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Speedmap Pack 180 - A Map Repus Can Enjoy
mukor and Naitelveni show the best way to answer Repus's semi-controversial map reviews: show him how it's done proper, speedmap style:


Muk gets you exploring a grimy medieval world:

While Nait encourages an all out massacre through surreal canyons:

Note: Naitelveni's map requires an engine that supports BSP2. Muk's map can have the player getting stuck on the first button.

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If this were a book I would start my review with "what a romp!"

well done guys, great fun. 
Very Cool. 
Nait - great style in this, the terrain backed by the weird gothic metal structures. Obviously the canyons got a bit repetitive but hey ho. If you'd managed to expand it with a few more metal designs, it would have been ace. Fog worked surprisingly well and the lava lighting was nice. Gameplay was a riot of course, obviously a bit silly but still fun, could have had some respawns on the way back to GK....

Muk - I loved this, you are the new skacky/sock for throwing down cool brushes quickly (socky? skack? skmuk?). Strong style, great medieval feel and details, good lighting as usual. Nice exploration and cool secrets too. The only thing I didn't like was the stepped tops to the main outside building front, not sure why, didn't gel with the rest. Some errors like getting stuck on the first button and the main rune button not going down?

GG WP both and skacky for organising it.

Thanks For Playing 
the map was quick and dirty, under 4 hour build time. half the time i used for the last sm179.

Mukor your map is very impressive! 11/10 
insane what you guys got done in that time limit 
Great Slaughtermap! Don't see them often in Quake. Didn't pay attention to the level details, though i thought they where functional and serving the gameplay more than being creatively. And that's a good thing hre, because i my poor old processor would have been melted with more details in combo with the hordes. I had a raging lot of fun and almost felt like the badguy in this map.

Hell yeah, i think this is near AD quality. i liked it that i didn't found the good weapons and had to survive with wits, cunning and shells 'til i got the grenade launcher. But even from that on out this map is a challenge for me. Designwise i liked it to the bones. 
ayyyyy thanks TKJ. Ill save a more thorough comment from me until some more comments trickle in. 
Got Stuck On Muk's Button! 
I guess it's better than be stucked on his anus instead.

Great map anyway! 
Mukor's Map... 
... is awesome.

Need some polishing, especially on the buttons mechanisms.

Come on, this map is too great to leave it in this state!

Nait's map is cool too. A bit too small, though. Also need some polishing in some places (straight stone corridors on lava are a bit boring, in my opinion). 
The Screenshot For Nait's Map Made Me Realize 
How much I want a pair of dice with quake rune symbols on them 
Repus Approved(?) 
Muk - A very impressive AD style map that lends itself on the shorter side. An AD mini if you will, enough to satisfy one's craving.

Nait - Simple, yet dreamlike with the placement of those floating rune cubes and other things. I found the first encounter the hardest, and then it becomes easier as you go on.

First run demos, hard skill: 
No Idea Who This Repus Guy Is... 
Not that I care, mind you. I used to avoid playing speedmaps because of their crude design but after seeing what you guys did in a matter of hours, methinks I'll revise my stance, at least regarding recent speedmaps. This is downright impressive!

muk0r: Some have said this is architecturally close to a mini-AD map and I have to agree. You did a great job channeling your inner Sock within such a timeframe. I kinda felt like I was in a hamlet near Zendar. Gameplay-wise, I found nothing really memorable but nothing bad either. Just some good ol' quaking. Found only 3/4 secrets in the demo because I literally tumbled down the "rabbit hole", but I did find the last one 2 minutes later after a quickload.

Naitelveni: A great example of strongly colored lighting done well. What an atmosphere! Love the surreal design and the overall darkness drenched in red fog. Ideally, I wish the canyons were a bit more convoluted, but pulling this off in the span of 4 hours is simply amazing. Gameplay is an exhilaratingly fun romp. Took me 3 tries to finish this map. Fave bit: roasting the DK horde on LG+quad. Least fave bit: the dual vore ambush while standing on an awfully narrow path surrounded by lava. As you can see in the demos, I struggled somewhat there... Very minor gripe: I wish the path to the start would've opened again after the first shamblers+knights encounter - there's a crate of shells there that I couldn't pick up on my way to the crossing, which I might have found some use for later on. No biggie though, there's more than enough ammo for the other weapons.

Skill 2 demos, protocol 666. 
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