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Qonquer Released
I released my Q1SP mod, Qonquer, today! Fight waves of monsters in arena style maps with the aid of your minions.

Info and download:

Played for a bit in the medieval arena level on hard mode until about wave 12-13. Didn't bother to check, but is there a tutorial on how to map for this? I was hooked on Lunaran's byzantine level for doom 3, which played a lot like this, for quite a while. Pretty fun what I played. 
I'm going to put together something tomorrow about how to map for it. I'll include a .def file and all that jazz... Will announce here when it's done! 
Love It 
great idea to have the arenas change over time and a real challenge to keep up the concentration. Also, minions <3

Btw I guess it�s recommended to play with aguirRe�s engine, had no problems with overflows even during the most intense battles.
Bring on the arenas! 
in the metal arena, my enforcer minions are able to damage me?! 
and awesome levels. Really makes me want to map for it, I have a nice idea in my mind.

I do not like that reverse weapon cycling is not possible. I am very dependant on it. :(
And that minions can hurt the player while he cannot hurt them.

It is great that one can save! 

It's playable in standard software Quake, you shouldn't need special engines. Did you overflow? If so, at which level? I thought I was disposing of bodies/gibs quick enough but maybe not.

As for minions damaging you ... well, I wasn't sure what to do there. I kind of like that they can but I can take that out. I might make a newer version where the minions can't hurt the player or each other.


What do you mean by reverse weapon cycling? I didn't intentionally change anything related to weapon switching. 
I do not like that reverse weapon cycling is not possible. I am very dependant on it.

This was my biggest frustration. In any arena/horde combat I need to be able to switch between all weapons quickly.
AFAIK this is fixable in any mod: it works in SoA and in Quoth. Plz be to fixing this kthx

I have a whole ton of feedback, but because of how big a problem the mwheeldown binding is I will reserve judgement until I can play the mod with it. 
impulse 12: Being able to switch to weapons like 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (mousewheel up or E for me), not only 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (mousewheel down or T for me). It was added in Quake 1.06. (#14) 
there was another recent mod that was missing this feature. I guess you guys were both using an older version of the quakec source as a base. 
Huh, i was sure I started with with 1.06 source. Will look info it, thanks! 
Where might one find the absolute latest QuakeC source then so that I can diff it against mine? 
Don't Tell Me You Used 1.0 As A Base... 
Nice little mod anyway. The arenas look neat. I feel a certain urge to contribute some as well - Spirit, let's team up.

I think it would be a bit more rewarding if the game did end at some time (maybe by being able to set the fraglimit, where 1 wave equals 1 frag), or at least display some stats (kills/waves/dmg/etc) when dying. This would create a sense of accomplishment and allow for comparison/competition. 
Yeah, I wanted to do a stats screen but I couldn't figure out how to do that once the player was dead. I figure one of those screens with the text slowly appearing would be great for displaying stats and results.

And wait until this editing info screen done. I'm going to make that my main focus today. Maybe we could get some arena packs going! :) 
OK, I found a better version of QuakeC 1.06. Grrr. I'll get "impulse 12" into the next release for sure. 
Continued Here 
Willem, I wasn't saying I didn't like the mod in the betas thread - I thought you wanted beta feedback.

You're right about the developer mode being turned on - my id1 autoexec. Turned it off and no more messages.

A couple of questions - are the monster spawnpoints fixed? I mean is it possible to activate new ones and remove old ones?

I also notice that a monster never spawned when I stood on a telepad (base map) did you fix this so the player can't telefrag arriving enemies?

Finally - do all items respawn? If I put, say, a quad and only wanted it to appear once would I have to close off its area after collection?


I'm putting together an editing page for my site but some quick answers:

- the spawnpoints are fixed in their location but you can turn them off/on based on wave #

- monsters won't spawn at a spawnpoint that has a living thing too close to it. I opted for this rather than telefragging.

- yes, all items respawn as per DM rules. You could killtarget it though, as neg|ke suggested. 
Could be good for a decent turtlemapping session. 
Very nice idea. I had some good fighting in this one. Does the difficulty level increase all the time? Because I had the impression that after a while it stops at a certain level (played on normal).
Creating maps for this mod should be pretty difficult because you need to ballance them very carefully. In the metal map one can stay at the top level all the time (see the example demo). You can also spawn any number of minions if you like when you keep the last monster from a wave alive.
I noticed one strange problem on the metal part of the map. A knight spawned outside of this part and I had to noclip to find him in order to proceed. 
Please? Will check out later!! 
Another Lame Demo 
The third map is great, keeps you on your toes.
Until you find the safe spot... 
Does Not Work 
AguirRe's GLQuake tell me that progs.dat is corrupted... wtf ? 
ok i like it! just think it need more speed!!!

even in nightmare spawns are slow!!! more action please!!! 
for exemple like SOE deatmatch mod!

real pure action.
even in these days i play it from time to time :p 
"AguirRe's GLQuake tell me that progs.dat is corrupted... wtf ?"

I can't imagine ... anyone?


Thanks for the demos! :) Awesome... 
Crap, I wanted to view Ankh's demos but .. how does one unpack .DZ file on OSX? Anyone? 
Bah, I guess that doesn't work under Leopard. Can't make it go in the Terminal. I grabbed the source code so maybe I'll try and work up a modern version sometime. 
Good Mod 
Good fighting training. In the maps, you should make the highest points harder to defend. In the elder arena for example, it's rather effective to make use of higher ground, pick off monsters in the distance with the RL, and use SNG/shaft and GL to clear out immediate threats.

Maybe don't give all weapons at the start?

Randomize the ammo?

Drop bonuses if the player is good? Like go into quad mode when 5 monsters are killed very quickly (Qarnage?), or 3 gibbed in a row? This could be combined with a sound effect, Super Mario like. In fact, why not make it even more arcade like, and give extra lives. Less health, but 1 extra life per completed round.

The minions didn't seem terribly effective, but usable as cannon fodder.

I had to load QArena manually because Linux knows about upper/lower case. :-E

And I also vote for harder early waves. Many people won't spend enough time with this to ever see wave 30. 
It's very hard to stop playing this. After round 30, it gets really chaotic and "twitchy". In round 44, one of the 8 or so death knight minions got me.

The shaft in the base map was good, because it made me really go backpack hunting :-) endless fun.

It would perhaps be good to make the minions nonsolid. They kept blocking the access to the sng/armor. 
I'll definitely refine the minions for the next release. I'll make them not hurt each other, get out of your way, etc. They'll be better! 
Editing Information Online 
I've posted general and editing information here:

If you're interested in making a Qonquer arena, that should be all you need! I included entity DEF files but if someone creates an FGD for Worldcraft or any other editor, let me know and I'll put it on the site for others to grab.

Happy reading! 
Is a great little mod, actually. 435 on metal, and the slaughter is calling to me.

I reckon a stats screen setup (as neg|ke suggested) would be the #1 request for version 2 - just the same as a standard SP end level screen, if possible. Maybe have it triggerable and reset the monster count to 0 as well.

Spawn can't be minions?

Thanks for the mod and documentation, Willem. 
that's an interesting idea. Since death is the only way the level ends, why not use the intermission screen as the post-death game summary screen? 
I'll definitely try to do that. I sort of half heartedly looked at it before I released 1.0.

I guess I'll just need to hook into player death and then figure out how to do that intermission text display. 
Nice One... 
...and will cetainly get better with some of the suggestions from this thread implemented. I played Easy and nothing spawned in the Elder arena. Ran around for ages thinking I might have to pay some purgatory price for attempting the level at such a low skill :) but still nothing happened. Left after some of the texturing choices (IK metal trim facing stone steps?) got too much to take.

Really enjoyed the base and metal levels though, a great way to hone skills.

Thanks Willem 
- Player shouldn�t be able to hurt the minions, after several waves things get too hectic to avoid hitting them.
Whether they can hurt the player could be controlled variable.

- Minions with different abilities: Medics who can heal the player with low health (player has to get close to them), Bomber minions that seek out the player and explode (like the bomb in Quoth), Bodyguards/Axemen who stay close (could be annoying though).
Those special minions could spawn only once every few rounds or as reward for special actions etc.

- special skins for minions

- comparison/competition is nice, but how to avoid that players can just reload a save ? Resetting the timer after loading ? Being able to save is great though.

- Rewards for special frags/weaponcombos, i.e. if the player gibs 3x in a row, his maxhealth increases by 5 points. Or low gravity arenas where the player has to hit airrockets for certain rewards. Good accuracy could be rewarded with a faster ammo respawn (i.e. for one wave only).
These �specials� would also increase the replay value, i.e. if I die always at a certain wave (dead point), I could try to score more specials to increase my chances.

- Powerups like slow-mo/bullettime, magnetism (being able to pick up stuff from a distance). Or something like "the friendly axe", all monster hit turn to minions etc.

- definitely make the arenas expand more with increasing waves, I really like that idea 
I had a few suggestions similar to those.
But I want to play with proper mousewheeling. Any chance you could quickly release an update with just that one fix? I don't think we're playtesting ( and we are playtesting ) properly without it. 

Yeah, that's a bug. :P Next version will work on Easy in that arena.


Minions will be better next version. They won't hurt you (or each other) and will get in your way a lot less. You can't hurt them though - they spray blood but your shots aren't doing any damage.

I'll think about the rest of your ideas too. I'm putting together a short list of stuff to put in the next version.

As for arenas that expand, that's totally doable. It's all level designer controlled so once I (or someone else) makes an arena that does that we'll have it. Heh. 
Finally!, this fits my need to "just frag some some monsters" perfectly, without having to annoyingly swap levels all the time eventually leading to having to start over again...

:).. big thanks! 
I Have One More Complaint 
The name is gay. Q on queer. :(

The game seemed fine although the difficulty picked up a little slowly (skill 2) and the knights don't do very well in the stairs.

This could rock in QW though where control is better and my weapon scripts etc work. The scoring should work fine with COOP multiple players, right, just count the kills? Hmm... 
I almost have the new version ready. I want to see about the summary/score screen at the end before I released it though.

Well, and I tweaked the arenas somewhat and my r_speeds are too high now in the metal arena so I need to optimize there as well. Blargh... 
The Levels 
Good work, those are some good-looking maps.

The base one is my favorite, because the gameplay is very fluid and the backpack hunting really adds fun. I'm looking after every wave how many cells I managed to collect. To collect more backpacks, you have to take risks and go right into the hot zone. I like that. I also like the three spawnpoints in a row on the upper level, where you can do little runs from time to time to clean them.

The metal one is good, but the base minions felt a little underpowered. Shamblers come too early. I'd give a shaft so you could collect cells from your dead minions. Also a little short on nails it is.

Didn't play the elder arena much yet. Just noticed you can't get out of the lava. :-/

Sielwolf's minion skin idea is good. Perhaps just fullbrights or b/w. 
Basically what my predecessors said. My only real complaint is that it takes too long to get really frantic, if at all. I'm not a top notch player, but even at wave 15 on hard, I find it too easy. I want it to be almost unbeatable after at most 10 minutes of gameplay. I want frantic gameplay. I'd really like it if it progressed like a logarithmic function: Quickly at first, and when it gets hard and frantic, it needs to progress very slowly, so that it takes a while before all the monsters really overrun you. 
Alright - This Mod... 
...pretty inspired. I played on normal skill and in the base map (training?). I thought what I did see was very well thought out. At no point was I confused as to what was meant to be going on. The level design was very good, very "classic quake". I couldnt find the way up to the nightmare entrance right at the start, but I never can find clever secrets.
Brushwork was nice, nothing organic, quite clinical but well put together and lit. Although I played at 1280 x 1024 I could see how the lighting and brushwork would accomodate software engines running low resolutions, which I gather is the style you are in to.

The gameplay was interesting, especially at first, with not knowing what was going to happen. I found that the presence of the lightning gun in the base level perhaps made it possible to progress so far that it seemed as if I was never going to die. And I didnt. I saved and quit after wave 42, because I have a lot of work to do today ;-P
It was fun at first but then became a little tedious, no more tedious though than any other arcade style shooter might after "level 42".
Maybe on reaching level 25 or 30 you should spawn in a vore or something. I know that it was the training level I played, and it's set in the base/tech themed universe, where vores can be few and far between, but if you can have a glowing hell knight I dont see why we cant have a vore. Something to actually make a good try for killing the player at these leter stages, that is.

Wave 42, not even loosing too much health??!

Make it harder!!!

Oh, also, I liked the sound effect at the end of each wave, that was cool.

And also, thanks Willem, this was fun, I will play again later, I havent even seen any other levels yet!! :D 
Thanks Ricky!

The difficulty is really up to the level designer. The mod will spawn whatever is specified in the arena. The base arena is kind of easy because it eases you into the game but you're right - maybe I'll throw in some harder monsters on super high levels there.

Try the other arenas. The tougher monsters are in those! 
Fun Stuff... 
Definitely one of the best Quake mod of late!

Some monsters make better minions than others although I like the contrasting nature of those in your maps, i.e. base vs. medieval and medieval vs. base. It seems Hellknights beat Enforcers who, in turn, are better than Scrags -- although, once you had a bunch of them, they were very effective at getting in the way. Funny how the Enforcers won't even shoot at the Zombies in the 2nd arena. There's definitely a little room for improvement with the minions.

I thought the gameplay was great! Sure it was a little slow to start but had me grinning at the ridiculousness of it all in no time. More, more, more! Please, of course :) 
Heh, minions won't deal with zombies. Ever. They don't like them. :) 
Good apart from the lava. 
Make it harder.

For hard and nightmare skill I would suggest to stop the health from ticking upwards and to make the armour spawn only 1-2 times in a wave.

For the metal map you could try to move the armour under the bridge and spawn a vore on the bridge from time to time. And you could remove two of the health packs.

I think that on hard skill the player should get into problems from the 10-15th wave. 
There's only so much I can do though. The monsters are only so threatening and you guys are so good that it's tough to present a real challenge to you. :)

I don't want to change the monsters fundamentally by amping their health or damage - I'm a Quake purist at heart.

I'll try some things. But, really, the things you suggested are mostly achievable by the level designer so anyone could make a level that's super hard if they wanted to.

Stopping the health ticker on Hard is a good idea, thanks!

That was a hint in case anyone missed it. Heh. 
WTF !!!! 
I tried with WinQuake, FitzQuake 0.80, aguirRe's GLQuake 1.31 and I always get the same error message: "progs.dat has wrong version number (0 should be 6)"
Anybody would consider to help me please ? 
You've got me stumped. It works in software Quake and lots of other people are running it OK.

Anyone else using those engines he mentioned? 
It's a problem on your side. Re-download the file or something. 
Beeeeep ! 
Nice try neg|ke, I already tried it, and it didn't help :P 
It seems to depend on the map, not the programming. Perhaps just disallow saving.

The zombie situation is a bit irritating. Perhaps allow some minions to kill them, like ogres? 
I Played On AguirRe's GL 
and had no problems. 
The zip looked a bit odd when I opened it in windows, presumably because it comes from a mac. So it might be an issue with the program you're using to unzip the file - try finding an alternative and using that. 
makes me feel as if I reached Q3 arena in Quake1!

Good Job, Willem! 
I Think To Make It Harder.... 
...for example in the base map get rid of the SNG and replace with an NG and replace the LG with a SSG! That would make it tougher. 
It Gets Hard Enough 
just starts too slow 
Thanks! This is much fun. I got to wave 39 on first try I think. 1779 monsters! Crazy. Any chance of Quoth monsters in this? 
I think no matter how good you are it gets plenty challenging eventually (I'm not that good so..).
Also I play this with TQ146 as i play everything with if I can. It was just fine. Thanks again for this great mod. 
Finally It Works Fine... 
First thanks a lot to aguirRe who provided me a non corrupted version of Qonker folder...

Second, this mod is fucking awesome ! Nice idea to map quake arena that is not Quake 3 based ! the only bad point is that it start too slow, and before having funny butchery you need to wait at least till wave 10...

Anyway, keep it up ! 
Thanks! Glad you got it working finally. 
Qonquer 1.1 Released 
New version!

Direct download:

Anyone who found it too easy before will hopefully find that it scales a little better if you play on Hard or Nightmare.


- added �impulse 12� for cycling to the previous weapon with ammo
- fixed the �Elder Arena� on Easy skill (no monsters were spawning!)
- minions will no longer hurt each other or the player
- made the minions stand further away from the player so they won�t trap you in the corner
- increased various limits, tweaked various times, based more values on skill level
- added finale screen (take a screenshot, impress your friends)
- proper respawn for the player after finale 
Glad to see impulse 12 added :)

But, um...dude. Don't include source code or source maps, provide them as a separate sdk.
Don't put all the content in open folders inside a folder named qonquer inside another folder named qonquer.

The download zip should contain:

qonquer ( a folder, named in lowercase, that players simply extract to c:/quake/ )

Inside that folder there should be:

( it's good to add the version number to this filename, but whatever this file is named it should be the same as the zip )

Do not include a file named readme.txt

To assemble a pak file, use Pakscape:

For the time being, I've assembled just such a download:

Anyone unhappy with the packaging of the mod will receive a full refund. :)

But thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the future! 
Oh, and as for Pakscape ... remember, I'm on OSX. Is there a Mac PAK utility somewhere? I'd love to pack up the mods I do properly. 
Pak On A Mac 
Although I can't test this myself, you might want to try:

It claims to be able to read .pak files, so hopefully it will let you edit them too. 
I'll take a look at that this weekend. I seem to remember trying it before and it wouldn't even start up but we'll see. I think it's a classic app... 
Whoops, my bad ... that does indeed run but it looks to be a viewer. I don't see a way to import files or write out a new PAK. Blargh...

I may have to write something then. Yucky. 
Scrolling Text 
The new scrolling text works really well, I'm glad you got that working. But if it bugs you that it's still scrolling out slowly - which irritated me more in the original quake than here - then this is the way to create mod specific cvar defaults without annoying people with custom configs.

Find quake.rc from the id1 directory, and copy it to your mod directory. If you open this file with a text editor you'll see the following contents:

// load the base configuration
exec default.cfg

// load the last saved configuration
exec config.cfg

// run a user script file if present
exec autoexec.cfg

// stuff command line statements

// start demos if not allready running a server
startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3

This is basically run like a cfg file when quake starts up. The best place to put custom cvar defaults is between exec config.cfg and exec autoexec.cfg. This way the last saved engine settings from the id1 directory imported in config.cfg get overriden, but a player can still choose to change your mod's setting by adding a line in autoexec.cfg. The command that doubles the speed is
scr_printspeed 16

You'll also notice that the same file sends the commands to start the regular quake demos that play when you start up the game. You can replace those with commands to play some new demos of gameplay in the arenas. Or you could add the command
map qsStart
to jump the player straight into the skill selection map. 
I gave this one a try yesterday and I think it progresses a bit too slowly. The map the game calls "tough" didn't get challenging on hard skill level until at about 26th wave.

I'll check the other maps today. 
Definitely try the new version. Many things have been tweaked. 
Pak Files Are Not Exactly Complicated... 
Though I somehow have managed to avoid writing a pak file creator so far. 
I might write one eventually for OSX but I have a few other projects to do first... 
This is excellent, exactly the kind of mod Quake is suited to. The only major issues I have when playing this are more the result of flaws in the Quake engine than anything in the mod. For instance, functioning aiming and hearing all sounds are pretty much essential in this mod, yet by default in Quake weapon fire isn't in sync with the crosshair and sounds are dropped when too much is going on. I know Joequake has a fixed crosshair while FitzQuake and Aguirre's engine seem to fix dropped sounds, but is there any engine out there that fixes both of these problems? 
A Lil Bug... 
After dying and restarting, the next weapon cmd crashes the level. 
Posted Earlier But Skipped 
great mod!
I have never played deathmatch, but this one gave me the q3 feeling I really enjoyed in Q1!

Good Job, Willem! 
"After dying and restarting, the next weapon cmd crashes the level."

Urr .. OK. Weird! I'll look at the code and see if something obvious jumps out I guess. 
..I neglected to mention that this happens in the hall of choices before i pick one of the 3 maps. That 3rd map is tough. I sure am tired of falling in the lava with no place to get out. 
Why Was The Elder Area Nerfed ? 
I liked the jumping over lava, quite the thrill :) you could have just put teles in there, losing a good amount of health would have been enough punishment, and players would be able to continue. 
Updated The Link... 
to point to the new information page instead of the old blog entry 

Sorry, the monsters wouldn't cross the func_wall I was toggling no matter what I did. I took them out for the sake of gameplay. Monsters who don't chase you aren't much of a threat. :) 
hate it. 
It hungers for your flesh. Your crispy, delicious flesh. 
Willem, About Pak Utility, 
I don't know, maybe, just maybe, you can use a dos based utility together with a mac version dosbox. 
Pak Utility 
I use something called QEU3, under Linux. Command line programs, comes with the source code, so maybe you could make it work? Contains pak, wad etc utils.

Can't you even run Linux programs under OSX? There is xpak (I think thats the name) for X11. Can you run wine (ugh...)? 
Command line utilities? DOS? Please. :)

I mean, thanks for the suggestions but I've been command line free for years now and I'm not going back. Heh. 
Apple Snob 

Baaad, bad command line. How do you compile your maps? Drag and drop?

No, I meant such little things could perhaps be easier to port. Or attach to your map editor. Or somesuch. I mean they are open source. /shrug 
Willem = 
The dissenting Mac user. 
"Baaad, bad command line. How do you compile your maps? Drag and drop? "

ToeTag. :)

"No, I meant such little things could perhaps be easier to port. Or attach to your map editor. Or somesuch. I mean they are open source. /shrug"

I'll probably do something eventually along those lines if I have enough need of it. I can read PAK files so there's no reason I couldn't write something to create them. 
"The dissenting Mac user."
No, no ... discerning. :) 
Ha! I Knew It! 
ToeTag. :)

The editor is just a compiled batch file with a lot of bells and whistles thrown in. Command line free, my right cheek bottom :) 
Hey, am I typing on a command line? Hells no, I'm clicking a button. The way modern man was meant to live. :P 
*nudges Willem*
Get in touch with your inner primate ;)

ToeTag does look good though, I'd love to try it, but I only own PCs. 
Monsters who don't chase you aren't much of a threat. :)

not a problems in such a small arena as monsters spawn on both sides of the lava 
But, um...dude. Don't include source code or source maps, provide them as a separate sdk.
Don't put all the content in open folders inside a folder named qonquer inside another folder named qonquer.

The download zip should contain:

qonquer ( a folder, named in lowercase, that players simply extract to c:/quake/ )

Inside that folder there should be:

qonquer1_1.txt ( it's good to add the version number to this filename, but whatever this file is named it should be the same as the zip )

Kell is right about this. When I downloaded this zip, it was full of all sorts of shit. Redundant folders, random unspecified files with the same name as folders, extra mac bits, .DS_store files. They wouldn't copy over in one lot, I had to find out which bits were extra and leave them out.

Obviously I did it and enjoyed Qonquer but it's an unnecessary hassle given how most Quake mods, well, just work as Kell says. 
Alright, I'll try and do better next time. 
I don't mean to be arsey about it, it was just a prominent issue.

The mod itself is great and has plenty of potential. 
I don't mean to be arsey about it, it was just a prominent issue.

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it in the first place. It wasn't meant to be a chastisement, it's just that many players don't expect to be involved beyond handling a zip file, and certain conventions have developed over the years.

It's meant as advice, not criticism. 
I mentioned it with the beta release. :) 
Bug Report 
I just finished playing a round in Ankh's hate.bsp

After viewing the scoreboard I followed the invitation to "press fire to play again" and spawned in the map with no viewmodel.
I checked at the console: r_drawviewmodel was set to 1
I could see I still had my trusty single-barrel shotgun, so I mouse wheeled up to select it, assuming the mod had simply forgotten to reselect it upon weaponstrip.
It crashed to console.

Also, when viewing from the info_intermission after death, the monsters continue to attack. In a map like hate.bsp where the camera is close to the ground, this gets annoying as the fiends incessantly leap and tear at empty space.
I know this happens in vanilla SP, so perhaps it's a crit of the map more than the mod, but it is an issue worth mentioning because unlike vanilla SP this is going to happen basically every round of Qonquer.

By contrast, the monsters sometimes fall into idleness while I'm still alive. This happens after they kill a minion; their movetogoal widget isn't retargetted at the player. 
I plan to make a small qonquer arena, but I have to pester Willem into letting me hack the ToeTag sources first :-). I want to make a map in the rtz theme. 
"By contrast, the monsters sometimes fall into idleness while I'm still alive. This happens after they kill a minion; their movetogoal widget isn't retargetted at the player."

I guess that's true. I didn't account for that. They won't get angry again until they see you. I'll make a note to fix that in the future if I do another release.


What do you need ToeTag source code for? I'm not against the idea but I'm wondering what it is that you need it to do. 
I was thinking I'd take the work off your hands and add support for changing the key bindings and camera controls.

The controls in ToeTag are very counterintuitive for me, because I'm still used to the QERadiant controls and I would really be able to change them.

Didn't you get my email from a couple of days ago regarding this issue? 
"By contrast, the monsters sometimes fall into idleness while I'm still alive. This happens after they kill a minion; their movetogoal widget isn't retargetted at the player."

I like that aspect!! 

I did, sorry! I forgot to respond. I have one more version to get out the door and then you can take a hack at it if you like. I'd like to properly OpenSource it though.

How would I do that? Anyone know an easy way?

I want to avoid 4 different people publishing 4 different versions of ToeTag. That would suck a whole lot. I'd love to have one central depot that everyone contributes to and a single version everyone can download. 
Yes, I agree. I wanted to patch your code so that you could keep one code base. I guess I could set up an SVN repository on fov120 for you - that would make collaboration a lot easier. 
hi all 
Brainy People 
Hi Moza 
how to make acc on qonquer it doesn't work 
What do you mean with "acc"? 
iam neeed tree havesssssssssssssssssssssssss 
Good Point 
More maps please. 


More maps please. 
Help My 
help my and for commands list to qonquer 2 
would suit this I think, it's small map... can't be arsed to do the conversion myself though :P 
Fun Mod :) 
Skill 3
map elder

survived 27 waves
121 minions died
724 kills

improvable for sure but this one took me over an hour already:)

not posting demo unless soemone realy wants to 
Imo the easy monsters are harder.

Think about it let it sink in.

Atleast on skill 3 grunts are the hurt. 
121 minions ... awesome. :P 
I was wondering if anyone has the Qonquer editing info from WarremM/Willem's website saved. The website is down, but on an off chance I sent an email to him from a readme file. Unfortunately the domain is from the same website so I doubt it went through. Or if anyone has an up-to-date email address, that would be cool.

I know I could piece together the info by looking at map sources, but it would be nice if anyone has it saved. 
His new e-mail is in his profile in the first post. 
Lol Thanks 
This forum is so low-tech I guess I forgot user profiles even existed. (Not that I'm saying change is needed by any means!) 
Even Lollier 
I forgot the Wayback Machine exists.... 
Warren's website is now dead, making Qonquer much harder to download. I've reuploaded it here.

This includes the QuickerQonquer changes by anonymous (the original file is included as progs_old.dat). Also includes the Doom Arena map made by Warren (released only in the Screenshots & Betas thread). 
Good Save! 
thanks man 
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