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Map Jam 8 - Release - Film Noir
After weeks of mapping, and a few delays, Quake Map Jam 8 has finally been released! This time around there were four submissions,

- Ionous with his map "Buried by Time and Dust"
- Newhouse with "Black Future"
- Pritchard with "One Ranger Two Boomsticks"
- Shamblernaut (myself) with "The Hackopolis" and the start map.



To install, just extract the zip file to your quake directory (remembering to preserve directories). Run using your favourite (limit extending) engine with the commandline options -game jam8 +map jam8_start. Happy fragging!
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Neon Jam? 
So we go from one mod having no colors to another mod having so many colors that it gives us a blinding migraine? 
He Had The Most Noir Title Of The Lot 
and the screenies looked promising, so I was really looking forward to it and I'd be disappointed if he didn't release it as a DLC for this jam.

@negke Neon jam Is this a joke or are you serious? BTW neons are more 80's than 90's.

@Orl Neons come in white, too... ;) 
Neon Jam? 
It feels like making all these base/city maps.. my first section will be finished quite fast.. and that is good, so it can be stylished dark but still colorful lights right? Can it be like future metropolitan with red lights? 
Uh Huh. 
Ran mod.
Opened in a small low-res windowed mode with all my configs overriden.
Went back to Tomb Raider. 
Wow. That's some laziness you got going. What happened to deleting the included config? 
Opened in a small low-res windowed mode.. . So that is what happened? Though it happened to me just later.

Is this easy to fix? 
Yeah, run it in fullscreen... ;) The included config overrides the one in \id1. Delete it and you should be good to go. 
Okay I Played Them. 
Good executions of an interesting theme. Good variety and unusual designs. I didn't manage to complete one as I found it harder than normal to see what was going on and what my health was doing. But it was still neat to see what had been done in this style. 
Also The "feet" Command Stopped Working... 
...which was fairly unbearable until OTP rescued me with the temp1 524288 command. 
If this jam ever makes it to Quaddicted, I hope it gets repacked. No offense to Shamblernaut, but an out of date AD and included config files that mess with people's settings is going to give people a lot of Shambler-esque reactions. 
I Agree 
And it should also include NewHouse's update as well as the recommendations for DP users regarding r_useportalculling 0 and using a recent build with alpha masked texture support. 
And Remove That Horribly Compressed Map_hacker.jpg Pic 
I promise the game doesn't need it! 
What's With That Pic, Anyway? 
I've seen it in at least one other release. Is it referencing something specific? 
Wasnt included directly by the Map Jam authors. Its from 
Guys, Check This Out 
Seven has just released an add-on for the jam that adds film grain and scratches. Of course, we're talking about Seven here so it's for Darkplaces. Download here: 
Shamblernaut & Ionous 
I'm gonna try to build a HD texture pack for the jam but I'm lacking the info on the texture wads used in the start map and Buried by Time and Dust. Can you guys tell me? 
I used mostly kingpin textures, I used a little id vanilla stuff and maybe some knave, there were a few mafia 1 / 2 textures as well.

You can extract the textures straight from the maps via JACK. 
or TexMex. 
You can extract the textures straight from the maps
Yes, I know, but it doesn't tell me the textures' origin. I need to know that to find hi-res replacements. Thanks. Ionous? 
Is this going to be uploaded to Quaddicted at some point? The first 7 Func Map Jams are there, after all. 
Probably, but Ubiquitous' Symphony of Science isn't even there yet while it was released almost a full month ago. Spirit must be busy with other stuff. 
Just Wondering 
I sent him e-mail days ago, asking about this "packing" since I'm noob. How normally this custom quake content ends up being in Quaddicted site? Do we need to sent them for someone or through some system? 
Usually you just have to send a PM to Spirit with your map in a .zip archive.

Does anyone know what's up with Spirit? Why is it taking so long? 
Moving House? 
Nobody has sent the pack to him, the pack needs to be patched with the latest AD map and have the config.cfg removed.

I've been to lazy to do this. Feel free to do it yourself if you like. 
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