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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!

Feature list:

Download v. 0.40, 395mb (OLD VERSION)

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dont forget to include that saerge_guy from the kinn_bastion mod

"[...] Quoth QC is hidden and locked away in obscurity?"

Tbh when you start coding in QC, many Quoth features comes to you naturally. Sometimes there is only one proper way to implement some features and you have a eureka moment: "Wow! Now I know why this feature was made in Quoth that way not the other!" :)

Of course enemies are a different story, but I respect fact that creator doesn't want to publish his code aka hard work ;) 
Drama Magnet 
When you start making a megamod like Qmaster is, it quickly turns into a drama magnet. A lot of similar projects for other games tend to be made up of a bunch of stolen mods stuck together with tape and fun and shoved out the door without any of the original creator's consent.

Qmaster is in a bit of a different situation where they have permission from some people, are working off content by people who are no longer around to give permission or, as it seems with the Quoth stuff, are working explicitly without permission.

Of course the other layer of complexity here is that Qmaster is actually, y'know, working to make this happen. A lot of those megamods for other games tended to be made by people who did no work themselves to make the mods work better together or fix bugs.

Honestly I'm hoping that this megamod can come out without too much drama, as it sounds like it would be fun to map for, but I'd be very surprised if that happens... 
This mod may be a good idea for something like this: 
Please include the nehahra baron as well as Nehahra himself 
Arcane Dimensions has most of the interesting Quoth monsters already in it.

Rainbow of enforcer colors.
Rocket shooting soldier, it seems.
Hipnotic's scorpion.
But it doesn't have the cyborg ogre 
At the end of the day, those that created Quoth created the Eddie monster (if I am correct on the name).

By what right does one appropriate work from another without their permission?

The right thing to do is ask, knowing the answer might be "no".

I once wanted to incorporate a work of Tyrann's and contacted him. He said yes.

I once contacted the author of Abyss of Pandemonium and tried to get to open source the mod when aguirRe was helping bug-fix the mod. The author of AOP said no.

Some battles you win. Some battles you lose. Such is life.

But if you act with honor, no matter the score you always come out on top. 
So how did Travail get those giant robots then? 
Travail is open source. 
if AOP is closed source, how did travail get the robots from AOP in the first place? 
aguirRe worked on Travail. aguirRe worked on remastering AOP with the author of Abyss of Pandemonium around that time.

That doesn't seem a coincidence to me.

But that would be a question for the authors of Travail. 
I recently watched a RRP playthrough and noticed it has some pretty badass leaping dual chainsaw ogres (including a great death anim). Would be fun toying with them. 
Eel Soup Anyone? 
As long as this mod has the Electric Eels featured in Mission Pack 2, it will be the greatest mod ever. I haven't seen these little guys anywhere...

Also the scorpions in AD are not from Scourge of Armagon. Those were large nail shooting Centroids, also seen in Tronyn's At Desert Dusk. The AD scorpions are seen in Hexen I believe.

Think of the maps you could make with Eel puns: Welcome to Heel!, The Eelder World, and it goes on like this... 
Don't claim to be a master of monsterology ...

But the original At Desert Dusk was a hipnotic mod requiring that mission pack.

Since almost no one had the mission packs, Tronyn re-released the map years later as a standalone with, presumably, just the parts required. 
Can Of Eels Opened 
I did ask for the Quoth 2.2 source a while ago but got no response. I'm fine with Preach keeping his cool new Quoth 2.3 stuff in his Quoth 2.2.2 patch full patched version with the patch. Going to an earlier version of Quoth was a bit brash. I consider it too good and too important not to leave out. BUT, if Preach or Kell want me to, I can leave out the non-AD inducted Quoth crew and weapons and items. :(

This door opens eelswhere Redfieeld.

Ogre cyborg? Dual chainsaw ogre!! Awesome miniboss idea for the Fringe desert road journey level in the episode.

Is there a mod that handles going back to the same level again in a good way. I'm sure there's no way to pack a bunch of corpses into the parms...perhaps merely adding in-story details like gremlins who are knowm to eat corpses combined with an info_start2? 
Is this mod going to keep expanding and collect all of the good monsters? 
Unless I Tire Of Updating It 
Yes that's the plan to Keep on Keeping all the great Quake features I can. The goal is always about giving the mapper full creative freedom.

Just finished fixing the weapons code. All weapons have their own pickups now too, including lava nailguns and multi rocket and grenade. I need to finish making the skins for the multi grenade and multi rocket weapon g_ models for the pickups.

I would upload version 0.2 now but the cabin I'm staying at (on vacation in the Rockies this week) has crap all wifi and no cell service.

Anyways, a mod with no maps is no fun. This week will give me time to tidy up my old Keep episode. It's in knave style so hopefully no one is sick of that yet since the latest jam was knave. I hope to release Keep 0.2 along with my Keep episode which is where the name Keep comes from, older though it is. 
Zero Weapon Mode 
Just made it possible using the weapon_take function of worldspawn to give the player no weapon at the start by setting the value to 999 or higher to take away everything. Great for those cinematic experience maps or to really sell a start where the player is in a prison cell. 
Incidentally, 999 Might Not Be The Best Value....99999999999maybe 
Zero Weapon Mode 
Cool! I've been wanting to explore that idea since AD's shotty removal. 
A GPL Voilaton In The Making 
It's HPL 
Qmaster Made Stallman Cry 
Ctrl-F "Floyd" ... 0 Results. 
I thought you said this would have all the monsters. 
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