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SM205: The Randomizer Special!
Promo image:

Mapper's block may seem like a joke at first, but it's a real problem! Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes, so that's why I built the ZungrySoft Entertainment Quake Map Idea Generator!

Each participant ran a script (linked below) that would give them 3-4 requirements that their map had to follow. Each map's restrictions are listed in the readme file.


Try the Script yourself!
Infinite Garage 
All fun maps but Infinite Garage is absolutely brilliant. The gimmick is so dynamic at such a large scale! You're basically writing your own level in real-time.

Now imagine the same mechanic but with /height/ as well. Absolute chaos but of the best kind. 
I also sent a map. The letter has not arrived? 
You sent in a map? Can you possibly post it here? I would love to play a 2020 digs map! 
I did not receive a map from you either through my email or through a direct message on Discord. If you made a map, please send it to me and I'll stick it in the pack! 
Glad you liked it! I had the idea a while back and decided this was a good time to use it. 
Sent to 
Great Work Dudes 
I miss this SM session and I saw the concept was fun, hope it will have some new kind of random properties SM map to participate.

Here are my [url=]démosemos[/url]

I had a lot of fun on all maps instead of Quasiotter I didn't understood the concept I was totally lost in this map.

Comments are in maps. 
@metlslime Could You Edit My Post I Miss My Link :D ? 
Just watched your playthroughs. I didn't have a chance to test my map on nightmare, so I apologize about the shambler placement on that very last part! You soldiered through it though. I hope you had some fun.

I actually have a ton of weapons secretly hidden in that zombie room (hint to all, just look around). One of my requirements was to have 7 secrets. I also have a grenade launcher hidden at the beginning of the river raft ride (2nd hint to all). The map is a cakewalk after collecting stuff; however, it is not necessary to complete it. 
Could Someone In Charge Please Update The Download Link?

That is the new download link for the project with Digs' map included. Could someone please update that?

Thank you! 
link updated. 
Finally got to play your map ...and view it from above via noclip. Nice!

Digs04 is one of my favorite vanilla Base maps. Good to see that you are still generating great Quake content! 
Infinite Garage. Moebius Woulda Been Proud. 
All kinds of awesome. 
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