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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!

Feature list:

Download v. 0.40, 395mb (OLD VERSION)

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An Earlier Rambling 
Getting closer to a pre1.0 release.

Uncompleted Tasks:
• Readme (at 30%)
• Archive map
• At least one of these unfinished maps that make use of the mod:
-▪"" (Egyptian Coagula map)
-▪"Subterranean Mine" (Large tech base/factory)
-▪"" (Egyptian pyramid insides)

Future plans:
• Uber map (no peeking! no hints! Keep rearranging too much anyways)
• Uber episode:
-▪Still mostly in planning stages
-▪Considering making a collaborative community project...not sure how well I can "corral" peoples' efforts toward my overall vision and pacing from map to map. Prerequisite is to finish the plan and compile into a master project guide with theme notes for each map along the journey path, encounter ramp up pacing and new enemy schedule, and weapon release timings. 
I Would 
Like to add the Drake mod but alas I can't find the source qc nor decompile it.

Same for all the lovely features in Quoth 2.2. 
Uber Episode 
I've made an overview map of the planned path from level to level. I have a cool story written, but would need someone to model a mix between a death knight and a wrath...a hooded Overlord boss knight that's about as tall as a golem and much gloomier.

The story is this:

Overlord has gone from world to world conquering it and absorbing its power, never satisfied with enough power until all worlds are his. He scouts out earth in 1400 or so only to be fought by knights who he finds pleasantly powerful. Overlord casts a portal to leave and the knights rush him, steal his portal making rune wothout him noticing. He leaves through his portal, unable to return.

Throughout the years various peoples have used the rune, visiting the The Doomed Dimension only to either never return or return with fearsome tales of monsters beyond.

Present day, scientists have the rune and use it to create a slipgate machine which lets one go through and return. Knowing of the tales of what lies beyond and knowing that there is great evil, you enter the portal on a scouting mission to discover who these creatures are and what they intended by visiting earth so long ago.

Upon finding out this information within the Doomed Dimension from the writings of those visited long ago, you discover that there is no return. The Overlord discovered travellers using the return portal and sealed it to prevent them from knowing when or if he ever made a new sliprune. The Overlord must be vanquished and the rune of black magic used to unseal the return portal. To survive, you must fight and save earth in the process.

Along the way, you find messages and stashes of supplies hidden by previous travellers which explains why there is so many weapons and ammo about and also explains some of the in-world objects which may seem out of place. 
Clever Scientists 
The slipgate developed has monitors and equipment that help revive the portal at the same world and the correct time since last opened. All worlds have hotpoints where either an entry wormhole can generate a portal, or an exit wormhole portal. Stonehenge is an entry point to our world. 
Earlier People 
Had to use proper spells to use the sliprune with any effectiveness. 
Lost Chapter is the precursor to Quoth and has some of the monsters. source code

There are awesome mega enforcers/enforcer commanders in lunsp1 -- the source code is provided in the mod source code

The source code for Travail is available, uses the lunsp1 Enforcers and has many new enemies
source code.

Travail has the same spiders as Marcher fortress (FilePlanet mod "" spiders).

Since custents has things like eels, will be nice to see those put to use. 
Performance Issues? 
Will a huge QC mod like this have any?

I know practically nothing about QC. 
The following release has many high quality reskins:

The map also features weapons in wall racks, although if this just the standard model with special angles to rotate it is not something I ever checked out.

It has the QuakeC source available, but I don't know what features required custom QuakeC aside from a special boss enforcer that used a super-nail gun. 
Also if you are looking for skin options, as I recall Kona's Nilihore had a number of reskinned enemies.

/Would have added this to prev post 
This all sounds great. With the expanded sound capabilities of the mods you're including this story could really come to life.

Radio calls from scientists helping you along.
Recorded messages (as in Doom3 et al.)
The Overlord taunting the player.

Lots of audio stuff we miss because of id1 limitations.

The question I have is about limits... could you actually have a map with every monster? (not that you would of course) but just how far can you take this? 
Map With Every Monster 
And EVERYTHING else. This is precisely the goal of the archive map. So far no issues. 
Tick All The Right Boxes On Every Mapper's Wanted List 
An incomplete checklist: KeepFeatureChecklist

Please note that I have not completely combed through custents and extras_r4 yet to add them to this checklist. I think there may be a few things not added yet from other sources such as the dragons from SOE. Please note that most everything on this list is completely coded for though not as thoroughly tested as I would perhaps like. 
Current Showstopper Issue 
In an effort to get all bugfixes from the latest release of AD, I manually re-added all my additions to the 1.60 source.

I'm still in the process of porting over my weapons code (weapons.qc, defs.qc, defscustom.qc) in all the right places. I've painstakingly organized the self.items and self.items2 bitflag holders to be used in a proper manner such that extra weapons and items are added without issue and can carry across to the next level. But it does not merge cleanly with the AD base so it can get tedious putting all the right IT_... references back in by hand. 
I'd be willing to commit to at least an evening a week to test when the time comes. Sounds like you have a bit of work to do. But mapping, play-testing whatever you need. I'm not a coder sadly. 
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)

And 2.1 isn't? 
It Decompiled 
Who The? 
Did whoever update the title not look at all the sheets? I have enemies, weapons, traps, brush entities, and point entities all in the checklist on different tabs. 
Drake Source And Devkit 
From 2011

And by the way, if you are using AD as the base for it, does it mean that it will need special engines like AD does to run? 
I don't think AD specifically requires special engines, it just has a lot of limit-breaking maps and particle effects that need specific support.

I haven't tried the very latest release so perhaps that has changed, but anyway... 
It Decompiled

You know that's rather rude though?

I don't wanna throw the words "stealing" or "illegal" but that would definitely be taking something not publicly accessible by blunt force. 
Thanks Cocerello!

AD engines have been due to the massive map sizes, and then the QSS version for the enhanced particle effects. While the enhanced particle effects are neat, I actually prefer the pixelly version. Keep keeps both, unless I broke it on accident. :)

@dumptruck, sure. Once I get the weapons code ironed back out, I plan to upload a version 0.2 along with my (rather old now) original Keep mod. 
I don't wanna throw the words "stealing" or "illegal" but that would definitely be taking something not publicly accessible by blunt force.

an id statement

The code is all licensed under the terms of the GPL (gnu public license).
You should read the entire license, but the gist of it is that you can do
anything you want with the code, including sell your new version. The catch
is that if you distribute new binary versions, you are required to make the
entire source code available for free to everyone. 
Dual Licence 
Remember that the QC is actually dual licensed because it was release without conditions prior to the GPL release of the engine. 
I Always Thought This Strange 
Why is it that a coding guru, a legend in gaming history, the one actually responsible for Quoth even being possible... releases EVERYTHING about the game, and yet, the Quoth QC is hidden and locked away in obscurity?

What possibly is the reasoning behind this? In a community where sharing flourishes with such abundance! 
What Possibly Is The Reasoning Behind This? 
to prevent too much the quoth related mods is the only reason i assume

actually, as far as i know almost the entire quoth code has been released in one form or another 
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