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SM210: Overgrown Is Out Now! (Requires Copper)
Speedmap #210 is out now!


Organized by Naitelveni, it consists of 11 maps made in 2-3 days around the theme "Overgrown". Nature taking back what belongs to it! Requires latest Copper mod.

Maps from:
Burnham, Chris Holden, Doom Pope, Entsoy, Gnemeth, Greenwood, Markie Music, Naitelveni,, Quasiotter, Radiator Yang, and Shadesmaster.

Download SM210 here

Get latest Copper here
Quasiotter's map starts with a capital SM so typing lowercase sm into your console won't autofill to show their map. 
Organized by Naitelveni

Posted by markiemusic 
Interesting theme and I really loved markiemusic's Cthalha's Chasm. It's a work of art, much like his map in the Coppertone Summer Jam 2020 pack. Thanks for the release! 
Thank You! 
Perfect Maps! 
Lovely sm210_entsoy map! Nice Portal-alike atmosphere. Very solid for first-time(?) mapper.
And Markie's map won again! 
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