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Quake 2: Sonic Mayhem
New levelpack single player for Quake 2.
Download here:
Screenshots here:
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If someone posts screenshots i will add them to the news post. 
Nice Shots 
Red area looks awesome, looks like a doom slaughter map circa 2016 
A Quick Blast 
I've a had quick shot of the first map and it's pretty fun so far... certainly less boring than the original maps. :P

Playing with UQE. 
This Is An Orgy Of Missing Textures. 
...What gives?

KMQuake2 fault?

Insanely unbalanced combat, also, especially at the start. 
Anyone Has Played / Finished This? 
Not Yet... 
I haven't had much time to get stuck into it fully.

I'm hoping to have a real go at it tomorrow.

So far, though, using UQE, I've not notice missing textures.

I do admit to finding it really difficult when starting though. Super hard (at least for me)! 
Sonic Mayhem On The Quake Grave

I can report that I didn't have any missing textures myself and the unit played just fine in KMQuake 2.

So with this unit you can tell it's put together with a ton of love and care and there are some really cool parts in it that are worth seeing! There's an interesting ending here too if you can get to it. It definitely goes places!

It's biggest detriment is that at times (you'll see in the video) I get lost with no idea where to go. The first time I got lost, I managed to find the switch under the elevator after a while, but the 2nd time after I find the yellow keycard, I couldn't find where to go and got pretty frustrated after looking for over a half hour.

From my experience in the main game, it was some times confusing enough going from map to map within one unit, so hiding switches and keycard objects like this just seems like an odd choice. Maybe it was the engine at fault? I can't be sure.

There were also a few annoying parts where you would be cornered by enemies (some times after activating a switch or grabbing a hidden item) without being able to move and deal with the situation properly. You're more than likely going to just deal with being punished and pummeled for finding an item, which I also thought was weird.

Honestly the getting lost part kind of ruined the experience for me as it just lengthened the level to way longer than it really needed to be and after the yellow key part I really just kind of wanted it to be done. It's unfortunate because there is a lot to like here and there is some really great content here! But getting lost overshadowed all of it for me.

I look forward to see ing what you do next Quakulf/ColonThree because certain parts of this were really cool! 
Hi, there!

I'm looking for a good Q2 engine to play this levelpack, but there are so many out there... and most of them are tons of HD effects, particles and textures, changing the real feeling of the game... and some of them doesn't even support the missons-packs for some reason...

What i want is a Q2 engine with my old pixelated textures (and skins), support for 1080x1920 resolution and realtime lighting and shadows...

So, before i download all these source-ports and test them one by one, i thought that maybe if i ask here someone could point me to the right direction =D 
@Tribal, Try This: 
Alternatively, This: 
@damage_inc @former_total_newbie 
Thank you, guys.

These two are awesome and beautiful oldschool engines! But they don't have realtime lighting and shadows, which is a deal breaker to me :/

So, i spent almost the entire day downloading and trying several engines for Q2, searching for the right one... didn't find it :(

My two favorites are Yamagi, for when i want to be oldschool and faithfull to the software look... and Quake2XP, which has amazing real time lighting and shadows, and even with all the fancy particles and textures, can look scary and moody like the original game :) 
what you want is only the fancy, Q2 Berserker engine is what you are searching for. 
@ Cocerello 
Thanks for your suggestion, but i've already tried Berserker... and i think it's just a matter of taste.

There are so many things don't like in berserker... the new "distortion" effect on explosions, the new railgun's effect, the grain/sand texture on my hand, those weird "lines" that appear when you shot with a shotgun or a supershotgun, that blue ellipse when you are underwater, the huge and uggly 3D HUD (in Quake2XP you can change the size of the HUD and turn off the 3D effect if you want to)...

So, right now, Quake2XP still looks better to me =D 
This Is Pure Shit 
Don't waste your time on it, like I wasted a year on it. According to most people on here Quake 2 is terrible, and they rather concern themselves with anything but Quake 2, so this does not belong here.

Sorry to the guy who posted it here with good intentions, but it's like posting shia memes in a sunni group. Easy mistake.

To moderators: Please delete this thread. 
Cut the drama.

And some advice:

Once you stop making everything about you... your life will get better. 
Yeah. Quake 2 is good. Martyrdom is less good. :-) Deep breaths, relax! 
Quakeulf Has Gone Off The Deep End 
Also, to moderators: Reading the "General Abuse" thread has hurt my feelings. Please delete the thread. 
Also, delete Screenshots & Betas please. Everyone's pictures are better than mine :-( 
The guy seems to be having some rough moments in his real life, which made his self-esteem quite vulnerable. I guess he just needs time. 
He Needs A Big Dose Of STFU. 
Ahhh Func Life Lessons 
The Good the Bad and the Shambler. 
I'm Not Wrong Tho, Am I? 
#15 is some Baker-level 17 beers shit going on.

Not many people are giving feedback on here, and thus not so many people have played it. Maybe. Whatever. Not sure the logical conclusion is the butthurt drama that this is somehow some militantly anti-Quake2 board, where the main purpose is to H8 ON QUAKEULF - particularly since a lot of people rate Q2 pretty damn highly. I personally don't play it any more, but it was my 3rd favourite game ever (after Q1 and Unreal) for about a decade. Like anything tangentially related to Quake in the classic shooter genre, of course Q2 content is welcome, even if it doesn't get as much attention. 
I've Been Meaning To Play This... 
Quake projects have just taken precedence. Maybe once dm4jam is complete... 
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