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Quake 4 In Quake 2 Demo (tram Station Mission 24)
Welcome to the history of Quake 4 in Quake 2 a total recreation of all the missions of Quake 4 in Quake 2.

You can download a demo map here mission 24 tram station:

You can request the first unit on my web:

After the bitter man defeated the makron at the moon base he landed near a heavily fortified strogg military base.
There he learned that the Strogg had built a new makron. Now your mission is to
destroy the new one and avenge your fallen comrades without any help.
You will enjoy the following in this modification:

.Remastered Music from the official expansions (although you may already have them).

.Quake 3 music on some maps.

.Similar recreation of quake 4 maps in quake2.

.New graphical interface.

.In future versions maybe friendly marines will be placed.

This mod needs:

. Kmquake2 or Vanilla QUAKE 2 with unofficial patch 3.24.
this contains just a bsp file. I haven't tried it yet, but seems like we aren't going to get the new music or "new graphical interface" from just a bsp file. 
Complete Version 
In the complete version , will have music and much more. 
26/31 maps are done. 
I Assume 
Yamagi should also be ok as a port? It's quite vanilla-like after all. 
Reposting From A News Submision: 
Quake 4 In Quake 2 Dispersal Facilities Mission 15
Posted by bpulido21 on 2022/01/15 21:57:43

Dispersal facilities mission 15, quake 4 in quake 2 demo map.

Download map here:

Here is another of the best maps I have made from Quake 4 in Quake 2,
so that you can enjoy a little of the work I have done and give me your opinion.

Install instructions:

Extract the .bsp file to you baseq2/maps directory and load the map by console
Write 'map dispersal' and enjoy!

KMQUAKE2 OR QUAKE 2 3.24 is Recommended

Remember you can request the first unit on my web: 
If you release more parts of this mod, you can just post the new info in the existing thread. 
From A Rejected News Post 
Quake 4 In Quake 2 Mission 27 Processing Security Tower Test Gameplay
Posted by bpulido21 on 2022/01/17 14:30:55
A test gameplay of the mission 27 Processing security tower, Quake 4 in Quake 2 gamepack, give me your opinion. 
Doesn't Look Like A Bad Mod. 
However, for something with "Quake 4" in its title, I'm afraid I don't see much resemblance to Q4, visually or gameplay-wise, besides the use of Strogg. The similarity to Q4 seems too subtle. And I take it there are no Harvesters, Hovertanks, driveable Combat Walkers, failed Strogg rejects, coffins with teleporting Iron Maidens in them, etc?

For the Tactical Strogg, I suppose you could use Quake 2's "cyborg" player models, since the Tacticals were supposed to be Stroggified marines.

But I would think that this mod should at least have SOME of the elements of Q4 which weren't in Q2, so that it will seem more like "Quake 4 in Quake 2." Just my two cents. 
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