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New Q1SP - Gotshun's The "lost" Levels!
Okay, so they never were really "lost" per se, just more a pain for me to grab off his old PC. But that's over now, onto the fun schtuff :)

For those asking for smaller levels these are for you ;) They are old school claustrophobic with perilous tricks and traps.

** Scourge of Armagon(hipnotic) required ***

Slightly more info is in the readme.txt | 16 levels in all located here:



Hope you guys have fun.
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Thanks NightFright 
The colored lighting is absolutely outstanding!!!Being that I made these maps so long ago,WITH NO LIGHTING AVAILABLE back in the day. I very much enjoyed playing through again with the new light setup.

So thanks again NightFright for the extra work in making these better.

I wanted to thank my friend, Dan at "Damaged Inc." for helping me with all the tech gizmos an such.So thanks again Dan.

I'm getting ready to release my new map in a few days, just a single map this time.

I will say Damaged worked on the windows in my new release and they are amazing,so you need to ask him about the details on how he made the textures and the transparecies.

Very much enjoy all the comments and feedback again.So thank you.

The Teleporter has no sound when you activate the switches. Hey Dan.....I would love to see you make a new wav file for this. I did,'t use the default "RATCHET" for the func_train, I left it silent. Simply because I hate the way it sounds, besides, I thought It might be appropriate for you to have a hand in this since you play tested the map for me and helped me with the tech stuff.

Sorry guys, it seems I can't release maps just once.So if Dan decides to except this, you will need to download the map again, just this time with the new sound.

And again...a big THANK YOU to NightFright for the great job on this project.

Thanks Pete(Gotshun)D. 
@Mugwump: All Things In Context 
"Old School" QUAKE levels ;) 
@damage: All Things In Context 
The colored lighting is absolutely outstanding!!! - Gotshun

'Nuff said. 
Oh, BTW 
Yeah, I know, you guys want screenies with the new maps. Since I don't have the tech skills to implement this with the file ........well I was hoping on getting some help with this after releasing the map.
Any help is very much appreciated!!!!

Sorry guys, don't have time to learn all this stuff!

Thanks Pete(Gotshun) D. 
You don't have the tech skills to press f12 and add files to a .zip?! 
The readme.txt file was not updated so, it's now wrong for installation instructions!!!
Yeah, the pak files already contain a \maps folder, so they need to be put at the \hipnotic root. AND they also need to be renamed with a higher number BEFORE being put in \hipnotic or you'll erase your hipnotic files (pak0.pak) as well as any additional pak1.pak you may already have installed. 
Readme Updated 
I have now included an updated readme with corrected installation instructions and changelog. The rest is exactly the same as before.

It's now on Quaketastic, hopefully preserved for all eternity:

Gotshun's Lost Levels v1.1 (zip, 11 MB)

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. Glad that I could help to give this great release the polishing it deserved! 
@ Mugwump 
Actually, you don't need to (and shouldn't!) touch the "hipnotic" folder at all. Copy the "gotshun" folder into your Quake dir (parallel to "id1" and "hipnotic") and launch it with -game gotshun -hipnotic +map q1map1.

I dunno if it works like that in every Quake port out there, but I use Mark V and it works like a charm. 
OK. Should work like that in DP as well. The old readme from the original release said to put the maps in \hipnotic\maps, so I thought it was a requirement. But if it also works from another folder just with the -hipnotic tag, all the better.

If anyone's interested, I'm trying to implement rain in q1map1 via a .ent file according to Seven's tutorial. First time I ever do this. I'll upload the result when it's done and if it's easy enough, I may tackle the other levels too. 
OK, so I got carried away and ended up adding more than rain: I also added lava haze, lava sounds and some red fog pouring out of the slipgates. I should be able to upload the .ent and effectinfo.txt for use with DP+SMC within the next hours.

I'd also like to add sounds to the lava balls as well as bubbles and boiling sounds to the slime, but that's gonna have to wait a while (I need some answers from Seven for these). 
Appreciate All You Guys. 
Thanks Mugwamp for your efforts as well. I appreciate all your work.I'm glad you like the maps.

OH.....BTW go to Quaktastic and look for the zip file "JUMP" It's my new release.....hope you enjoy and as always, I look forward to the comments and feed back.

Thanks again Pete(Gotshun)D. 
Ooh, cool! I wasn't expecting it so soon: you said "a few days" last night. Is it the final release or a beta? 
Gom download "jump with lit." I forgot to add the lit. file....... sorry 
Final Release 
Like I said, you need to down load "jump with lit". That's the final release. Sorry again guys for the mistake.

Until News Is Updated We Have These... 
Nice Screenies 
That's some nice shots there...loving those windows! 
Dan The Man 
Thanks Dan, I have to agree with Bloughsburg....the pics are GREAT!!!!Thanks again.

Talk with you soon.

About Those Windows 
The windows are based on a Kingpin texture. Converted to Quake, colorized along with hue/saturation changes.

Layered it's like this: Sky brush, Window brush(func_wall with alpha set) and a window Frame brush(that has the pink-255, 100% transparent area's). Somewhere in there we also used the skip texture.

We used ericw's "texture" lighting but it had to be set a certain way or the textures just got wiped out of being drawn!

So you get a translucent window with a solid frame and a sky moving in the background :)

In case anyone wanted to know :-P 
I Love Tech Talk 
Going To Be Playing Through This In About 8.5 Hours 
Episode 2, anyway. Maybe Jump after that. 
2nd Episode 
Managed to play most of the second episode without any problems even though certain weapons were not available. One of the maps had some non-spawning items that had targets (I forget which) so those did not play as intended. But apart from that, a good set of maps that I enjoyed playing. 
Watching This On Stream 
The colored lighting is downright shameful. Created by a color tool, by a color tool. 
Colored Lighting 
The slime might be too saturated. Other than that, a nice cozy 90s feel. 
Download enhancements for q1map1 here:
- modified thunder skybox;
- rain;
- lava haze and sound;
- bubbles + boiling sound in slime;
- red fog pouring out of slipgates.
Requires Seven's SMC. Drop the .pk3 in your \gotshun folder.

To do:
- add eruption sounds to the lava balls;
- write readme. 
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