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New Q1SP: Temple Of Azathoth By YukiRaven
A large-ish runic level by Doomworld user YukiRaven.

Well, that's one thing crossed off my bucket list... I finally finished my first Quake map, Temple of Azathoth. I mostly focused on learning the editor and tools, so it's not my most polished gameplay wise, nor my longest map ever, but it should still be pretty fun. My usual weird colored lighting was a lot more subdued as well, so this is something of a stylistic change from my last two Doom wads.

The map was designed with the Quakespasm engine in mind, so I'd recommend using it over any other engine. vkQuake should work perfectly fine as well. Darkplaces had weird lighting issue the last time I checked. Difficulty settings are in-place, and the map was designed to be played on hard.

To run this, move all of the tofaz.* files into the id1/maps folder (make the "maps" folder inside id1 if it doesn't exist), then start Quakespasm. Hit the tilde (~) key to bring up the console, then type "map tofaz" to start it. You can also use the "skill" command to set the desired skill level; just do it before using the "map tofaz" command. "skill" takes a number between 0 and 3, where "skill 0" is easy, and "skill 3" is nightmare.

liked it a lot (and I am normally not big fan of heavy coloured lighting in q1). the red sky open rooftop in final arena was beyond cool! 
Yay, New Map Out Of The Blue! 
Screenshot reminds me of Catatonic Fits of Despair
Very Nice Map! 
Okay, this time I didn't added a space before my "!". Happy? (here you go too!)

I love all the details on the geometry. It's not boring to explore. 
I'm Sorry For Bullying You, Barnak 
I'll have to check out this map though. I haven't been playing much lately (only mapping) so i figure it's about time I try out some new maps. 
I´ve liked a lot!
Nice atmosphere, tough fight at the end! and one unfair trap in the middle!

Excellent first release YukiRaven!

I´ve played it in AD mod ... with spike´s port ... and it works perfectly

I'm glad people are enjoying it! 
Had fun on this, demo here:

Good oldschool map, and liked the monster placement, and layout was okay. Only issue was the monsters cannot move over the "grid" floor over lava. Using func_wall with skip texture can fix this. 
Very Lovecraftian Title... 
...looking forward to it. -ath :) 
Grid Floors 
Ahh, I was wondering how you can get monsters to walk over floors like that. I'll remember that for my next map. Thank you! 
Awesome Map 
Pretty good gameplay, hard felt like classic Quake but with better architecture.

And the aesthetic god DAMN. I love quake's runic theme and your use of colored lighting and extra detail gave it a nice twist 
Nice Map 
Nice Map 
Very Nice Debut 
I'll remember that for my next map.
--> Glad to hear this is not your last Quake map!

Two more things to keep in mind for your next level:

1) Remember to test your map with "developer 1". The map currently has 2 "walkmonster in wall" errors and one "bonus item fell out" error -- in other words, two monsters and one other entity were placed too close to the surrounding geometry. The bounding boxes as displayed in editors can be deceiving; entities need a fair bit of space around them in Quake (not sure of the exact numbers at the moment).
walkmonster in wall at: '976.0 -1144.0 -96.0'
walkmonster in wall at: '2512.0 -1022.0 248.0'
Bonus item fell out of level at '-632.0 2392.0 126.0'

2) It's always nice when maps don't permanently block you from returning to an earlier section -- in particular, many players appreciate being able to explore the map and hunt for missed secrets after finishing the final battle/boss fight/whatever. It's usually a matter of a minor modification: in this map, for instance, it would have been better if revealing the exit simultaneously removed the barrier(s) locking the player in the final arena.

Also, mods -- #8 above is spam. Kill it! 
Going To Be Playing Through This In About An Hour 
Nice Map! 
You can check out my playthrough here:

I had a great time with this one and I really liked it! it's got a great look and great flow to it. I was able to get 100% kills and secrets through the level, I'm not sure what it means, but that's almost unheard of for me. Watch the playthrough for more notes.

Nice work and looking forward to more maps from you! 
Once the map completed, there's no way in going back for exploration.

Since all the details are very nice, it would be better to allow the player to explore the whole map, to find secrets and missing monsters, or just to make him in awe with the details. 
ArrrCee got 100% secrets! Champagne! 
Break out dem glasses! 

I liked the theme, some of the designs / details, the secrets, and most of the combat although it was pretty damn tough! Designed to be played on hard will be little consolation to those who usually play on easier skills.

I found the coloured lighting too much, it needed to be subtler, some of the designs a bit disparate, and some of the details / smaller areas a bit awkward to navigate with bits sticking out.

Still a very good first map with a load of potential. 
Very Nice 
Good style and details (also on the ceilings!). Indeed, very well done for a first release.

I agree the colored lighting is a bit heavy in some areas, it can easily suck out contrast, but by and large it's okay.

Played on hard and it was a good challenge overall, except for getting stuck on details in the arena parts. Felt like I was low on health most of the time, but managed somehow - could have used that one health pack that fell out of the level...
Bit hell-knighty perhaps. Would have wished for an explosive weapon earlier, though maybe there is one in a secret I missed, and possibly a few more cells for the end fight.

As you may have noticed, the map exceeds the standard models limit by 12 or so. Could have been easily fixed to work on the vanilla protocol. Just FYI for next time; there are always some tricks one can employ in this regard.

Since someone complained about the packaging, I might as well comment on it, too: would be nice if you could repack the release without the folder, so that the zip contains only the three files in its root. This way, it could be used with the Quake Injector on Quaddicted.

Good job; hope to see more from you! Demo 
on the Cacoward! 
I streamed this map yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I played on nightmare difficulty.

I really liked the difficulty ramping. I was expecting it to be really difficult from the get go, but was pleasantly surprised that it worked its way up in difficulty.

There is some great brushwork here, terrific doors, fixtures, and supports around the place. If I have any complaints about the style it would be that it uses too few textures. They could vary a little. The coloured lights help in this regard. I might add that even though there is a single theme, your use of coloured lighting adds to the map. Pink is seldom used in quake maps, but you've used it to good effect here. Thanks for not oversaturating the coloured lights.

Now having said all of that, I can see that the map is heavily inspired by vanilla episode 3. So I understand the choices in textures.

You've made some terrific arena battles. It is a shame that some of the monsters get stuck on the floor in some places.

One thing that frustrated me in at least one point was the lack of clip brushes on walls. It sucks to almost die to something because clipping into stuff.

But a really really solid map. Welcome to the community, I hope you make more maps for us :) 
Replayed This. 
Forget "very good first map", it's a very good map full stop. This time I appreciated the micro-non-linearity as well as the E3-on-steroids feel. 
Nice Map. :) 
I really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for coloured lighting so though it was noted by others as a negative I liked it.

The only nitpick I have is, as has already been mentioned, monsters (very) occasionally getting stuck and the player clipping or hitched on scenery during fire fights.

Congratulations on a very good first map. Can't wait for more. :) 
Finally Got To Play This... 
As I've stated before, I'm a sucker for E3-style metal maps and this one doesn't disappoint.

Aesthetically very pleasing, with nice architecture chockfull of details. It's refreshing to play maps that don't shy away from bold colored lighting - these are sadly far too few among Quake custom maps (@Shambler & negke: no, it doesn't need to be subtler, your personal taste is not necessarily the be-all-end-all) and it would be a shame if you toned the colors down in your future maps just because some players complained. Minor quibbles: your torch light is too yellow, a more orangeish tone would be both more pleasing to the eye and more consistent with the color of the flame. Oh, and also, you forgot to apply a flickering style to your torches.

Combat is good if somewhat too tough for skill 2 (haven't tested other difficulty settings). I died countless times, which is always a bit annoying to me. Incidentally, this is why my partial demo ends around 2/3 in the map. It was my 7th or 8th attempt at recording a complete playthrough and after that, I got fed up with having to restart all over again and just spammed F6/F9 until I finished the map (killed all but one elusive monster, found half of the secrets). If When I play this again, I'm gonna have to remember to set it to skill 1...

All in all, a quite impressive debut. Here's hoping that many more are to follow. 
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