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Alien Armaggedon Duke3D Mod Released!
New mod for Duke 3d
what do you mean by stolen shit trainwreck 
If you actually played the mod, you would know the mod has a ton of original content. 
The new episode is really good, still not as good as Death Wish, but close 
Anon Abuse Removed. 
Holy Mother Of God 
This mod is the kind of mod that comes up to revolutionize and change how future mods will be played. With the introduction of a new character in Bombshell and sharpened sprites and graphics, this is the new standard for DN3D mods. There are many ways that Duke modders can go from here.

The first episode was somewhat rough, being too long and cryptic to be a proper introduction level. But the rest are excellently crafted. Enemies old and new are on point. This is a masterpiece of modding worth playing. Just be careful with video cards; it may slow down the frame rate.

This is the AD of Duke 
Part 2 
Part 2 of AA released, includes new remixed Caribbean and Duke in DC episode 
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