

Kinda reminded me of seeing The Scourge Of Armagon base maps for the first time (only it's obv. a lot cleaner in build quality). 
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