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Q1SP Mod DevKit - Progs_dump
progs_dump is a QuakeC compilation intended to give Quake mappers more creative options than “vanilla” Quake, while retaining the look, feel and gameplay of the original.

Features include:

* trigger spawned monsters
* custom sounds (ambient and triggered)
* custom models and sprites with optional animation frames
* multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets
* custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)
* enhanced triggers (start off and is_waiting flag to delay triggering)
* enhanced plats (toggle, start at bottom, etc.)
* trigger_setgravity (on player and / or monsters)
* trigger_usekey (trigger volume that requires a key to fire)
* tele_fog (play teleport effect e.g. disappearing monsters)
* Rotfish fixes

Sample Maps by Ionous, Mclogenog and dumptruck_ds

Please read the manual for full details.

NOTE: If you use this DevKit, your map should be released as a stand-alone mod and installed into its own folder in the Quake directory. This is not intended to be a mod that people make and release content for.


Ionous' map
Yoder's map
dumptruck's map
Ionous' 2nd map

There will be some bugs. I'll do my best to keep this updated regularly. I hope you find it useful!

4mb download on Quaketastic.
Or on Dropbox

Source on Github
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This Will Be Pretty Useful 
Nice to have a "blank page" custom progs of sorts for others to build on, makes me much more willing to learn qc for a big project I have in mind.

Cool maps too, including ionous' which may as well have been a tiny ionsp2 considering how nice it was. 
Congratz On Your QC Project Release 
Well done dude, d'loading and playing now. 
Thanks damage!

Otp: quakec is just as gratifying as mapping. For me it was a lot of trial and error. Someone said recently the best way to learn Quakec was to look at a lot of code. Custents and RRP have decent comments so I recommend those if you start looking.

Also progs dump would be good for speed mappers. 
+1 Vote For A Progs_Dump Speedmap Pack! 
To celebrate the new tools, who all would be up for a SM188? 
I Would Be 
It was one of my goals with this to make speed maps more dynamic and easier to create. I would join in for sure! 
What QC version this is based on? It would be nice if you add ladders, earthquakes and some other mission packs goodies. 
Six Shoota 
It's compiled from id1 1.06 with pieces from Hipnotic, Rogue, Rubicon Rumble Pack, Custents and a few others. If more people request ladders I will consider it. But they are clunky in qc and feel less like the original game to me. Earthquakes almost made it in but they are so limited and really don't affect the player too much. Not sold they are worth it.

The goal was to really stay close to vanilla Quake and not to add too much other stuff. I felt gravity was a good addition because it was in the original game albeit hard coded.

Once you get into breakables, ladders and other things then you may as well go with Arcane Dimensions. Also the code is freely available and this is really a base for mappers so people can add when they'd like. 
+1 Ladders 
Preferably Quoth-style instead of AD-style, though the latter can provide interesting combat situations. Both, perhaps?

Re: earthquakes
I think they're a cool gimmick that can enhance the atmosphere in lava/rocky maps. Plus, gameplay-wise, I like the unpredictability they lend to a simple thing like following a monster with the NG or in platforming sequences.
tl;dr earthquakes=good 
Not To Mention That They Fit The Name Of The Game 
Can We Vote On A New Name!!! 
I'm sorry but, I just don't like "Progs_dump"!!! I named my mod folder progs_ds.

The dump part either makes me think of a source code "dump" or... well, taking a poop :-P

Nothing personal, just making a comment, hehehe. 
I Have A Lot Of Feature Suggestions. 
And I will spend my time implementing them myself instead. 
That's cool otp, but not everyone understands QC. Which is why the work of people like dumptruck is so important to the community at large. 
The whole point is to make your own mod with your own name. :)

Mugwump. I am def. going to look into ladders but no promises. As I stated above. Ladders don't scream vanilla to me. This is really and "enhanced" vanilla for me.

That said it does come up occasionally that mappers try and make ladders with brush hacks. I'll be weighing this as I revise the mod. And please take not I have other pressing projects so no revisions for weeks or even months. No one should wait on updates. Go map! 
ladders with brush hacks
You mean the 1-unit-wide steps thing? That sucks.

Yeah, no worries @ timing.

BTW earthquakes can be considered vanilla, just not id1 vanilla. You already included hipnotic/rogue stuff, so... 
Might Use This For My Current Project Instead Of All These Id1 Hacks.. 
Earthquakes are a good way to enhance a "rumble" sound effect. I used it with my stairs trap in my underwater jam, and it helped a lot with making sure players were spooked enough to not quickly run or jump back up before it was too late. +1 for adding them to a future release. 
Neat, something to play with during the weekend. Thanks! 
A Good Way To Begin Our Mods 
Thank you! 
Nice job guys! I'm looking forward to seeing what mappers do with this! 
I actually had some suggestions, but I deleted them when I realised I was pretty much saying "a gimped AD pls".

id1++ sounds like a good philosophy - stuff that gives mappers more support without radically changing the id1 gameplay. 
Yeah, I think moving forward I'll want to add more things that are accomplished by hacks.

That the main reason I wanted a silent trigger push. The hacks we tough to get right. 
A Bit Late On This But 
A lot of this is what I remember wanting out of the Episode Jam progs. Glad to have them here. Congrats on the release, and I can't wait to see what you add next.

Agreed on earthquakes, by the way. Ladders, less so, but I get why people want them. 
Good News 

After some research both ladders and 'quakes are fairly easy to include. So I think they'll be added in the next release.

Spike and c0burn have suggested a few other cool features that should be very easy to add as well. 
Be Careful Of Feature Creep 
It's best to have a clear goal with your project. 
I agree. Tough to balance making everyone happy with - "I want to stick to these basic constraints, cuz I feel strongly about the end result." 
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