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Map Jam 8 - Release - Film Noir
After weeks of mapping, and a few delays, Quake Map Jam 8 has finally been released! This time around there were four submissions,

- Ionous with his map "Buried by Time and Dust"
- Newhouse with "Black Future"
- Pritchard with "One Ranger Two Boomsticks"
- Shamblernaut (myself) with "The Hackopolis" and the start map.



To install, just extract the zip file to your quake directory (remembering to preserve directories). Run using your favourite (limit extending) engine with the commandline options -game jam8 +map jam8_start. Happy fragging!
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Tsk tsk tsk.

Also, your AD version is obsolete. 

Oh, and apologies for my map, but my creative drive died on the map two weeks ago. Even making something vaguely playable was difficult. 
Not sure I get the point of Hackopolis. The last map of Requiem got some flak for being a blatant retelling of an id1 map, but it looks like Gloomier Keep in comparison to this one.

Considering the theme of the jam, I was constantly waiting for some kind of a twist that would justify the map's inclusion, but then it simply ended (in exactly the same way the original map ended), and that was it. 
Wow, That Was Quick! 
The delay between deadline and release, I mean...

So, you guys may have noticed that I haven't submitted my soundtrack. Well it's still a work-in-progress. I've struggled a bit to find good enough free upright bass samples and it put some delay in the creative process. I'll upload it when it's done but you'll have to play it manually (unless Shamblernaut is willing to release a patch). 
Going To Play Through This In Thirty Minutes 
Is this release bugged? I can't use the start map, it says to "Enter The Movie" but if I run up to the screen and bump into it or hit it with my axe nothing happens. I have to use the console to load the levels.

Also, both newhouse and ionous's maps start the player off with only an axe. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. And are the zombies meant to be invisible on ionous's map? they show up if I use fullbright, but playing normally makes it a pretty... well, it doesn't feel like it's meant to be like that. Maybe i'm wrong, but still.

I'm waiting to play through those two maps until I find out if they're working properly or not, I don't want to sour my impressions with a buggy version. 
Almost Forgot 
If you're tired of seeing redundant looping of several guns' firing animation, put this player.qc in my_progs (graciously not removed from the package) and run FTEQCC from that folder.

I'm not a "real" programmer, and I felt that this patch merely cured the symptoms, but I'm yet to see it break anything. 
I can't use the start map, it says to "Enter The Movie" but if I run up to the screen and bump into it or hit it with my axe nothing happens.

Choose the level by axing the relevant movie poster in the lobby (or in the back alley). Then you'll be able to enter the movie.

Also, both newhouse and ionous's maps start the player off with only an axe.

I'm assuming it's intentional. These maps took on a deliberate survival tone, it seems. 
It is intentional for NewHouse at least - I remember him asking how to do that in the other thread. 
I'd say it might be intentional for ionous's map, but I doubt it for NewHouse - you start the map collecting a ton of ammo for weapons you don't have, and in my case doing so while trying to dodge the shots of one of those flying enemies (i get the feeling that wasn't supposed to happen though).

Later in the map, still with no weapons, I was dropped into a pit full of fiends... I lasted about all of 2 seconds there :/ 
You're simply collecting ammo for later. There are also a lot of powerups lying out in the open, but you're not supposed to take those yet, because there's no one to fight (there's even a message clearly stating that).

Falling in the fiend pit is supposed to kill you. You need to get to the other side without falling. A little unfair, but makes sense.

He explicitely states he took the player's shotgun away.
He also said a few days ago that he had to cut some stuff off to make the deadline, so if the map is unbalanced it's understandable. 
Well, considering the fact that it seemed to be working as intended... I gave the map another go, and it was great! I did manage to find about 4 secrets, which gave me a few weapons early on and allowed me to kill the fiend horde in the pit (although I also figured out how not to fall in anyway), and after that point I found myself really enjoying the level. Great stuff :) 
So... No Khreathor Or Skacky Map? 
Damn, the latter had by far the most Noir title of the lot, it's a pity it's not in there. Will Skacky release it as a DLC later? 
I intentionally removed shotgun, I wanted to player focus more on widowmaker shotgun and more on close combat as much as possible. Every backpack have 30 shells per, which means 10 shots for that gun.

Unfortunately backpacks doesn't look how much ammo player already have, if I could make the same thing with regular shellboxes.. that would be great!

Every Zombie in a city center is sleeping or paralyzed until the Gold Keycard is picked. I wanted to make that place non-dangerous first so player can use their plans how to easily survive in that place.

Nice to hear you gave the map another go* 
Map pack should not come with config.cfg 
Good Job 
I have recorded some demos (Quakespasm), but still fighting with Newhouse's map on Nightmare, almost got it... (will be ready 17.10.2016 at evening)

Demo for Ionous
Demo for Pritchard
Demo for Shamblernaut
Demo for NewHouse

... and even Startmap Demo :D

I'll write few comments tomorrow! 
Startmap Demo (for pervs) 
Case Closed 


The start map was fantastic and was a great representation of the theme. I wouldn't have figured out to whack the posters if I didn't read the post saying so.

Your entry is e1m3 but with details taken out to become more linear? I am not sure what I am supposed to get here but the black and white do not compliment the map. As dwere said, I was waiting for some twist but no twist comes!


Holy cow how much time did you put into this? This is a full fledged, high detailed map and there is some intense brutality emanating from the map. Loved the eerie beginning where you can get your bearings and the use of noir lighting was used really well. Actually a bit creepy! Super hard on Skill 2 but the fight with the vores is intense! I forgot to re-record after my third death so unfortunately it ends there...but I did finish it!


Night of the Living dead, I see it but the execution is poor. The use of lighting to make the church dimly lit with streaks of sun spot was well done. I think any map can benefit from music, just pick one!


Great work, this felt like it used the most of the theme and guidelines to me and thus takes the cake. Great use of breakables, AD entities, and monsters. I can appreciate the early gun map, where the big toughies to a break from once! Strange ending where it seems we are entering a tomb of some has me intrigued!

Final note:

Great job guys, I would have liked to see more use of the noir theme by some of you and one large disappointment I found is the severe lack of AD in this AD jam. Pritchard's map was really the only one I could tell AD was thoroughly used. NewHouse comes in a close second because there was some good use of breakables in there as well. 
Break Everything 
Watching you break every box was pretty funny. I hope you liked my map khreathor, it was good to see how someone else handled some of the encounters. I await your comments eagerly...

I think in the future i'd definitely want to put more health in.... 
Didn't refresh before posting, so i missed seeing Bloughsburgh's post.
I'm glad you liked my map so much! Unfortunately the ending is a bit weird, I basically ran out of time and ideas for how to end it properly. In an ideal world you'd probably be fighting your way out to a car on the street or some other setpiece, but as it is you're just killing the big bad and that's it. (Imagine that they're wearing a tux and fedora!) 
I really wanted to add more small details like newspapers and more cardboard boxes(those would be breakable).. Though I wanted to keep these boxes I used in map unbreakable, otherwise it would be too easy to just break everything in your way and not requiring jumping skills that much (I like jumping), but that is just my opinion. Some people really do like breaking things* 
I must say, the textures look about as rough as I expected.

Grey blood makes it hard to see if you're hitting anything, and subconsciously looks like nothing takes any damage.

I'm almost compelled to pick this thing apart to try and remedy the aforementioned issues, but I'm not sure it would be worth it, considering that there are only four maps, two of which don't even follow the theme.

In any case, thanks to Shamblernaut for organizing this thing, and I hope to see at least a few more maps of this kind in the near future, as it is a very interesting and unexplored theme indeed. 
Things like, when you hit breakable walls there is different colored effect from it, couple people didn't realize they were doing any damage to some brick walls (semi secrets/secrets). With colors if you hit breakable wall (brick wall), there is brown smoke thing coming out after hit. In regular walls case the color is just grey. 
I can't speak to the other's work, but you can remove the palette file from gfx to play my map in colour (I built it with regular textures rather than desaturated ones). I almost prefer to do that, just because, like you said, it can be hard to make out details otherwise. 
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