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Map Jam 8 - Release - Film Noir
After weeks of mapping, and a few delays, Quake Map Jam 8 has finally been released! This time around there were four submissions,

- Ionous with his map "Buried by Time and Dust"
- Newhouse with "Black Future"
- Pritchard with "One Ranger Two Boomsticks"
- Shamblernaut (myself) with "The Hackopolis" and the start map.



To install, just extract the zip file to your quake directory (remembering to preserve directories). Run using your favourite (limit extending) engine with the commandline options -game jam8 +map jam8_start. Happy fragging!
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Is this going to be uploaded to Quaddicted at some point? The first 7 Func Map Jams are there, after all. 
Probably, but Ubiquitous' Symphony of Science isn't even there yet while it was released almost a full month ago. Spirit must be busy with other stuff. 
Just Wondering 
I sent him e-mail days ago, asking about this "packing" since I'm noob. How normally this custom quake content ends up being in Quaddicted site? Do we need to sent them for someone or through some system? 
Usually you just have to send a PM to Spirit with your map in a .zip archive.

Does anyone know what's up with Spirit? Why is it taking so long? 
Moving House? 
Nobody has sent the pack to him, the pack needs to be patched with the latest AD map and have the config.cfg removed.

I've been to lazy to do this. Feel free to do it yourself if you like. 
"latest AD map" sorry I meant, "latest AD patch" 
AD Patch 
Yeah, I can take care of it. I'll also include NewHouse's update while I'm at it. Should I put the whole patch inside the repack or only the correct progs.dat? 
So to save on space with the original release I removed any (level) bsps that weren't bsp models to save space. I also removed any skyboxes that were not used in the releases.

So I guess if it includes any extra skyboxes or maps, then remove those? 
So, I'm repacking jam8 with the latest AD patch. It includes a \textures folder containing 3.89Mb worth of alpha masked textures (grates, cobwebs, vines, windows). Should I include it in the repack or is it unnecessary? I think not since they weren't in the original release, but I prefer asking just to be sure. 
Also, should I remove that map_hacker.jpg mentioned by dwere? 
Hey Mugwump 
Another 4 megs isnt going to break the bank for peace of mind.

Up to you with regard to the jpeg. 
OK, thanks. Repacking done. Added:
- latest AD patch;
- NewHouse's update;
- Darkplaces instructions.
Removed unnecessary config files.
Kept the textures folder AND the map_hacker.jpg. Not sure why it was included in AD but I'm thinking Sock may want to keep it this way, and the user who's really bothered by it can always delete it himself.

I can upload it tonight (GMT+1) but I was thinking of doing something about the maps that don't have any music track assigned. Question for the authors: would you guys be cool about this and do you have a preferred track number?
Also, along those lines I wanted to add my main theme to the start map. The thing is, since it wasn't gonna be ready for the original release, I put it aside and it remained unfinished, as I had more pressing matters to attend to. I can finish it but it will delay the release of this repack. What say you, Naut? Yay or nay? 
Thank you Mugwump for being more active with this things* 
I still need an answer from you: do you have a preferred track number or can I assign any one I want to your map? I think track06 with its tense slow pulse would fit the mood of your map well. Unavailable track numbers:
- track03: unused but normally assigned to intermission screen;
- track04: will be assigned to start map like in the original game;
- track05: used by Pritchard;
- track09: used by Shamblernaut;
- track11: used by NewHouse.

@Shamblernaut: I'm still waiting for your answer about the further delay needed to finish my theme music. Is it OK or do you prefer if I release the repack sooner but without it? Also, can I include Seven's film scratch & grain shader for DP or should I keep it separated? 
Sure, track06 is fine. 
OK, Thanks 
Track06 it is, then. 
I really don't care man :)

If you want to include the film grain, just make sure you update the readme to indicate how to install and that stuff has been modified beyond the initial release. 
Alright Then, 
I'll take the time to finish my soundtrack and include it. It should only be a matter of days, anyway. Thanks. I hope you guys will like my work. I'll post the link here when the repack is uploaded. 
Not being able to rate my own work (and the work of others, of course!) on Quaddicted makes me cry myself to sleep every single night.

The bill for new pillows/pillowcases is getting pretty hefty at this point. Can we get the repack out there and (hopefully) uploaded any time soon? How's the soundtrack going? And should we dare to pack in 1.5? 
Don't Cry For Me, Pritchargentina 
The soundtrack's going slower than expected due to life issues and the fact that I don't own a master keyboard (I mean music keyboard, not computer keyboard), so I have to build any melody note-by-note. I'll try to finish it for Xmas but don't get your hopes up. Rest assured that it is coming, though.

As for including 1.5, I don't think that's necessary or even recommended: the jam was made for 1.42 and especially, Sock stressed that a lot of things were changed for 1.5, causing compatibility issues (you can't use your 1.42 saves in 1.5 for example), so I'd wager packing 1.5 with jam8 would cause problems. 
I'm prepared to wait for it, I was too lazy to repackage it myself, and I'm excited to see how it plays with musics :)

thanks man, no rush. 
I will stay strong and persevere, I suppose. Maybe i'll try sleeping in the bathtub. 
Just wondering if you're interested including that specific ambient track for my map I mentioned under the other topic B�ck then, you are free to do so(it is the track what I always hear when Playing it anyway). Only problem might be the size.. but I think it is good to Show people that there is some free tracks out there by different composers that might fits for some Quake maps 
The size is a problem, yes: if you encode it as .ogg with the best quality, it makes a 50Mb file... I'll try different settings to see how much I can reduce it. 
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