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New Q1SP - Gotshun's The "lost" Levels!
Okay, so they never were really "lost" per se, just more a pain for me to grab off his old PC. But that's over now, onto the fun schtuff :)

For those asking for smaller levels these are for you ;) They are old school claustrophobic with perilous tricks and traps.

** Scourge of Armagon(hipnotic) required ***

Slightly more info is in the readme.txt | 16 levels in all located here:



Hope you guys have fun.
Old Schoolin 
Just loaded up the first few maps and I would have to say this is some old school goodness indeed! Look forward to playing when I have more time! 
Screen Captures And Previews ! 
It is bleh to not have those, before downloading ! 
Apologies For The Lack Of Screenies But... 
These aren't "100,000 brush masterpieces"!

And since quaddicted is on a bit of an updating hiatus I just didn't see the necessity, oops :( 
The Maps... 
I quikly played all the maps, and I can say that they are indeed "old school" maps, but they are of pretty high quality. You're obviously a strong mapper. 
+1 For Screenies 
Screenshots Are For The Weak! 
Thanks for sharing these, E1UB and E2SL1 are my favourites so far. 
I don't have the SOA progs file. I had a quick look at one of the maps in standard progs but there were too many missing elements and I could not complete it.

Shame; it looks like my kind of map. 
Couldn't It Just Be Run In Quoth Or Something? 
...I have got through the first couple of maps using Quoth but earthquake and several spawn functions are not working. However the earthquake is probably not significant (ambient effect only), and as long as the missing spawn monsters are not triggers, then I should be able to play on.

I will report back. 
Very Good News 
The amount of SoA and DoE levels is minimal, so any new ones are always good news, and these ones at least from the looks are going to be enjoyable.

I'll try to get some time to play them and put some demos. 
I don't have the SOA
Well get it already!

the earthquake is probably not significant (ambient effect only)
Not only: it affects the player's movement, adding a sense of unpredictability when you're in places that you can fall from. If you use Darkplaces, you can run these maps with the SMC: it has the same earthquake effect. 
Mugwump: Earthquake... 
mmm... you obviously didn't play my last map. In that, the earthquake not only affected the player's movement, in some places, it shook you so hard that you lost some of your weapons out of your backpack and into the lava below! Bastard mapper, someone said. 
You mean Binn, Dunne, Gorne? Not yet, no, but I have them all on my HD waiting for me to find some time to play them. The only map of yours I've played so far is Ambush Keen Pilgrims. And since BDG is allegedly your masterpiece, I'll save it for last. 
Ha, ha; masterpiece, no. It was just my last ever map that took forever to finish. And even though it took so long, there are still flaws.

(If you do ever get around to playing it, make sure you play the second version FMB_BDG2 as it is has the follow-on sections (maps) that you get to see from the end of FBM_BDG)

Oh, and just for the record, Ambush Keen Pilgrims were two MP maps from Pingu that I stitched together following an idea from Shambler. 
Well it is regarded by the community as your best map, hence your masterpiece - I wasn't making any comparison to other maps by other authors. And yeah, I know about the two versions and I have the latest one. Thanks anyway.

I also knew that AKP wasn't entirely your work, I just wanted this little off-topic to be as concise as possible - you know how people feel about OT on this site. One last thing before returning to our regularly scheduled programming: AKP is also listed twice at Quaddicted, first as a2d2, released in 2000 and credited to Pingu, and also as fmb7, released in 2002 and credited to you. Any difference between the two? 

I did not know they appeared twice. The Readme files are two years apart and as I did not upload them to Quaddicted I can only imagine that they came from two different sources.

I am guessing that maybe I changed the name sometime after release when I was archiving my own stuff, and that version somehow got into circulation.

They are the same map regardless of the filename. I notice that A2D2 has more comments than FMB7 so perhaps Pingu's name drew more attention than mine ;)

What's funny is that this was 16 years ago, and I am still playing Quake. 
Heh, well Quake still has a unique atmosphere to this day, and still is the best FPS ever, so... 
These levels have excellent "retro" feeling, with nicely hidden secrets. A nice surprise!

Some levels don't use any music at all (mapped to non-existing track01). Was this intended?

Difficulty level is quite considerable even on easy (at least for me), I dunno if you had implemented difficulty levels in general.

BTW, you can also run this by putting all maps into a folder, e.g. named "gotshun", and run it with -game gotshun -hipnotic parameters. You don't have to put everything into the hipnotic folder, you can keep it separate. 
Yeah, I didn't understand about the special "-hipnotic/-rogue/-quoth" switch until after I posted the release :( There is a thread about multiple gamedir's etc recently that is ongoing.

If I had I would have placed the maps in a .pak file and then included the command line you suggested in the readme, for sake of simplicity/cleanliness.

Grrr... I really wish I had thought about the music, I didn't. I could have easily remedied that by editing the .bsp's... stoopid stoopid stoopid :-P

As far as differing difficulty levels, I think they are in. I am just a friend of the author, which is gotshun. He was busy with RL� and his next level so I was the grunt worker bee for retrieval, assembly and release.

Thanks for the feedback 
Question: Can You "replace" A File On Quaketastic? 
If so I could update the .zip archive with a few "needed" changes. 
Got through the first 4 or 5 maps but ran into one that would not load. Bypassed that one but the next one had doors that would not open and presumably they were triggered by non-spawning monsters.

But I enjoyed what I did play. I wonder why the maps have so much z-fighting? 
Afaik, Software quake doesn't have z-fighting, so the maps were probably only tested on software 
Started Playing In Quoth 
so far very nice, great job on these.
Love this era of quake mapping 
Played A Few Levels 
Quite like it so far. Small-ish condensed maps with some nice secrets and brutal traps that don't feel unfair. Decently challenging on skill 3 at times, which is nice. Feels like it could have been a classic Quake/addon episode, in a good way.

Link to vod of playthrough here. I'll probably stream more in the future if anyone cares. 
Stream Time 
Going to be playing through this in about fifteen minutes: 
Ep.2 Secret Level Exit 
The secret level of ep.2 (e2sl.bsp) exits into e2uf.bsp which doesn't exist. That's pretty bad.

Maybe you should rerelease this with
- Proper e2sl exit
- Fixed music tracks
- Fixed typos in messages (e.g. "eleswhere") 
So Sorry 
But if at all possible Nightfright, These were my very first maps I ever how about a break! If the typos bother you that badly, be my guest and fix them.

I never did finish the episodes due to life getting in the way.

I don't mind critical comments, but the nit picky BULLSHIT is a little to much.....Don't ya thinK? HMMMM!! But at least you enjoyed playing them???????

I'll try to be more pleasing to you in the future...Jesus.....I fell like I'm talking to my wife!!!

See ya on the flip side!

Didn't play it myself, but watched ionous' stream of the first episode. The levels seem pretty good overall. And surprisingly many! A few minor issues, and quite cramped overall (as was common in many custom levels back then), no big deal. Several elements reminiscent of other levels, for example Hell's Artrium or The Black Cathedral.

Drew: It's for Scourge of Armagon. Playing in Quoth, you'll miss a lot of things or even break stuff! 
The tools already exist for you to fix *some* of that behavior.

Type "copy ents" in the console (copies the entity data to the clipboard) and then paste to your text editor. If map was "mymap", save as maps/mymap.ent

Near the top of text is "sound" "1". This is the CD track. Change it to your liking. Search the text for "eleswhere" and fix.

Almost all engines support external .ent files these days.

You can edit the sound track and maybe even fix the bad message, since I don't believe gotshun did any QuakeC since he's using SOA. 
I Wouldn't Mind At All... 
... fixing this up a bit and rereleasing it.

I asked earlier if there was a way to replace a file on Quaketastic but never got an answer! I didn't want multiples due to confusion.

I have EntED to adjust entities in the .bsp, no external entity files needed.

I'd need to know which music track to assign to which map, that currently doesn't have music.

As far as message spelling correction, maybe I'd fix that maybe not :-P I'd have to see how fast it took me to look thru the exported .ents files!

As stated, episode 2 has no conclusion. But I could make it go back to the start map, with an included message, like I did with e2ue.

For those interested let me know your thoughts and idea's.

- damage_ 
Into The Corner 
I hope you didn't misunderstand me when I pointed out those small glitches. These are great maps, make no mistake. Even more so considering they were the first ones made by the author. I am kind of a perfectionist and sometimes slightly frustrated when some things are in the way of what could be a polished release. 
Type "copy ents" in the console (copies the entity data to the clipboard) and then paste to your text editor. If map was "mymap", save as maps/mymap.ent
In Darkplaces the command is sv_saveentfile. It saves the .ent directly, you don't even need the text editor step.

I didn't want multiples due to confusion.
Adding a version number in the zip name would prevent such confusion.

I'd need to know which music track to assign to which map, that currently doesn't have music.
Preferably tracks that are not used in each map's corresponding episode. Or just use id's original order: 
Ep.2 Secret Level Access 
Can it be that there is no way to access e2sl1 through any of the ep.2 maps? 
It's So Secret... 
There's not even a trigger_changelevel for it :-P 
But like I stated, I didn't have time to finish making
the episodes. Anyone who wants to edit ANY OF THE MAP FILES HAS MY COMPLETE AND TOTAL PERMISSION TO FIX THEM ANY WAY YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just give credit where credit is due!!

Thanks again guys for the feed back and support.

In Darkplaces the command is sv_saveentfile. It saves the .ent directly, you don't even need the text editor step.

I just tried that in DarkPlaces.

Nothing happened. No file written.

Nothing in quake/id1/maps. Nothing new in the entire quake/id1 folder at all.

Using October 11 2016 build, I'm on Windows 7. 
That's odd. I don't have this build but it still works fine in the September 22 one. Bug? 
Revised Release 
I managed to compile a version with (hopefully) all the needed changes.

Gotshun's Lost Levels "Reloaded" (zip, 11.1 MB)

- Maps compiled in pak0.pak
- Colored light (.lit) included in pak1.pak
- Maps reVISed to support transparent water
- Placed e2sl1 as regular level into episode (after e2ud)
- Minor stuff: Fixed spelling mistakes, removed dots after level names, added missing "You found a secret" messages

Just for the record: I did NOT do this because I think the levels sucked before. In fact, the opposite is the case. These are cool maps, and by polishing them a bit like this they truly shine. 
You Didn't Reassign The Music? 
I Did 
Forgot to mention that in the changelog. All music is remapped, based on the Hipnotic/SoA soundtrack. 
ALL the music for all levels or just for the levels that called a non-existing track01? 
New Music Track Mapping 
Here is the track mapping I used (new tracks in brackets):

q1map1 - track01 (track06)

e1ua - track01 (track05)
e1ub - track01 (track03)
e1sl1 - track01 (track08)
e1uc - track01 (track02)
e1ud - track04 (unchanged)
e1ue - track04 (track05)
e1uf - track01 (track02)
e1ug - track07 (unchanged)
finale - track07 (track06)

e2ua - track01 (track05)
e2ub - track02 (unchanged)
e2uc - track03 (unchanged)
e2ud - track04 (unchanged)
e2sl1 - track01 (track07)
e2ue - track01 (track06)

I avoided using track09 since this is supposed to be used only on the level stats screen (at least imho). Also changed tracks if they stayed identical in consecutive levels. 
OK, Thanks For The Rundown 
...and also for the work done, of course!

Gotshun, Damage, what do you guys think? 
I Think It's Pretty Cool. 
Thanks NightFright, love the changes. Especially the trans water support. Music tracks for all maps as well.

I simply went about this with the thought that recompiling(with new tools) would somehow change the original lighting "look" from the old compilers. So I was trying to accomplish everything without touching the .bsp's.

A few things thought... obviously the colored lighting is not only NOT old school, it's of the kind that made mappers loathe colored lighting in Quake maps to begin with :-P hehe

Thanks for keeping it separate.

The readme.txt file was not updated so, it's now wrong for installation instructions!!!

I always though gotshun's mapping skills were great and these levels are really cool. Good to see others beside Pete and myself get to play, and enjoy, them.

Thanks Pete. And thanks for saving me some time NightFright :) 
We NEED An Edit Button!! 
I took the "t" off the wrong word creating TWO typo's instead correcting ONE! 
Played e1ua and I agree this is a pretty cool map. I think it wouldn't disappoint compared to the official SoA base levels. A few odd texture choices in places but otherwise pretty solid if very easy and generous on supplies.

@damage I respectfully disagree that colored lighting isn't oldschool. After all, it was all over the place in the first Unreal and ever since then, I felt it was missing in Quake. 
Unreal doesn't exactly strike me as a very good example of what Quake should be, though there's nothing wrong with having it as a source of inspiration if the author desires so. 
Unreal was a great game. Sure, its atmosphere is very different from Quake, but one can use colored lighting in Quake without making it an Unreal clone. For instance, I very much like NewHouse's work. 
Thanks NightFright 
The colored lighting is absolutely outstanding!!!Being that I made these maps so long ago,WITH NO LIGHTING AVAILABLE back in the day. I very much enjoyed playing through again with the new light setup.

So thanks again NightFright for the extra work in making these better.

I wanted to thank my friend, Dan at "Damaged Inc." for helping me with all the tech gizmos an such.So thanks again Dan.

I'm getting ready to release my new map in a few days, just a single map this time.

I will say Damaged worked on the windows in my new release and they are amazing,so you need to ask him about the details on how he made the textures and the transparecies.

Very much enjoy all the comments and feedback again.So thank you.

The Teleporter has no sound when you activate the switches. Hey Dan.....I would love to see you make a new wav file for this. I did,'t use the default "RATCHET" for the func_train, I left it silent. Simply because I hate the way it sounds, besides, I thought It might be appropriate for you to have a hand in this since you play tested the map for me and helped me with the tech stuff.

Sorry guys, it seems I can't release maps just once.So if Dan decides to except this, you will need to download the map again, just this time with the new sound.

And again...a big THANK YOU to NightFright for the great job on this project.

Thanks Pete(Gotshun)D. 
@Mugwump: All Things In Context 
"Old School" QUAKE levels ;) 
@damage: All Things In Context 
The colored lighting is absolutely outstanding!!! - Gotshun

'Nuff said. 
Oh, BTW 
Yeah, I know, you guys want screenies with the new maps. Since I don't have the tech skills to implement this with the file ........well I was hoping on getting some help with this after releasing the map.
Any help is very much appreciated!!!!

Sorry guys, don't have time to learn all this stuff!

Thanks Pete(Gotshun) D. 
You don't have the tech skills to press f12 and add files to a .zip?! 
The readme.txt file was not updated so, it's now wrong for installation instructions!!!
Yeah, the pak files already contain a \maps folder, so they need to be put at the \hipnotic root. AND they also need to be renamed with a higher number BEFORE being put in \hipnotic or you'll erase your hipnotic files (pak0.pak) as well as any additional pak1.pak you may already have installed. 
Readme Updated 
I have now included an updated readme with corrected installation instructions and changelog. The rest is exactly the same as before.

It's now on Quaketastic, hopefully preserved for all eternity:

Gotshun's Lost Levels v1.1 (zip, 11 MB)

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. Glad that I could help to give this great release the polishing it deserved! 
@ Mugwump 
Actually, you don't need to (and shouldn't!) touch the "hipnotic" folder at all. Copy the "gotshun" folder into your Quake dir (parallel to "id1" and "hipnotic") and launch it with -game gotshun -hipnotic +map q1map1.

I dunno if it works like that in every Quake port out there, but I use Mark V and it works like a charm. 
OK. Should work like that in DP as well. The old readme from the original release said to put the maps in \hipnotic\maps, so I thought it was a requirement. But if it also works from another folder just with the -hipnotic tag, all the better.

If anyone's interested, I'm trying to implement rain in q1map1 via a .ent file according to Seven's tutorial. First time I ever do this. I'll upload the result when it's done and if it's easy enough, I may tackle the other levels too. 
OK, so I got carried away and ended up adding more than rain: I also added lava haze, lava sounds and some red fog pouring out of the slipgates. I should be able to upload the .ent and effectinfo.txt for use with DP+SMC within the next hours.

I'd also like to add sounds to the lava balls as well as bubbles and boiling sounds to the slime, but that's gonna have to wait a while (I need some answers from Seven for these). 
Appreciate All You Guys. 
Thanks Mugwamp for your efforts as well. I appreciate all your work.I'm glad you like the maps.

OH.....BTW go to Quaktastic and look for the zip file "JUMP" It's my new release.....hope you enjoy and as always, I look forward to the comments and feed back.

Thanks again Pete(Gotshun)D. 
Ooh, cool! I wasn't expecting it so soon: you said "a few days" last night. Is it the final release or a beta? 
Gom download "jump with lit." I forgot to add the lit. file....... sorry 
Final Release 
Like I said, you need to down load "jump with lit". That's the final release. Sorry again guys for the mistake.

Until News Is Updated We Have These... 
Nice Screenies 
That's some nice shots there...loving those windows! 
Dan The Man 
Thanks Dan, I have to agree with Bloughsburg....the pics are GREAT!!!!Thanks again.

Talk with you soon.

About Those Windows 
The windows are based on a Kingpin texture. Converted to Quake, colorized along with hue/saturation changes.

Layered it's like this: Sky brush, Window brush(func_wall with alpha set) and a window Frame brush(that has the pink-255, 100% transparent area's). Somewhere in there we also used the skip texture.

We used ericw's "texture" lighting but it had to be set a certain way or the textures just got wiped out of being drawn!

So you get a translucent window with a solid frame and a sky moving in the background :)

In case anyone wanted to know :-P 
I Love Tech Talk 
Going To Be Playing Through This In About 8.5 Hours 
Episode 2, anyway. Maybe Jump after that. 
2nd Episode 
Managed to play most of the second episode without any problems even though certain weapons were not available. One of the maps had some non-spawning items that had targets (I forget which) so those did not play as intended. But apart from that, a good set of maps that I enjoyed playing. 
Watching This On Stream 
The colored lighting is downright shameful. Created by a color tool, by a color tool. 
Colored Lighting 
The slime might be too saturated. Other than that, a nice cozy 90s feel. 
Download enhancements for q1map1 here:
- modified thunder skybox;
- rain;
- lava haze and sound;
- bubbles + boiling sound in slime;
- red fog pouring out of slipgates.
Requires Seven's SMC. Drop the .pk3 in your \gotshun folder.

To do:
- add eruption sounds to the lava balls;
- write readme. 
The Map Pack Is On Quaddicted! 
But the zip has the same name as the original release. Did someone send the v1.1 repack to Spirit? 
@ Onetruepurple 
If you don't like the colored lights, delete pak1.pak. Or do better ones instead of complaining. 
Hah! That's OTP. He likes his Quake faithful and everything else is heresy. He also likes to troll a bit. Don't take what he says too much at heart. He organizes good jams, though. 
I need some advice, guys. I'm currently repacking Map Jam 8 and I wanted to assign a music track to a couple maps that had none. I downloaded EntEd v1.0 but when I try to load one of the .bsps that needs fixing, EntEd says "unsupported BSP type". Help? 
My experience was that, sure it was great for modifying "compatible) .bsp's, when it worked. ***Sometimes it did things that trashed the .bsp creating something that was not loadable in an engine.

Using an external .ent file(DP sv_saveentfile) seems the more reliable method. There is also "copy ents" in Mark V I believe.

- damage_ 
The Last March Of The Ents 
Yeah. Just use an external .ent file, placed in "maps" folder. DP and Mark V support it (Quakespasm should as well). 
One Ring To Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them 
Yeah, I can do the external .ent method easily, but I was looking for a "cleaner" way that modified the .bsp directly. I've read somewhere of a method of reinjecting an .ent into a .bsp but I don't remember the specifics. 
Well Well. 
Just got round to playing most of these. I lasted approx 1/5th of the first map with the awful coloured lighting and deleted pak1.pak thank fuck.


If it looks like Quake, waddles like Quake, and quacks like's probably Quake.

This is very Quakey indeed. Which is maybe not so refined or creative by modern Q1 SP standards, but is still great for a blast of full-on authentic nostalgia. This really felt like with a bit of polish and texture tweaking it could have fitted in as an official DLC between Quake and SOA.

I like it, I like the proper Quakey vibe, convoluted layouts, nooks and crannies, sneaky little ambushes and meaty secrets. Gameplay is tricky but mostly fair and having plenty of powerful weapons felt valid! I didn't like the unmarked instant death traps (including ones with spike mines), stretched textures and some cramped sections. Oh and the triple Armagon boss battle was boring even with god mode on!

So yeah, well worth releasing. 
@ NightFright + Mugwump 
You can open the .bsp files directly and edit them. You only need a tool that can handle binary data. Notepad can open bsp�s but cannot correctly save them. Ultraedit or any other similar tool can do it without a hassle.

Scroll to the very end and you will see the exact same lines as the .ent file has. Edit, delete or add the sound or any other entity settings as you want.
Save it and the .bsp will have the new properties.

No need for .ent files at all.
All the .ent file information is inside the .bsp file itself!

This way all engines can use it and not only the .ent file supporting ones. 
Thanks Henry! 
Exactly the answer I needed. 
Everybody's Got It Wrong 
Don't use external .ent files and don't edit the BSPs in Notepad.

Recompile the map in qbsp using the -onlyents option. 
what is the first map of this mappack? 
Thanks OTP 
So that's what this option is for! 
Very Good Set Of Maps 
some of the most fun I've had with custom maps in a long while. there are definitely some ragged edges but the core is pretty solid.

the scale felt right overall. quake's enemies generally need tighter, focused spaces to be fun, otherwise they tend to be annoying hindrances rather than engaging encounters.

the visuals are nice. they're a little under detailed, but that's preferable to the inverse. I really appreciated the variety despite feeling too tangential in some areas.

combat is generally solid and forms the core of the levels. most encounters felt fresh and engaging while some fell flat. these encounters weren't necessarily bad in and of themselves, perhaps they're just in the wrong place. overall, the pacing is brisk and comfortable and wasn't bogged down by quasi-arenas and the like (some might consider the traps to be excessive, however).

75/100 - a diamond in the rough. with some reworked ideas and a bit of polish I think this would be a truly great episode. 
Secret E2sl1 
Found all secrets in ep2 levels and just found out that there no way to e2sl1 without console. really PISSED OFF 
Yeah Man Life Just Sucks. 
I played Dead Space 2 all the way thru with just a plasma cutter cause i thought itd have an achievement for it like the first Dead Space.


Just played these and really enjoyed them. Nice variety, good fun all the way through.

If you were to do anything to improve them, I'd switch the finale to come after ep2 instead of ep1, so it's a proper conclusion.

But otherwise good fun!!! 
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