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Q1SP: The Colosseum
Hey guys. This is my first map, it's an arena map with just 4 waves of enemies. I wanted to see if this was a fun concept and also had to make it into a mod, so it could feature weapons that fit the theme and also support dynamic spawning.

Here's the download link and screenshots:
Nice Effort 
Here's a Playthrough. I thought it was a neat concept, though the map is a bit too open to make it very difficult. I forgot about the thunderbolt until after I finished it. New weapons were a cool addition. I think a tighter, more vertical map would have made things more interesting. Bring some more! 
Is that Drake? Haven't seen a Drake mod map in forever! 
Thanks for the feedback!
I feel like making a second version. 
I also made a playthrough of it, if want to see...

We need more waves, the map is too short the way it is now. But we also need respawning ammo and health to deal with more enemies :)

Would be cool if you make the inside shape of the arena change in every wave, to make every fight more unique... like some columns could emerge from the ground after the first wave, then after the second some walls, and then some archs, making some sort of labyrinth, and then some stairs to give more verticality to the fights, and before the last wave a huge temple in the middle could emerge where you can access the exit teleporter after killing the last enemy \o/

i know. i'm tripping balls here, sorry =D 
Words Go Here 
I agree with the other comments, you should have ammo/weapons spawn at each wave, give the player just enough to get to the next wave, encouraging use of the various traps.

You could open a portal at whatever wave and have it take the player up to a higher level of the arena where they have to do a slight skill jump to access the thunderbolt/ammoz.

Good job on your first map, of many ;) 
...didn't "Willem" (Warren Marshall) have some sort of 'wave' based mod? Maybe it's open source, might be useful. 
Thanks for all the feedback!
I was a bit insecure about this idea, since it's my first map. But looks like going crazy is the way to go, haha! 
There's Already An Arena Mod In Quake. 
And There Was One Before Qonqer 
Good to see people modding again. 
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