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New Q1SP - Gotshun's The "lost" Levels!
Okay, so they never were really "lost" per se, just more a pain for me to grab off his old PC. But that's over now, onto the fun schtuff :)

For those asking for smaller levels these are for you ;) They are old school claustrophobic with perilous tricks and traps.

** Scourge of Armagon(hipnotic) required ***

Slightly more info is in the readme.txt | 16 levels in all located here:



Hope you guys have fun.
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Played A Few Levels 
Quite like it so far. Small-ish condensed maps with some nice secrets and brutal traps that don't feel unfair. Decently challenging on skill 3 at times, which is nice. Feels like it could have been a classic Quake/addon episode, in a good way.

Link to vod of playthrough here. I'll probably stream more in the future if anyone cares. 
Stream Time 
Going to be playing through this in about fifteen minutes: 
Ep.2 Secret Level Exit 
The secret level of ep.2 (e2sl.bsp) exits into e2uf.bsp which doesn't exist. That's pretty bad.

Maybe you should rerelease this with
- Proper e2sl exit
- Fixed music tracks
- Fixed typos in messages (e.g. "eleswhere") 
So Sorry 
But if at all possible Nightfright, These were my very first maps I ever how about a break! If the typos bother you that badly, be my guest and fix them.

I never did finish the episodes due to life getting in the way.

I don't mind critical comments, but the nit picky BULLSHIT is a little to much.....Don't ya thinK? HMMMM!! But at least you enjoyed playing them???????

I'll try to be more pleasing to you in the future...Jesus.....I fell like I'm talking to my wife!!!

See ya on the flip side!

Didn't play it myself, but watched ionous' stream of the first episode. The levels seem pretty good overall. And surprisingly many! A few minor issues, and quite cramped overall (as was common in many custom levels back then), no big deal. Several elements reminiscent of other levels, for example Hell's Artrium or The Black Cathedral.

Drew: It's for Scourge of Armagon. Playing in Quoth, you'll miss a lot of things or even break stuff! 
The tools already exist for you to fix *some* of that behavior.

Type "copy ents" in the console (copies the entity data to the clipboard) and then paste to your text editor. If map was "mymap", save as maps/mymap.ent

Near the top of text is "sound" "1". This is the CD track. Change it to your liking. Search the text for "eleswhere" and fix.

Almost all engines support external .ent files these days.

You can edit the sound track and maybe even fix the bad message, since I don't believe gotshun did any QuakeC since he's using SOA. 
I Wouldn't Mind At All... 
... fixing this up a bit and rereleasing it.

I asked earlier if there was a way to replace a file on Quaketastic but never got an answer! I didn't want multiples due to confusion.

I have EntED to adjust entities in the .bsp, no external entity files needed.

I'd need to know which music track to assign to which map, that currently doesn't have music.

As far as message spelling correction, maybe I'd fix that maybe not :-P I'd have to see how fast it took me to look thru the exported .ents files!

As stated, episode 2 has no conclusion. But I could make it go back to the start map, with an included message, like I did with e2ue.

For those interested let me know your thoughts and idea's.

- damage_ 
Into The Corner 
I hope you didn't misunderstand me when I pointed out those small glitches. These are great maps, make no mistake. Even more so considering they were the first ones made by the author. I am kind of a perfectionist and sometimes slightly frustrated when some things are in the way of what could be a polished release. 
Type "copy ents" in the console (copies the entity data to the clipboard) and then paste to your text editor. If map was "mymap", save as maps/mymap.ent
In Darkplaces the command is sv_saveentfile. It saves the .ent directly, you don't even need the text editor step.

I didn't want multiples due to confusion.
Adding a version number in the zip name would prevent such confusion.

I'd need to know which music track to assign to which map, that currently doesn't have music.
Preferably tracks that are not used in each map's corresponding episode. Or just use id's original order: 
Ep.2 Secret Level Access 
Can it be that there is no way to access e2sl1 through any of the ep.2 maps? 
It's So Secret... 
There's not even a trigger_changelevel for it :-P 
But like I stated, I didn't have time to finish making
the episodes. Anyone who wants to edit ANY OF THE MAP FILES HAS MY COMPLETE AND TOTAL PERMISSION TO FIX THEM ANY WAY YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just give credit where credit is due!!

Thanks again guys for the feed back and support.

In Darkplaces the command is sv_saveentfile. It saves the .ent directly, you don't even need the text editor step.

I just tried that in DarkPlaces.

Nothing happened. No file written.

Nothing in quake/id1/maps. Nothing new in the entire quake/id1 folder at all.

Using October 11 2016 build, I'm on Windows 7. 
That's odd. I don't have this build but it still works fine in the September 22 one. Bug? 
Revised Release 
I managed to compile a version with (hopefully) all the needed changes.

Gotshun's Lost Levels "Reloaded" (zip, 11.1 MB)

- Maps compiled in pak0.pak
- Colored light (.lit) included in pak1.pak
- Maps reVISed to support transparent water
- Placed e2sl1 as regular level into episode (after e2ud)
- Minor stuff: Fixed spelling mistakes, removed dots after level names, added missing "You found a secret" messages

Just for the record: I did NOT do this because I think the levels sucked before. In fact, the opposite is the case. These are cool maps, and by polishing them a bit like this they truly shine. 
You Didn't Reassign The Music? 
I Did 
Forgot to mention that in the changelog. All music is remapped, based on the Hipnotic/SoA soundtrack. 
ALL the music for all levels or just for the levels that called a non-existing track01? 
New Music Track Mapping 
Here is the track mapping I used (new tracks in brackets):

q1map1 - track01 (track06)

e1ua - track01 (track05)
e1ub - track01 (track03)
e1sl1 - track01 (track08)
e1uc - track01 (track02)
e1ud - track04 (unchanged)
e1ue - track04 (track05)
e1uf - track01 (track02)
e1ug - track07 (unchanged)
finale - track07 (track06)

e2ua - track01 (track05)
e2ub - track02 (unchanged)
e2uc - track03 (unchanged)
e2ud - track04 (unchanged)
e2sl1 - track01 (track07)
e2ue - track01 (track06)

I avoided using track09 since this is supposed to be used only on the level stats screen (at least imho). Also changed tracks if they stayed identical in consecutive levels. 
OK, Thanks For The Rundown 
...and also for the work done, of course!

Gotshun, Damage, what do you guys think? 
I Think It's Pretty Cool. 
Thanks NightFright, love the changes. Especially the trans water support. Music tracks for all maps as well.

I simply went about this with the thought that recompiling(with new tools) would somehow change the original lighting "look" from the old compilers. So I was trying to accomplish everything without touching the .bsp's.

A few things thought... obviously the colored lighting is not only NOT old school, it's of the kind that made mappers loathe colored lighting in Quake maps to begin with :-P hehe

Thanks for keeping it separate.

The readme.txt file was not updated so, it's now wrong for installation instructions!!!

I always though gotshun's mapping skills were great and these levels are really cool. Good to see others beside Pete and myself get to play, and enjoy, them.

Thanks Pete. And thanks for saving me some time NightFright :) 
We NEED An Edit Button!! 
I took the "t" off the wrong word creating TWO typo's instead correcting ONE! 
Played e1ua and I agree this is a pretty cool map. I think it wouldn't disappoint compared to the official SoA base levels. A few odd texture choices in places but otherwise pretty solid if very easy and generous on supplies.

@damage I respectfully disagree that colored lighting isn't oldschool. After all, it was all over the place in the first Unreal and ever since then, I felt it was missing in Quake. 
Unreal doesn't exactly strike me as a very good example of what Quake should be, though there's nothing wrong with having it as a source of inspiration if the author desires so. 
Unreal was a great game. Sure, its atmosphere is very different from Quake, but one can use colored lighting in Quake without making it an Unreal clone. For instance, I very much like NewHouse's work. 
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