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DM4 Jam - The Bad Place
Quake DM4 is a beautiful map. Vertical... deadly... and dare I say... sexy. But... only in deathmatch!?!

It's time for you to bring this beautiful theme to the single player dimension.

***Your mission is to create a single player level using the DM4 visual/spacial theme.***

Verticalilty meets lava meets gorgeous runic textures. Epic or modest, speed map or Arcane Dimensions level of detail - all submissions and styles are welcome.

Here's the offical wad for the jam. You can add other wads and textures but please use at least one instance of each of the included textures somewhere in your submission.


UPDATE: New and final deadline is: Sunday March 18th at 18:00 func time.

There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. The jam admin (me) will NOT be submitting a map. Make sure and have someone playtest your map before submitting it. Use the email address in my profile to send me your maps. Or find me on the #terrafusion or #trenchbroom Discords to submit it there.

Name your map like this: dm4jam_<my nick>

Make sure and include a readme.txt and your .map file so others can learn from your hard work.

GO MAP!!!!
Some Screenshots Of Dm4 
Looks Like An Interesting Little Wad 
The jam admin (me) will NOT be submitting a map.

Maybe a start map? 
Start Map... 
Should(could?) be enhanced/advanced version of the original DM map as a homage. 
Start Map? 
Maybe. I've changed my mind about making a map but not sure how many submissions. No one is posting too much about this one. (sigh) 
I'm Trying A Speedmap For This 
I only have a few spread out hours this week but I can do something with the same detail level as the original 
I'm tempted to join, but don't know yet how much time I'll have during the week. 
I'll def give this a try. Dunno if I'll have enough time, but I'll try to be realistic and start something I can finish. 
Good Theme 
I won't even have time for a quick map, but it's a cool idea. Also, fucking epic if Bal makes one! 
Looks Like I Made A Mistake... 
with the deadline. If this keeps people from making a map then it needs to be changed.

I'll make one extension right now.

New and final deadline is: Sunday March 11th at 18:00 func time.

I'd like to test/package this on a Sunday evening because I won't have free time during the week. And hell I'm gonna make a map for this too but I'll respect the deadline.

I won't extend this again to make things fair for everyone who decides to make a map. :) If you can't make the deadline you can do a solo release afterward in this thread. Thanks! 
Intresting Theme 
Today I started my map for this jam. 
I Made A Jam Chat Channel On The Discord 
Go Map! 
Let's Give This A Go 
Okay. No more lurking. I'll give this a shot, even if the deadline is a bit tight. 
As Always... 
I didn't think I'd be interested, but then started up Jack just to doodle and was immediately smiling at my results. The challenge of using only a handful of textures has me hooked; I know we can use others if we want to, but I'm going to try to limit myself for the fun of it.

One stupid question just to clarify: this is for stock ID1, correct? The OP doesn't explicitly say, and I took the mention of Arcane Dimensions to be only a reference to its level of architectural detail, not suggesting that we're building maps for it, or any other mod for that matter. 
Stock ID1 It Is 
As for textures, you can use whatever as long as it sticks to the dm4 theme (I.E. Blue metal, lava, etc.) 
@tens @Aristical 
@tens Sorry I wasn't more clear. Honestly, it was a drunk post. :) NO ALL NIGHTERS on this one.

Vanilla this time.

@Aristical Very cool. Jump in. Make something small. Doesn't have to a masterpiece. Mine certainly won't be! Jams are really just an exercise in pushing yourself to make decisions quickly IMO. 
Sir Yes Sir! 
I promise if I get so close to the deadline that I'd be tempted to stay up, I'll put my foot down instead and turn my entry into a standalone map. I'd rather be part of the fun, of course, so I'll endeavor to keep my work small in scope. Thanks for clearing that up! Probably wasn't necessary for anyone else, but I wanted to make sure I didn't spend two weeks working off a careless assumption. 
updated thread with the new deadline. 
Id1 Right? 
Yes Id1 
Dumptruck Go Map. 
Thanks for the edit hombre. Yeah I'm actually making one. 
I like the idea of this even though I've never done a single player map. Quite interested to see what comes out. I had a quick run around dm4 last night checking out the architecture. It seems the one squiggly texture was only used in one spot on the map (corners in passage heading to YA) so may have been accidental. @Mankrip considering what the jam is I almost want to suggest using the original DM4 slightly edited as a start map for it. 
New To This Whole Scene 
But I want to give this a shot. The recent video series on Trenchbroom has me interested in trying my hand at this. I'm a huge quake fan but have never made a map before. Walking around the theme map and looking at the texture set has given me a few ideas I want to try and build. You may see more of me around asking questions as the deadline draws near. 
As I mentioned on r/quake go for it!

If I can do it anyone can. If you need help just ping me. And note the TB Discord link. 
Head Count For Jam 
If you are working on a map for the jam. Even if you don't think you can finish in time. Please post. (even if you have already.) I need to ge a head count for the start map. Thx! 
Count Me In! 
I'm definitely gonna take a stab at this. I've never participated in any kind of community mapping project before so sorry ahead of time if I chicken out due to the time constraints :P.

This map jam theme totally caught my eye though and I couldn't pass it up! 
Count Me In! +1 
Me too 
DM4 Start Map Slipgates Could Be Map Entrances? 
Just wanted to pop in and say that I agree with the other people here advocating for using DM4 as the start map. You could make each slipgate a map entrance! Of course, that would mean you'd have to edit the map up a bit to not only include more slipgates for more maps, but also make sure that the player can still access the separate floors of the map, meaning you will have to differentiate map gates from actual slip gates.

Just thinking out loud! 
I'll Have A Bash 
Hello chaps and chapesses. Thought I'd stop lurking and finally have a tinker. Deadline's a bit tight but I should be able to rustle up something "old school", as the kids say! 
* Sigh * 
As promised so many times before, I'm in. 
I Like Dm4's Theme A Lot 
I don't know if I'll finish mine in time but I'll give it a shot, I'm in. If I do this'll be my second mapjam 
Who Would've Thought That DM4 Will Bring So Many People Together. 
also @MissBubble, Start map is definitely gonna have that idea. NewHouse is making it. 
Ah, sweet! I didn't know that someone had already planned on doing it. I'm looking forward to seeing it! 
deadline's kinda tight, but since i really needed the motivation to actually release something, i'm in 
Ahoy Hoy 
I'm still in; haven't got much to show for myself right now, but I'm cautiously optimistic! 
Cut N Paste From Discord Below: 
@everyone I have 15 maps so far. Obviously subject to change but here's where we are at:

ww (via func)
MissBubbles (via func)
ww (via func)
Bloodshot (via func)
prengle (via func)
ItBeginsWithTens (Rob why aren't you on Discord??)

Am I missing anyone? Who would like to test maps? we need help fellas? Please volunteer to test if you are not mapping. 
So Ww Ww 
doh... long day 
Triple Post - So What Of It? 
If you are intimidated by participating in a jam please... don't be. My first jam was Retrojam 6 Egypt. My map was passable and in some cases people liked it. But they demos and comments I got were invaluable to me growing as a mapper. My next map was not perfect but it was better. This is how Jam can help you improve. Be brave. Criticism is good. Somehow our culture has forgotten that. Go map! 
I will do 
Map or test? Either way great news!! 
Great news. Looking forward to seeing your work. 
Started On Something

I have a tendency to obsess over detail but hopefully i can keep it in check 
I'm being crushed by university right now. I might have a chance to attempt something if I start on Saturday, but we'll see. Either way, good luck everyone - really enjoying your screenshots and looking forward to at least playing some cool maps, even if I didn't make any... 
I will volunteer to test maps, if you will have me! 
really dig that first shot 
Heck ya. Nice. I will hit you up for sure. 
These look eerie. I like it! 
I'm Still In. 
Oh Yeah Uhh, Count Me Too I Guess... 
UPDATE Nu-nu-nu-nu-nineteen, Nineteen 
Cross post from #terrafusion ArrCee has volunteered to playtest maps.


UPDATE: 19 dm4 inspired maps!?! Obviously subject to change but here's where we are at:

MissBubbles (via func)
Bloodshot (via func)
prengle (via func)
ItBeginsWithTens (Rob why aren't you on Discord??)
digs (via func)

Am I missing anyone? Who would like to test maps? Please volunteer to test if you are not mapping. 
Texture Wads With Animated Water? 
anybody know of some texture wads with lava and waterfalls? I know of hipnotic for water but I'm curious if there's something newer 
Blind Links From Quaddicted 
Has a lava texture that’s looks like a downscaled, rotated base lava texture. 
The Story So Far 
RL And A MH 
Looks like an enticing area. 
Very Nice 
I always liked those grey-blue bricks you used near the lava. Kinda reminds me of a DM map from that angle

I've made some decent progress 
Some More Shots 
Wew Jesus 
So trim is the secret to making quake gorgeous 
Re: Post #30 
False alarm, chaps. As you were. I don't think I can meet the deadline. This little adventure is becoming a tad more involved than initially anticipated. I might pop up later with a standalone! 
Updated Texture Wad Plenty Of New Textures (from Bal, Jazz And Me) 
I Guess This Thread Isn't The Target Audience... 
But here's Dumptruck's trailer: 
Interesting take on the teleporters. 
If You Aren't On #Terrafusion 
Please post an update on your map and if you'll make the deadline this Saturday.We have voluteers who can playtest. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

There's a dedicated dm4-jam Discord channel for this here: 
If Only I Had Known! 
I keep missing mapjams. Been busy, but might have thrown together a short one. No time at the moment. 
Won't Be Able To Make In Time, Sadly. 
You can strike me off the list, dumptruck. 
Reminder The Deadline Is Sunday The 11th 
at 18:00 func time. 
I wish THAN would make something for this 
Probably Out... 
Probably. I got sick about a week ago, after a productive day of mapping go figure, and I'm just now sitting at my computer for the first time since. Having made zero progress in that time, it doesn't look good for my entry.

I know plenty of people have made perfectly fun maps in less time than I've got remaining, so I won't rule out trying to put something together, but I'd say smart money is on me not finishing in time. Sorry! 
I know you got a bit burnt by some extension a few jams ago, and also I know the OP is very adamant about not allowing any extensions.

But now we've already seen several people drop out because of a lack of time, and more people are getting rather uneasy about the amount of time left, including me.

Not asking for a week-long extension, but just a couple days (quite literally) would probably be very helpful for everybody involved. 
We're discussing an extension on #terrafusion... lesson learned... these things happen and this is my first time admining a jam. I will post here with an update but thought I'd ask what others thought. 
Deadline Extended! 

Please have maps to my func email address by 18:00 func time next Sunday March 18th. Func time is based on German time zone (UTC -1) You can compare your time by specific day and date here:

Go Map!!! 
updated thread with new deadline 
Looking Forward To This! 
I've only just recently got into this great Quake scene, but I want you guys to know that you have fans out there eagerly awaiting what you come up with! Maybe once I watch enough of dumptruck_ds's TrenchBroom tutorials, I'll have my own contribution... 
There will be absolutely NO (more than the two we had) EXTENSIONS. Don't even ask. 
@metlslime thank you and yes I deserve the ribbing completely... never say "never" or call something "final" or declare "absolutely." 
”Only A Sith Deals In Absolutes!“ 
All Hail Darth Dump! 
If You Are NOT On Discord... 
If you are NOT on Discord and you WILL have a map ready for this Sunday's deadline please post an update for me below. Also if you have a playable copy now and would like me to include your map in the Jam trailer make sure and email it to me ASAP using my func email address.

If you could include a short demo playthrough doesn;t have to be the whole map that would help a lot. These trailers take a while to edit.

Please Read Post #81 
and update me here. So far we have 14 maps that should be ready for the Sunday deadline. 
I'm Out 
Couldn't progress fast enough. 
No Worries 
There are a ton of maps in this one. You can nail the next jam! 
I'm Going To Have To Drop Out Too 
Unfortunately some personal stuff came up that I had to deal with over the past week. I thought with the deadline extension I'd be able to make it, but nope :(.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the finished maps! Maybe I'll be able to finish mine another day. 
No worries. Your work is worth the wait. AND there's going to be a "DLC" release from Bal and others who won't make the deadline. 
DM4 Jam "Expansion Pack" 
As ALL content is d'loaded, hehe

Let's start calling it what it really is :-P 
Test Post Please Ignore. 
Spam Post Please Ban. 
Test Post Please Ignore 
I could try to make time for dlc 
Update On The Jam 
We are testing, collating, recording, readme-ing and start mapping etc. etc. etc. Don't expect the Jam on Monday.

At the moment, I would say Tuesday is a maybe and Wednesday is likely. I don't want to release something that has a bunch of issues. That's not fair to the mappers or players.

NewHouse has been kind enough to create the start map and that couldn't really happen until maps are submitted.

A handful of maps were VERY late.

I will say we will have up to 22 maps from 21 mappers. I've played all of them and they are fucking GREAT.

One map has some game breaking issues the authors are troubleshooting. 
calm before the storm 
Update On The Jam 
The waiting is the hardest part...... 
DM4 DLC Announcement 
@everyone dm4_dlc continuation is starting soon.
Everyone interested of mapping for it, just pm me or
email( mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com ) early on.

Deadline starts next week Monday 26th 0:00 Func Time and
Ends Monday 9th April 0:00 Func Time.

Hopefully all maps are well tested at that point too, and
having more than just 1 skill mode* 
Final Extension For Dm4dlc 
Deadline september 18nd and after that about 4 days for preparing the pack. Anyone interested still please contact me via mail mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com or look me after on discord, quake mapping channel or terrafusion. 
Small/final Update 
I hope I can get all maps ready for playtesting to Friday, ones that haven't been in that state yet. So this pack gets released before possible Halloween jam happens. 
Over A Year Now... 
This was a very enjoyable time to be involved in Quake. Maybe we can try for a DM1 Jam sometime later in the year? 
I'd be all in on that one. 
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