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Q1SP Acid Worship (for Rubicon 2)
It is my first map ever.
Designed for Rubicon 2
Converted to news thread. Screenshot looks promising. 
Very cool map. A lot of attention to detail and fairly challenging considering it only has the Rubicon 2 enemies. Only found one secrete but I did appreciate the "companion" found inside. :) 
This is a cool maps, I think regular enemies should be used along side the rubicon 2 ones tho. 
Thanks For Feedback 
Rubicon 2 is self-sufficient mod imo. It has rotation entities and breakable system and it adds more flexibility to your creativity. It has unrepeatable industrial style and unique look. Kharisma. I love it. As for first time mapper Rubicon is not too hard for learn mapping. Compare it with huge amount of entities in AD! 
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